Stylish Guide to Black Men Haircuts 2016

June 5, 2016 — by MCutts2

Сool haircuts for black men

Gorgeous hairdo is one of the most powerful parts of personal style. It makes you unique and original, that’s for sure. Black men have hair that are quite different from other races’ tresses. That is why African-American guys need to spend some time searching for a wonderful and attractive ‘do. However, the result’s worth it. Check out this list of black men haircuts and experiment with your look. Some of the offered variants have a more natural appearance while other seem to be more outstanding and unusual. So when choosing the right black men hairstyle keep in mind your fashion preferences, face type and the amount of free time that can be spent on styling.

Black men hair care tips

Hair care tips for black mens hair

Naturally African-American men have unique hair structure and color. Generally they have quite kinky and coarse texture. Black men curly hair usually grow really slow. They also contain less water than Asian or Caucasian locks. Furthermore, African-American tresses break more easily than any other hair type. All of this features must be considered when you take care of your mane.

Make sure that you choose hair products correctly. Buy something that describes your locks texture, not the skin color, because black men have different hair structure. Specialists recommend to wash tresses regularly at least every 5-6 days. If you do not follow this rule bacteria will grow on your scalp. This may cause various health problems. Be careful with overdoing the shampooing though. When it’s done too often hair may become brittle and dry. SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate is contained in most washing products and it’s needed for cleaning the locks. However it can destroy natural oils that protect your tresses from breakage. So make sure that you don’t cause damage for your locks.

As it was mentioned above, black men hair may be dry. So it will be smart and healthy to moisturize them on a daily basis. There are plenty of products that will prevent dry texture. Pay attention to various oils, such as coconut or almond oil. A little bit of this product can be applied to the hair every day or wherever you feel that locks are brittle. Remember to avoid root area because there are enough of natural oil protection. Of course, don’t forget to regularly brush your tresses. It’s not only beneficial for hair cause it prevents tangling, moreover, it stimulates blood supply in the scalp. So the locks definitely get better and appear healthy, shiny and thick.

Black men haircuts 2016

2016 black men hairstyles

Designers and stylists love to experiment with black haircuts for men, so they create new and fresh looks regularly. In order to always be fashionable and and gorgeous, check out these hairdos that are popular now on the runway. Pair the new haircut with appropriate clothes and rock your amazing image!

Comfortable buzz cut

Black men buzz cut
Buzz cut black men hair

Short buzz cut is the classic variant that will always look cool. It appears to be very manly and brutal. Moreover, the buzz is one of the most comfortable, practical and easy to create ‘dos. You don’t need any special styling tricks to have a perfect appearance every day. Just make sure that you wash your hair regularly and properly, that’s all needed. This haircut goes well for almost every face shape. To look really masculine try combining buzz cut with short facial hair.

Stylish Afro for every day look

Black men afro hairstyles

Afro hairstyle is one of the most cool-looking variants for black men, who possess naturally thick and strong tresses that are long enough. This signature 70s style is back in fashion again. So try this hairdo and rock it on a daily basis. However it requires some styling skills. Make sure to buy professional high quality hairspray. Use it to fix the locks and make them appear really voluminous.

Fully shaved look

Full shaved black men
Bald head black man

Fully shaved look is for the bold guys. Not every man is able to get rid of his tresses. However, black men often sport shaved hairdo and look extremely gorgeous. It allows to express manliness and fearlessness. More than that, bald appearance helps to emphasize beautiful and harmonious head shape. Accurate facial hair will become an excellent addition to this look.

Fade haircut with facial hair

Black men fade hairstyles

This hairdo suits well for black men of any face shape. Beautiful and precise fade hairstyle appears extremely attractive because of curly texture. Accurate beard looks very graphic and allows you to emphasize the cheekbones and chin. The advantage of this ‘do is that you don’t have to style it every day. There is no need in any special products. However, you may apply some hair mousse for extra texture of your curls. Experiment with different types of fade haircuts for black men and discover your personal style.

Spiked straight hair

Black guy spiky hair

Black men tend to experiment with straight hair these days. Stylists recommend to leave long hair on the top and cut the sides very short to create beautiful contrast. Spiked ends are really popular nowadays, so don’t miss an opportunity to sport this look today. Make sure you have enough styling skills, high quality products and time to create something outstanding.

Pompadour for black men

Black men pompadour hairstyles names

This hairstyle is fashionable and suits almost every man, no matter what his ethnicity is. The male Pompadour requires some styling skills though. In order to get the perfect look you need to use generous amount of pomade or mousse. The product will help you to straighten the tresses so the overall hairstyle will look trendy.

Short hairstyles for black men

Hairstyles for black men with short hair

Short haircuts for black men are very popular because they are comfortable and easy to maintain. Usually they require minimum or no styling at all, however some of them can be a little tricky to create. But mostly every man can take care of his short cut and look trendy, cool and fashionable. Although black men have naturally curly hair they can straighten them in order to get a desired hairdo. Check out these most popular and gorgeous haircuts for black guys!

Short and curly hairstyle

Short curly haircuts for black hair

This haircut appears to be very creative and unique. There are short tresses on the sides that gradually fade to a very short stubble. At the same time there are a little longer curly locks on the top. Shaved line adds creative mood to the whole ‘do. It’s very easy to maintain and doesn’t require any styling at all. In case you desire to add a little bit of extra texture, simply apply some gel or styling cream.

Taper haircut with low side part

Low Side Parted Taper black men hairstyles

This taper haircut for black men will be a wonderful choice for those who like being outstanding. It’s really trendy and has deep side partings with precise edges. The ‘do looks very well combined with African-American curly hair texture. You don’t have to spend extra time on styling this taper cut. Just make sure that all the lines look neat and accurate.

Shaggy straight hair cut

Black Men Straight Nice Hair

Although black men naturally have curly tresses, they really enjoy straight hair looks like this one. It’s a very casual ‘do with a shaggy feeling. To style this cut use flat iron and fix the result with either mousse, hairspray or gel. Make sure you don’t damage hair structure while straightening it. Specialists recommend applying protecting products like sprays or gels. Create a messy shape with a little bit spiky ends – and Voila! You’ve got a really hot ‘do that will draw attention to your appearance!

Wavy short fade

Short fade hairstyles for black men

It’s a really nice hairdo that appears to be creative and chic. The wavy short fade will turn you into a pop star. Perfectly textured waves on the top are supplemented with fully shaved sides and back. This haircut looks good for almost every face shape. Moreover, you can make it even more unique if you add shaved graphic lines into the design.

Curly top with designed back

Short black haircuts with designs

Beautiful curly top hair are combined with a stylish ornament stripe – fabulous hairdo with a modern attitude. The abstract design is usually shorter than the top tresses. This way it’s possible to create a wonderful contrast that adds uniqueness to the whole composition. This ‘do is very comfortable and requires small to none styling skills. It’s enough to visit your hairdresser and then enjoy the final result, that’s easy!

Spiky top fade hairstyle

spiky fade haircut for black men

Gorgeous hairstyle is one of the best ways to stand out of the crowd. This hairdo is something every artistic person needs to try. The top of the head should be spiked up with gel or professional mousse. Gradually the fade goes to the very short bristle on the sides. In order to always have perfect look with this hairdo you need to make sure that the top is fixed beautifully.

Medium hairstyles for black men

Hairstyles for black men with medium hair

Although medium length hairstyles for black men are quite rare, they do look cool. It takes some mastery and patience to style these kind of ‘dos. However, the final result allows you express your unique attitude and rock trendy and sexy look. Try gorgeous medium cuts from the list below.

Classy medium length curls

Medium length curly hairstyles for black men
Medium curly hairstyles for black men

If you have naturally healthy and shiny locks, then definitely pay attention to this cut. The length of the tresses is slightly longer than short. However, it’s still comfortable and doesn’t require lots of special care. To make it look really fashionable, apply some texturing hairspray so the locks will be totally fixed. Don’t forget to use moisturizer – it’ll add extra shine to the ‘do. Needless to say that this haircut suits well for both office look and special occasions.

Artistic expression

Hair designs for black guys

Looking for some really creative hair designs that will compliment your personality? Then totally go for this haircut! It looks really unusual and original, you’ll definitely be the center of people’s attention. Strong graphic lines and beautiful overall shape are something to be proud of. If you feel bold enough and desire to channel your inner artist, try this variant. You need some longer locks for it. Furthermore, the ‘do requires some advanced styling skills.

Medium length dreadlocks

Black men hairstyles for medium dreads

Growing hair takes lots of time, especially for African-American guys. So you can try this medium length haircut that has gorgeous dreadlocks on the top. They create cool artistic mess that is complimented by the short faded sides. Combine this look with facial stubble.

Two colored curly Afro cut

Black men curly afro hairstyles

Afro hairdo goes really good for most African-American men. The only requirement is having medium length healthy and shiny curly locks. It emphasizes masculine features of your face and adds to your style extra attractiveness. In order to make Afro hairdo even more creative, dye it with two contrasting colors. This way it will appear more voluminous and great.

Classy cornrows braids

Design braids
Braid designs for men

The cornrows are worn mostly by black men. The final look is very unique and fresh. You will need to find an experienced hairdresser who can create spectacular hairdo that may take quite long to be finished. The tight braids can be designed as a gorgeous ornament and be as versatile as you wish. The washing routine will change of course, you may apply shampoo once in three weeks or so.

Spiked curls

Black men curly spiky hair

If you want to refresh your daily look and you’ve got wonderful medium length hair, then try this fashionable ‘do. The curls are brushed up and create a voluminous shape. The back and the sides of the head are quite short. It’s definitely a very cool and up to date look. You also can wear some facial hair in order to emphasize the chin and cheekbones.

Medium Mohawk hairdo

Mohawk hairstyles for black men
Black Male Mohawk Hairstyles

Now this is a very stylish and hot haircut for black men with medium length tresses. The Mohawk part can be either thin or not. Whatever way it looks really cool. The sides are usually short, but you can ask your barber to create a fade. High quality hairspray will help you in adding extra texture to your curls.

Black men long haircuts

Black guy long hair

Growing long hair requires special treatment and lots of time. If you’ve got healthy and voluminous long mane, then be really proud of it. Although it used to be women’s prerogative to have long tresses, nowadays modern men experiment with various hairstyles such as braids and buns. And the results are surprisingly good and masculine. So look through following black male haircuts and choose the one you like!

Long stylish dreadlocks

Long Dread Locks black men curly haircuts

Black men dreads always appear very sexy, modern and creative. The hairdo is very comfortable and doesn’t require lots of daily styling. In order to refresh the look you can try various types of braids, buns or ponytails.

Pulled back long hairstyle

Hair pulled back with curls

African-American tresses tend to be very voluminous. So when you need to control them, just pull back and create a wonderful and comfortable ponytail. Make sure that it looks shiny and add some texture using mousse or spray.

Half-ponytail made of dreadlocks

Hairstyles for black males with long hair

There are no limits for creative people. If you have long dreadlocks, then totally try this ‘do! Especially when you need to feel really comfortable. You will need a stretch band or hair pins in order to make a perfect half ponytail of your dreadlocks. If you want some extra fixing, then apply quality hairspray.

Headband dreadlocks look

Hairstyles with head bands

This is a very trendy variant. Various hair accessories add to the haircut fashionable and inspirational attitude. Use elastic headband to keep your long dreadlocks together. It’s really comfortable and looks attractive. Try different bands’ colors to refresh the appearance from time to time.

Straight long locks

Black people hairstyles for long hair

Straight hair looks are not very common with black guys. However, when African-American man styles his long tresses this way, he gets extra attention and really fashionable look. To style this ‘do you’ll need flat iron, protection product and some gel or hairspray. Don’t overdo with the products, though. The hairstyle should appear very natural and sexy. Combine the look with short facial hair and you will definitely get noticed!

Really long curly Afro hairdo

Long curly afro weave

Long tresses allow you endless possibilities for creative experimenting. Check out this really voluminous and shiny curly Afro! It’s designed for people who love to stand out of the crowd. Express your uniqueness with this unusual and original hairstyle!

Loose curly hair with symmetrical parting

Loose curly hairstyles for long mens hair

Long curly hair are a decoration for your style itself. So try this natural wavy locks look with a symmetrical parting. It’s very simple yet impressive casual hairdo that suits any face type. Use some hairspray in order to fix the overall cut.

Hairstyles for black boys

Black boys haircut styles

Black boys cuts are designed to compliment the unique style and personality. However there are plenty of variants that are practical and simple. Hairdressers recommend young guys wearing both comfortable and gorgeous hairdos, that match the face shape. Here you can see various haircuts that are popular with black boys.

Tapered short haircut

Short tapered haircuts for men

This beautiful hairdo has a very precise geometric lines and well organized overall shape. It’s ideal for school and doing sports. Short length doesn’t distract black boy’s attention from the game or classwork.

High and dreaded fade hairstyle

Long top shaved sides and back hairstyle

Young guys who love to attract attention with their unique fashion and style will definitely like this haircut. It’s a very high skin fade combined with quite short dreadlocks. You can pull it back and make a bun or ponytail out of it. For extra gorgeous style bleach the ends of the dreadlocks. No special styling products are needed.

Amazing designed Mohawk for kids

Mohawk designs pictures

Kids these days love to have unique hairstyles just like the adults do. Simply check out this adorable child Mohawk! Although it may be not so comfortable for every day use, it suits perfectly for special occasions. Skaters’ or dancers’ events audience will really appreciate gorgeous haircut of the black kid. For extra uniqueness ask your barber to shave wonderful abstract designs on the sides of the head. Use professional gel or mousse for styling the Mohawk. The kid will definitely be popular in school, that’s for sure!

Stylish Afro for young boys

Boys afro hairstyles

Afro cut looks super cool even on young kids. If the boy has a naturally curly hair texture and quite long tresses, then he should try this amazing hairstyle. Other kids in school will be definitely impressed with this ‘do. It especially goes well with artistic guys who like to stand out. However make sure that locks are always washed well.

Cool bleached Mohawk

Haircuts for african american boys with curly hair

Young black men usually excited to experiment with style and fashion. If you’re inspired by bold expression of your unique personality, then totally try this hairdo. It’s a thick curly Mohawk with bleached ends and perfectly outlined edges. Appears super amazing and sexy. Ask your hairdresser to pair it with stylish skin fade and you will get original attitude! Don’t forget to buy high quality styling products, such as hairspray, mousse and gel for adding a little texture.

Designed buzz cut

Buzz cut design for black boys

This hairdo may appear simple, but it looks really cool and sexy. Very short buzz haircut is combined with beautiful graphic ornament. It totally depends on your personal preferences. You can ask your hairdresser for abstract geometrical shapes, lettering or realistic drawing. Anyway it will appear fresh and stylish! Furthermore, this buzz is very comfortable and doesn’t require any special styling at all.

Pompadour for young kids

Mohawks for black kids

Adult haircuts usually look very adorable on little kids. Just like this male Pompadour hairdo! The kid will definitely feel the supreme attitude channeled by this hairstyle. Not to mention that it’s really popular nowadays. Short sides with Pompadour top and Mohawk-ish back together create a beautiful cut that goes well with almost every face shape. However, you will need extra time to style the ‘do properly using hairspray and gel.

To sum it up, black men hairstyles are designed to suit almost every preference. There are plenty variants for guys with short, medium and long tresses, simple and complicated, creative and very practical. When choosing the right hairdo pay attention to your locks’ natural texture and length, face shape and personal taste. African-American tresses allow you to endlessly experiment with them, trying something unique and fresh regularly. Color is another dimension of your personal style, so use it wisely. Try as many haircuts as you wish in order to discover suitable variants. Refresh your look from time to time and be fashionable, gorgeous and stylish!

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