The right hairstyles for long, oval and square faces

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Date: 8 July 2018 – 8:50 PM

The first important thing to understand is to identify your face shape for so long. A long face is generally slightly longer than it is wide; it has an elongated forehead, a strong jaw and broad cheekbones. A long face hairstyle needs to encircle your face and prevent it from looking longer than it is. Given the shape of your face, you should choose the right hairstyle for you. In fact, there are several criteria for the best hairstyle for a long face.

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After the last few articles about male haircuts, we received several messages of the type "I am a man with thick hair, how can I choose my hairstyle?" It is not an easy task, especially with thick hair, but we will help you! If you are looking for thick men’s hair, this is the one for you! We have tips, ideas on how to choose and maintain your haircut.

How do I choose a haircut?

We are very different, both inside and outside. Compared to the haircut, the best way to find one that suits you is to choose the shape of your face. There are many types of faces – oval, square, triangular, diamond, etc.

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Business hairstyles men long hair, men’s haircut may not be as complicated as women’s hairstyle, but every man wants the unique fresh look that only the best hairstyle can offer. So how can you get the best hairstyle? First of all, it is essential that you stay true to yourself. Choose a hairstyle that suits your personality, your style and your face shape. many hairstyles only look good on a certain face shape, for example, a buzz cut can be very nice for a man sexy and be simple too, but this isn’t the best hairstyle if you have big ears or an oddly shaped head.

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Are you soon striding in front of the altar and still don’t know exactly how you want to style your hair on this special day? We show you the most beautiful wedding hairstyles for long hair and tell you which styles are currently in trend. After all, everything should be perfect on the wedding day

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: the classic updo

This artful updo was crowned with a tiara.

It is still the most seen hairstyle at weddings. Whether bride, bridesmaid or just a wedding guest: the updo inspires many women. The facets of this hairstyle are as varied as the women themselves. How about, for example, super elegant with a tiara or rather playful with a flower wreath? If you are not so skilled in pinning up and draping your hair, it is best to go to the hairdresser on this important day. Every move is guaranteed! If you have naturally frizzy hair, here are a few tips for updos for curly hair.

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Long Hairstyles – Weekly Styles

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Date: 16 November 2017 – 11:50 AM

Since we already have a lot about the short hairstyles, we would like to say something about the long hairstyles of that time. If you think that the long hairstyles are not modern enough, then you are absoultely wrong. Maybe some women are wearing short hair now, and they’re pretty stunning, but I think you’ll be more feminine with the soft long curly hair.

If you want to find most long hairstyles effortlessly, then you have to try the long curly hairstyles. They are stylish and by themselves. As you try different types of design, you can show off your glamor from different aspects. Not only can you be pretty and beautiful, but also sophisticated and siren.

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Top Hairstyles – Best Hairstyles – Haircuts

8 great hairstyles for girls long hair hairstyles

Any kind of hairstyle on long hair seems to last forever and makes you want to take scissors and Get rid of. Well, ladies, I would never want you to give in to this frustration. Here I’ve put together my top favorite picks of cute hairstyles for girls with long hair so you can easily do it without ending up in tears!

1. Twisted buns

See, I don’t expect you to drop a pretty penny to get your hair ready every time you go to a school dance or wedding. Instead, you can do this pretty twisted updo yourself in less than 10 minutes. This bun looks deceptively complicated, but is actually super easy to get to.

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It was only yesterday when the cold winter cold didn’t allow you to present your cool haircuts for 2020. As a result, stylists came up with the 2020 women’s hairstyles that represent these concepts. It is the perfect time to renew your wardrobe and the entire look, of course with the best women’s hairstyles 2020.

It is spring now. In 2020, the hairstyles of women will be visible all around us. This wonderful time is entirely dedicated to love and youth.

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While school is all about studies, exams, grades, and girls, you know, there is also style and fashion to keep up with the latest trends, isn’t it? While we`re not going to ask you to try the latest red carpet or slope ideas, there is something fashionable we definitely want to try.

If you have long hair and are always ready for school, here are some simple and really stylish hair styling ideas. You won`t take too much of your time and will be too appropriate for school while looking fab. So try and let us know which one you loved!

1. Multiple braids with bangs:

While this is exact Hairstyle for the school can take up new time here’s a simpler and faster version. Part your hair in the middle and create a medium braid hair with just above the forehead. Now take some strands from one side and braid them. Repeat on the other side. Now bring the three braids on the back and tie in a low bangs.

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Are you in the middle of planning for your wedding day? Looking for romantic wedding hairstyles for long hair that you can be inspired by? Well, first of all we want to congratulate you when you get married. This is SUPER exciting! Second, you are in the right place. We found you some real little beauties …

1. Messy for side hairstyle

Sometimes the simplest hairstyles are often the ones that have the most impact, and that’s definitely the case with this stunning messy side hairstyle. If you’re looking for a relaxed, yet romantic and elegant way to wear your hair for your big day, this might be the place for you.

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10 trendy ponytail hairstyles for long hair – simple ponytails

We all want that – super trendy, Ponytail hairstyles for long hair You can do at home! These light ponytails are also packed with style and personality – plus beautiful and surprising new hair color ideas. If you haven’t seen “salmon pink” ascending from vintage corsets to the latest high fashion hair color, you shouldn’t miss this gallery. Step inside and enjoy chic ponytails with minimal effort and maximum fashionability!

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