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November 24, 2019 — by MCutts0

Shaved hairstyles used to be associated with punks, but things have changed. More and more trendy women are opting for shaved styles because they look edgy and feminine at the same time. With the right hairstyle and proper posture, it can be amazingly great appearance.

short Blonde bob Mit RAsian pages

This shaved side asymmetrical bob proves that shaved hairstyles actually work on every hair length and color great are portable. If you want to add a little funk to your girl hairstyle, just shave one side of your head. We know the style is pretty daring, but it’s just hair, it’s going to grow.

great Kurze FRisur

Check out this super short Shape style hair on is nothing more than a slightly modified version of the bald head hairstyles. It is particularly suitable for women with extreme natural curls.

Rolled up puffy top Mit Rpages

Here are almost scraped off on both sides of the head, and the hair present in the middle section of the head is carefully rolled up. The highly volumized top is the real specialty of this bald hairstyle.

bob Mit Iintense texture

This bald hairstyle can underline your strong character and positive attitude very much. Create a side part and shave the hair in a smaller section. Brush the rest of the hair and add intense texture to it.

Lavender – Sundercut

An undercut not only has to be in the back, but can also be used as a fun detail to accentuate your face on the side. You can swipe over it if you find it boring or want to let it grow. This short section works well for chin-length to long hair. Just make sure you have enough length to hide it.

With style Waxes Late

If you previously shaved the side of your head for an edgy pixie cut and you want to grow your hair now, do it in style. Comb the shaved part gently to your side and style the rest of your pixie in gentle waves.


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