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April 4, 2018 — by MCutts0

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BTS & # 039; Suga’s hair development involves surprising changes

I don’t have to tell you that BTS is very popular right now. Your fandom is pretty much running on Twitter and if you ever doubt it, just check the trend hashtags of the day because in 90% of the cases you will find something BTS related. Whenever BTS appears in an awards ceremony, BTS ARMY floods Twitter with its reactions to BTS outfits, accessories and new hairstyles. Fans never know what to expect from BTS when they step onto the red carpet because they always dye their hair in a new color. If not, either cut it or let it grow out. BTS makes every hairstyle look good, and if you ever want to find BTS in a crowd (like the BBMAs on TV), just look for the group of men with the stylish, multi-colored hair, because they always set the trends. BTS Suga’s hair development is one of my favorites because he basically went through the whole rainbow.

BTS does its thing since 2013, which means I had to choose Suga’s best hairstyles from the past six years, and let me tell you that it was not easy. Suga has had so many good hair moments and these are obviously just a few of them. In this sense, I present to you: BTS ‘Sugas hair development!

June 2013: black pony

At the start of the BTS debut on June 13, 2013, Suga showed a simple black hairstyle with side bangs. Although it is known that BTS now has light hairstyles, in 2013 all boys had dark hair that corresponded to their serious concept.

December 2014: pumpkin orange

Over the course of 2013, Suga dyed his hair a few times, but he always kept his hair dark. It wasn’t until 2014 when Suga started making his first big hair color change: pumpkin orange.

December 2015: Mint Green

I know that mint green Suga is one of the favorites of BTS ARMY because I always see fans on Twitter talking about it, though it does years been since it happened. You know what? I can absolutely understand why fans liked the mint green look so much. Look at Suga’s hair! perfection!

July 2016: blonde

In 2016, Suga took a break from the bright hair colors and opted for a natural looking blonde color instead. It definitely suited him, don’t think so?

August 2016: golden platinum blonde

August is for Agust D because Suga changed his overall look in summer ’16 to fit his solo rapper “Agust D”. He dyed his hair very light blonde so that it looked almost white, but still golden. It was a look the BTS ARMY will never forget.

September 2016: Back to black

For the “Blood Sweat & Bears’ Tears ”era made Suga black again, but this time Suga parted his hair in the middle, which definitely gave him a more mature look.

February 2017: Dark turquoise blue

Now it’s time for a different color of the rainbow: blue! Suga rocked a dark turquoise blue for the BTS comeback “Not Today” in February 2017. The BTS video I was included in the group with was “Not Today”, so this hair color has a very special place in my heart. * Sobbing. *

May 2017: dark brown

BTS made its debut on May 21, 2017 both Billboard Music Awards and Suga opted for a different natural hair color. His hair was dark brown, similar to that of the other BTS members at the time.

September 2017: Aqua Blue

Suga returned to blue in September 2017, but this time he was aiming for a lighter shade and this aqua blue hair color looked absolutely gorgeous for him.

October 2017: cotton candy blue

Wow, Suga really loves blue hair and subtle changes to his look, doesn’t he? In October 2017, Suga adjusted his aqua blue hair by creating a sugar blue cotton look that was probably due to the fading of his aqua blue hair. This was frankly one of my favorite hairstyles because it gave Suga a really soft mood. Honestly, what else did you expect from a color called "Cotton Candy Blue"?

January 2018: Snow White

Elsa who? At the beginning of 2018, Suga showed a snow-white hair color, which he really liked. When he paired his white hair with a headscarf in the music video “Mic Drop”, it was all over because he looked so H-O-T.

May 2018: Back to black

In May 2018, Suga made a 180 and changed his hair from white to black. Um, who gave him permission to measure himself against the feelings of the fans? The BTS ARMY was so in love with this look, and what made it even better was that all BTS members her hair turned black in May 2018 for her “Fake Love” era, not just Suga. Fans really couldn’t stand it because they didn’t expect BTS to choose such a dark concept.

June 2018: Brown & crimped

All BTS members had dark hair during their “fake love” era. To give his hair a unique touch, Suga frizzy. This hairstyle will always appeal to live performances by BTS “Fake Love” or “Airplane Pt. 2 ”remember.

September 2018: Auburn Red

OK, I’ve shown you a lot of Suga’s blue hair colors, but what about red? In September 2018 BTS changed their hair colors again for their “IDOL” comeback and Suga and Jungkook opted for a shade of red. While Jungkook created a bright cherry red style, Suga opted for a dark, maroon shade. By the end of September, Suga’s natural hair could be seen slowly emerging from under the red.

December 2018: dark brown

What did I tell you? In December 2018, Suga returned to a natural hair color, and that was because BTS’s comeback was long over and Suga’s auburn hair had faded. It doesn’t matter whether Suga has a light or natural look, because he always looks good, no matter what.

March 2019: golden platinum blonde

The natural look didn’t last long since Suga showed a platinum look in March. The last time fans saw this shadow, Suga made his “Agust D” music videos.

April 2019: purple

BTS made a comeback in April with Boy With Luv, which meant BTS had changed its hair colors again. Yay! This time, Suga opted for a purple color that fans had never seen before.

April 2019: ash gray

Two hair colors in one month? This is impressive, and frankly, I wasn’t even surprised because this is Suga and he doesn’t keep a hair color for long. In early April, Suga’s hair was purple, but by the end of the month, Suga’s hair was ash gray.

June 2019: Back to blonde

In the summer of 2019, Suga returned to a natural blonde color, and although fans have seen this shade on him a few times, they still weren’t prepared for it because it always looks better.

July 2019: Black again

Another month, a different hair color, because in July Suga dyed his hair black again. As always, the BTS ARMY loved it.

September 2019: blonde & Black ombre

BTS hair colors and styles are in the balance at the moment as some members have hidden their new hair colors with either bucket hat or beanies (* cough * J-Hope * cough *), but Suga has shown his hair color as it is no big deal. It’s a mix of blonde and black right now, but I’m sure it won’t be that long.

BTS has just returned from a long break and is preparing to end her career Love yourself: speak to yourself Tour this fall. Who knows? Maybe fans will see Suga in a new hair color again when BTS reappears. Will Suga’s hair be natural or light in color? It could be anything, so ARMY, be prepared!


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