Vidya balan beauty tips and fitness secrets, styles on life

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Vidya Balan is among the top leading actresses on Bollywood and has received numerous awards recently, including the National Award and Filmfare Award. She is envied for her versatile acting skills and the way she carries herself through various roles. Before joining the film industry she had worked in commercials, daily soaps and music videos. She is on the heavier side but she manages to keep her fantabulous look in Indian wear and is very graceful.

1. Skin care:

The first, what Vidya Balan does to keep her skin oil free is to clean it. She uses MAC makeup wipes and slowly removes makeup from her face. Makeup wipes are trendy now and they are easy to carry, which makes women happy. They contain moisturizers and aloe vera, and are sold in various scents that cleanse and rejuvenate the face. She uses Neutrogena products for facial and khadi herbs to wash the face and body in rose and lemon. After the bath, she usually likes to lock her skin and moisturize it. For this she uses Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer.


Wedding hairstyle with tiara – options, photos

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Diadem – a dreamlike wedding accessory that helps the bride feel like a princess feast. the right tiara The choice is for any picture, as long as it harmonizes with the dress – its decorative elements must be suitable to the dress. To make hairstyle with tiara perfect, think through in advance what you want her to see.

Bridal hairstyles with tiara and veil

Fata – an ancient attribute of a wedding reception. It can be of different lengths – from ten centimeters to several meters in different sizes – lush and smooth and clean, richly decorated and concise. In all of these cases, the royal tiara will be a great asset to a gentle, innocent girl image that symbolizes the veil. Two of these accessories will make a strong focus on the bride’s hair, so it is important to get serious about her decision.


5 Sexiest Abbreviations – Beauty

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Jon Kopaloff / 5 Sexiest Abbreviations Facebook Twitter Email Send text message

The adult pixie

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WHY IT WORKS "Ginnifer is a really pretty girl, and this cut opens her face and improves her facial features", says Anh Co Tran, her stylist. "Longer hair has really hidden its beauty."
WHAT YOU SHOULD PLEASE Layered front panels long enough to hide behind your ears; Short and choppy 1 "to 1-1 / 2" Strands everywhere else.
PERFECT FOR This cut looks good for people with round or square faces, Tran says, but it’s also a question of trust. "It can work for many people, though she with are satisfied with themselves. The key is to keep the cut soft and modern, with many different lengths", he says.


15 different african american hairstyles with pictures

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African American hairstyles are different from other country hairstyles. African American hair has that best for both words. Traditional African curls along with the quintessential American glamor. With a mix of cultures comes in a mix of versatile hairstyles. Here`s a flip through the styles of some iconic women even with African American culture.

African American hairstyles with pictures:

Below is the list of the best African American hairstyles that are very tempting. You can make your look so passionate with the help of hairstyles below.