Bridal hairstyles for long hair

February 15, 2020 — by MCutts0

Brides with long hair are of course spoiled for choice: there is hardly a hairstyle that is theoretically inconceivable. Nevertheless, some details must be paid attention to, so that nothing goes wrong with the hairstyle on the wedding day.

Wedding hairstyle with long hair

So, especially with complex updos, it is important to ensure that at full, heavy hair the hair is stuck in such a way that you do not get a headache and still feel safe that your elaborately stuck hair does not fall apart every moment. Such a hairstyle should be after Insert sample definitely be carried out all day long to see if you really feel comfortable with it.

Bridal hairstyles for long hair – chignons and braided hairstyles

Deep topknots or chignons are a nice alternative to updos that start at the top of the back of the head and for women with full hair as well women With thinner hair Nice to wear: With thin hair, hair pillows and rollers can be used to conjure up more volume in the hair without much effort. The knot can be tied in a wide variety of shapes, from rolled up, classically simple to elaborately braided – decide on the look that best suits you best suits you and your style. The chignon can also be wonderful with one Hair accessory and a veil combine.

Wear long hair open for the wedding

If you like, you can of course also have long hair wedding day wear open. This is a nice option, especially for light summer celebrations, and long hair can be seen with one Fascinator or a hair comb beautiful out. However, consider the temperatures and whether you feel comfortable with your hair open all day. A Combination of two hairstyles is of course also conceivable: wear a classic deep chignon for the wedding and dinner and open your hair for partying in the evening.

We have collected the most beautiful ways of wearing long hair on your wedding day in our gallery for you. Let yourself be inspired!


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