Can the color and texture of the wig hair change?

May 27, 2016 — by MCutts0

Hair replacement can be expensive depending on what material it is made of. Every wearer of wigs is interested in ensuring that the hair stays the same as on the first day. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Whether synthetic hair or real hair wigs, depending on how long they are worn and how they are used, the nature of the wig hair can change over time.

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Human hair changes

The color of the hair of real hair wigs can change over time, just like the color of your own hair. This can be done, for example, by sunlight or by visiting the solarium. The condition of the hair can also be changed by salt water or chlorine. Because the hair of the second hairstyle is mostly pretreated and the protective cuticle layer of the individual hair fibers is usually no longer or only partially present, especially if it is hair from China or generally from Asia. Since these are too thick compared to European hair, they are peeled or split. Therefore, they can also tend to split ends, If you be handled improperly. It is different with natural Indian hair. It can also change due to the sun and chlorine, but it is a bit more durable because it still has its cuticle layer. The extent to which and how quickly the hair of a human hair wig changes depends on the human hair used.

Tips for the correct handling of real hair

So that the wig hair does not change, it is advisable to avoid contact with sea water or chlorinated water or to always take good care of the hair replacement afterwards. It is also important to avoid proximity to strong heat sources such as stoves, lighters, candles, barbecues, campfires and others. If it is not a permanent hair replacement, the second hairstyle should be removed for sleeping. It is best to store your hair replacement on a wig stand.

Use for the Care of real hair really only the special care products provided by second hair specialists. Do not use hair varnish that you would otherwise use for your own hair. A general volume shampoo is also taboo as it changes the structure. If you style your second hair from real hair with a curling iron or flat iron, you should choose low temperatures that are suitable for sensitive hair. Hot water should also be avoided when washing. Always handle human hair carefully and take good care of it regularly so that it lasts longer and changes in texture very little or not so quickly.

Change of synthetic hair

Synthetic hair wigs are colourfast, but synthetic hair can lose structure and shine over time. This occurs, for example, when washing too often. In addition, the hair becomes dull and rough over time. Chlorine water or sea water can discolour the synthetic hair if they don’t be washed out immediately after swimming. Swimming once does not cause problems for the hair, depending on the material. Regular swimming does and makes the hair replacement unusable after some time. Cyberhair, on the other hand, is much more robust than normal synthetic hair and allows regular swimming and saunas.

Tips for the correct handling of synthetic hair

There are different types of synthetic hair. Very few of them are heat-resistant. Therefore, you should avoid heat sources with this synthetic hair. Heat-resistant synthetic hair, such as Cyberhair, can even be styled with a curling iron or flat iron at 180 ° C. Steam is also suitable for smoothing.

Synthetic hair is washed twice a month with a special shampoo if it is not too dirty. Just like real hair, the artificial hair replacement should be air-dried on a wig stand. If the hair is matted or knotted, it is best to use a special Tangle Teezer or special wig comb and conditioner to detangle it.

In general, you should always handle hair replacements with care. This applies to both human hair and synthetic hair. In addition, the right care products should always be used. The better the second hair is cared for, the longer the structure and color are retained.


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