Bridal hairstyle with flowers – the perfect styling with flowers in your hair

In addition to the wedding dress, shoes and perfect make-up, the bridal hairstyle is also an important detail for your styling on your wedding day. Pinned up, short haircut or long hair worn open – bridal hairstyles with flowers in the hair are trendy and can be individually designed for different looks. We have put together the most beautiful variants of how you can design your bridal hairstyle with flowers.

Basically there is two styles, for which you can choose with a floral design. With colorful flower wreaths or flower headbands in summer colors you can easily in the Vintage or hippie look marry. If you prefer an elegant outfit, opt for an updo or topknot with flowers in white or pastel colors. You also always have the choice between real flowers and silk flowers. Both have advantages and disadvantages: Real flowers look naturally classy and fresh, especially in flower wreaths and stuck in the hair as a single flower. The downside is that they wither naturally during the day – here you have to either replace them with fresh ones in time or remove them from your hair. at silk flowers you play it safe, of course, because they look fresh all day!

The highlight of the bridal hairstyle – a big flower

The classic among flower hairstyles is one great bloom, which is put in the hair. It can be easily combined with a simple one Braid, which is tied together at the side or packaged in an updo with twisted hair. Especially with braided hairstyles, a large flower can be worked in and thus underline the playful look or elegance – depending on how it is applied.

For a loose look, you should wear your hair open. An updo is suitable for the classic, elegant variant. With a white flower to match your dress, the hairstyle harmonizes with the outfit – regardless of which style you have chosen for your wedding dress.

Our tip: The following applies to all flower variants: tell yours stylists already during the test styling that you are planning, the haircut to decorate with flowers. He or she can then advise you on how best to incorporate the flower or wreath into your hairstyle.

Boho chic as a wedding hairstyle – hair band with flowers

You can make the variant of the flower headband a little more unusual. Here you can choose one or more flowers, for hair bands with lace, a thin or wide band. Choose what suits you and your wedding dress and what you like best! A headband with flowers can also be used extravagant appearance.

If you like it subtle and elegant, it is best to use white or cream-colored flowers on your hair band. This styling fits best with an alternative, but also quite chic Summer wedding.

Timelessly beautiful bridal hairstyles with flower wreaths

Wreaths with fresh flowers are especially popular colored flower combinations the absolute eye-catcher effect. If you wear a white dress, you can play with all the flower colors that you like. If you already have certain color accents in your wedding dress, then the same color should be reflected in the flower wreath and thus complement your outfit. You can evenly distribute the flowers on the wreath or set the highlight on only one side.

The flower wreaths are also perfect for vintage weddings. After all, flowers have been popular accessories in recent years – and count among the bride’s most beautiful jewelry.

Our tip: If you fresh flowers you should coordinate them early and get advice on which flowers are good for a wreath. Be sure to include your florist in your planning – the professional knows best which flower wishes can be fulfilled and which flowers are easy to process and last for a long time!

Classic & romantic wedding hairstyle – bun with floral decorations

Are you dreaming of a simple and elegant bun hairstyle? Then you should definitely think about giving your hairstyle that certain something with chic flowers. The floral design can of course also be designed with fresh flowers or with simple ones hair combs, that bring a subtle shine to the hair and that can be decorated with stones and pearls.

The bun is particularly advantageous as a summer hairstyle at hot temperatures and thus offers a good alternative to the otherwise relatively complex updo. Braided hair can also be worked into the bun as an additional highlight. So the flowers are definitely the most beautiful jewelry of the bride!

Modern and romantic bridal hairstyles – veils and fascinators in a flower design

For brides who love you unique veil wreaths on their special day are wreaths of flowers the perfect Solution: They hold the veil securely and reinforce the romantic touch that the veil already brings. Of course, this variant is not a look that can be worn all day, but is especially suitable for them ceremony. At the celebration, the floral wreath can be worn without a veil.

Our tip Before the wedding, be sure to test whether the ensemble of veil, hairstyle and flower wreath meets your expectations and whether you feel so comfortable!

Put yourself in professional hands

Regardless of which flower accessory you have chosen, it is always worth visiting a professional. This can fix your piece of jewelry as it belongs. He will also advise you well and style your hair so that the hairstyle and accessories go particularly well together. Even if you choose not to have flowers in your hair, the benefits of a talented hairdresser cannot be denied. The small wellness program will do you good and you do not have to worry about whether your hairstyle will be successful.

You can find many other great ideas for your bridal hairstyle in our magazine!

photos: Cover picture Amore Bride via Etsy, bride with a single flower in her hair Sibo Designs via Etsy, bride with a flower headband Erica Elizabeth Design via Etsy, bride with a flower crown FlowersLovers, bride with a pink flower and stones Sibo Designs via Etsy, bride with flowers in her hair and veil Sibo Designs via Etsy


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