Braids for Men. Simple and Creative Looks

April 25, 2016 — by MCutts0

braded hair styles

These days, men have as many ways to express themselves and enhance their looks as women do. Some hair styles are absolutely glamorous and you cannot afford to ignore when you see anyone wearing them. Braided hairstyles for men represent as much as Mohawks and other hairstyles done by men. They are representative of what beauty means to them. It is also a good way to embrace the ever changing hair trends for different generations.

Different types of braids for men are resurgence or a combination of previous hairstyles that existed long before they were invented, and often come in much better styles and innovation that will really look good for anyone who wears them. These braids are simple, sophisticated and yet intricately beautiful and complex making them a marvel of beauty. They serve as protective hairstyles which will allow the hair to grow naturally and safely and by bringing the best versions of hair expressions.

Simple braids such as cornrows provide a basic braiding form that truly represents style and beauty. For men of different race backgrounds, there is a prevalent style that really suits them; for example zigzag braids and snake pattern braids look awesome with African American males. These braids can incorporate intersecting cornrows, shaped geometric figures, swirls and curvy lines which bring about creativity in style and general looks.

Braids for Men with Short Hair

Short hair braids are very popular among men, and come in variety of styles from the Mohawk to styles accessorized with flower. Braids for men with short hair are styled in such a way that, they occupy the top while having an under shave. This brings about a female element while maintaining the masculine aspect. They are comfortable, simple and easy to maintain. The short braids normally last for longer periods than long braids and can be made to appear much clearer by shaving the sides of the head. These are some popular braids for men with short hair.

braids with mohawk

1. Mohawk braid for short hair.

This is a braid made of Mohawk style which has several braids woven together. It consists of a spectacular Mohawk and an undershave that enhances the severity of the braided top. This provides an excellent look with a touch of attitude.

braid hairstyles for thin hair

2. Thin braids in natural hair style.

For those who value simplicity, thin braids in natural hair style is one that will bring you the best look. This style is especially popular because it does not bring about much complexity in terms of style, but brings out a unique look that is different from the rest of your hair. This breaks the boredom of a monotonous style by using the single thin braids which are right above the forehead. The rapper ASAP Rocky has often donned thin braids in natural hairstyle, which enhances his masculine features fashionably.

two tone micro braids

3. Two-tone box braids.

This type of braided hairstyle is excellent for hair maintenance while allowing it to grow naturally and safely. It has an easy style which does not require a lot of maintenance or time to look after. It is popular with African American guys but looks good also on other men.

Braids for Men with Long Hair

mens french braid

1. French Braids.

Never would anyone imagine that men would one day have French braids which is consummately a feminine hair style. But why not? With mainstream culture buzzing with new trends every day, French braids belongs to the same category. Men who have French braids look awesome and good; you cannot afford to ignore their sense of style. With hip hop culture permeating into the mainstream, this is becoming even more accepted among men of different races and has especially been common among African Americans.

Today, most guys can afford to visit their favorite hair stylists and come out with a French braid, looking well-groomed and all complementing. It is easy, simple and classy without asking too much on maintenance or grooming. Wearing it is enough to win you more friends and especially female friends who would seem to enjoy the competition when it comes to styling your hair.

pictures of dutch braids

2. Dutch Braids for unique long hair style.

And just like French braids, the Dutch braids involve braided rows, but this time with undercuts to make them appear more distinct. This type is a bit complex but brings out the beauty and perfectness of braids when combined with long hair and an undercut. The hair is first divided into sections with each section braided until the ear level. These braids are then united together to form a long braid which is simple and singly, flowing from the back of the head to the back. You can tie it with a hair band at the end and that’s all you’ll need to do.

Single Braids for Men

cute braided bun hairstyles

1. Braid-into-bun punk men’s hairstyle.

If you prefer some touch of dignity and personality, then this braid style is certainly the one that offers those qualities. First off, the hair is shaved into V-style with the lower end of the V looking like a Mohawk. Then the hair is worked up from the bottom such that a French braid is formed which is inverted. Halfway up the head it is then tied up into a bun. This is then what it takes to get this type of braid which is quite unique in itself and bit complex. The sides have to be shaved to make the V-shape more distinct and hence the braid and bun itself. It comprises of just a single row of braid which combines with the top hair and then tied with it to form a bun.

hairstyles for single braids

2. Shaggy mess with a single braid.

A long hairstyle braid can be simple, messy and classy at the same time. A shaggy mess with a single braid is certainly one of the simplest styles that you can opt for, not much to do but keep your long hair as it is and a single braid at the side. This style does not require any fuss, just grooming, washing and air drying. That’s all and the glamourous look is on.

braided pigtail hairstyles

3. The pigtail.

Single braids for men such as the pigtail, are very popular among men who want to keep their style simple and unique. With the pigtail style, you will need to have very long hair and a single braid starting from the bottom of the head. The single braid is a long French braid that flows down and narrows towards the end, and widens upwards. There is usually no need to tie the end of the braid or to coil it short, since it just lengthy enough to shoulder level. Simple but still makes a good statement about you.

braided side bun hairstyles

4. Braids, with Buns and Side Undercuts.

This is combination of hipster, punk and hip hop styles all in one style that has braids, buns and side undercuts. If you have long hair, then you can French braid it while keeping close to the scalp and then push the braids back and tie them into a bun. The sides are shaved into undercuts which are aligned with the braids closer to them. In the end, the undercuts appear like braids but they really aren’t because they are much lower and closer to the ear level while the braids are at the top and tied to form a bun.

Viking Braids for Men

vikings braids

Men with long hair can do Viking braids which is certainly one hairstyle that goes back in centuries. A lot of grooming is required because of the hairy nature and therefore you will need necessary grooming tools such as a comb, and thereafter regular washing and air drying. To begin with, section the hair on top of your head by finding the corners of your head and then using a comb, straighten the hair to the back of your head. Using a clip, make a temporary bun to enable you to section the hair for making the Viking braids. Using the comb brush the side hair towards the back of your head as tightly as you can and secure them in a tiny ponytail that is right underneath the upper bun of the top hair that you sectioned first.

Split the tiny ponytail into two by separating them using a rubber band or clip and then different directions. Release the top hair and split it into three using your clipping tool. Grab a little bit of the released hair from the top section and make one of the three splits into a French braid. Weave until you run out of hair which will form a braid which is long enough to the level of your shoulder. Braid the other side of the hair on your head just like you did. Once again, weave the hair that is left in the middle top of your head. At this time, you will have three braids which reach the shoulder level, which then should be tied into a ponytail at the back of your head.

Fishbone Braids for Men

Well, this style of braids is one that requires great skill component to make them look great and epic. It is more of a work of art than anything else. If you have long hair, then you can make it into any style that you want, to twist or to curl, whichever you like. When it comes to fishbone braids, then an intricate pattern of cornrows and spine is required to bring out any particular style. Most popular fishbone braids such as the fishtail braid, require very long hair and set of hairstyle skills in order to blend them into a spectacular hairstyle.

Also, a lot of creativity and design comes into play to bring out the best. One can be as innovative as possible by creating cornrow patterns depicting shapes and even letters, and the end result is just amazing. Herringbone braids also require much effort to achieve them since they involve using the cornrows to achieve something more distinct and complex. This is just a work of art at its best. Fishbone braids are much tighter and firmer compared to French braids which are somewhat loose.

Design Braids for Men

Talking of design braids, an element of unique style must be included in the braids. Cornrows are the most common type of design braids for men, and have long been employed before dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are becoming popular nowadays, and have been used creatively to bring out design braids which can be combined with other styles. A design braid is used to make a statement alongside improving looks. When you see someone wearing a design braid with marvelous geometrical shapes and patterns, you will be tempted to look twice.

Popular design braids for men with long hair include skinny plats and athletic styled braids. The skinny plats are quite similar to pigtails and normally signify an active and fast lifestyle. Before going to a stylist for the latest design braid, ensure that your hair is in good condition, which means it must be well moisturized and healthy. This will make you avoid the tension and stress that comes with tightening the hair and makes the style last longer.

Go for a style that you like and that really fits your facial features. Look for the best stylist, because you don’t want to mess up the process and end result, especially when it is a design braid style. Design braids come in a wide variety and can be unique to each individual. The right style should make you feel comfortable and confident wherever you go. This is the whole essence of a design braid, elegance.

Nowadays, men can sound a statement by the way they style their hair and create a beautiful version of themselves. With many hairstyles and designs today, it is common to find men having braids, regardless of their culture, as it is becoming acceptable and assimilated for men to express themselves just like women have done over the centuries. If you have short or long hair, there is a style for you that you can choose to wear. This is resonating everywhere and thankfully because of the mainstream media, hip hop culture, punk and hipster. The end result is people looking good and feeling awesome about themselves.

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