Big hair: what defines the dramatic volume look

#createyourstyle: Schwarzkopf celebrates individuality and self-confidence with its new campaign – and makes you want to test new looks. Hollywood divas have been focusing on glamorous volume since the 1930s. Whenever it comes to exclusive events and chic evening events, Big Hair is in high season. We reveal how dramatic volume works and what defines the look

You can see how the glamorous appearance works in the video with Violet

At evening events, exclusive events and dazzling parties, more hair is simply more – and more elegant. Do like our artist Violet Chachki. The American drag queen and burlesque dancer often presents herself with dramatic big hair. The artist loves the glamorous retro style a la Dita von Teese or Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe. Put your trust in glamorous styling. Because: A long voluminous mane of hair is the epitome of femininity.

Drama, baby: this is how glamorous volume is achieved

Big hair is not that difficult to conjure up yourself. With a bit of dexterity, a round brush and the right products, you can even create a dramatic volume look in the blink of an eye, even with fine hair. Fine hair should always be washed with a special shampoo for more volume. Thin hair also looks flat when you overdo it with care. Therefore, use a conditioner instead of a cure. Volume powder ensures more fullness in the neck. Without the hassle of touring, the fine, light powder quickly conjures up more volume in the hair. Tip: Sprinkle the fine dust on the roots and massage it into the hair with your fingers.

Curling iron and curlers for more volume

Model Violet uses a toupid hairline and glamorous make-up for a dramatic appearance

A styling tool for fine hair, that everyone knows is the round brush. Blow dry long hair with a brush over your head, that gets fine hair going. You can also brush flat hair from time to time so that it looks fuller. Glamor-Waves or retro hairstyles with large curls look super voluminous. Before Your hair Expose to the hot curling iron or heated curlers, you should apply a heat protection lotion. Then wrap the hair strand by strand on medium size hair curlers or around the curling iron. Then pluck the curls into shape and spray gloss varnish over the entire hairstyle for a nice finish. You can also conjure up volume in straight hair with a topped approach.

This is how they fix the volume look

The perfect styling should ideally last a long time and still not be a sticky concrete hairstyle. For this, you can fix the styled big hair with hairspray, which gives hold and shine at the same time. A fixing hair lacquer ensures that individual curly strands of hair stay exactly where they belong. Tip: Pay attention to products that do not dry out or weigh down the hair.

Volume and shine

Dita von Teese shines with her retro look on every red carpet

An elegant hairstyle such as that worn by burlesque dancer Dita van Teese shines in the deepest black and is particularly seductive. Since very few people have such a uniform hair color by nature, they can be helped with permanent coloring. Whether at home or professionally colored by the hairdresser, an even hair color reflects the light evenly and shines with its high luminosity. This noble shine rounds off the volume look perfectly.

This make-up complements Big Hair perfectly

Big hair doesn’t need a lot of accompaniment, but a pretty make-up crowns the styling. You can also lend a hand yourself: If your eyelashes haven’t naturally swung upwards, just help with an eyelash curler. Use it to bend the eyelashes upwards and wash them with a strong black afterwards. A perfect eyeliner on the upper eyelid already gave Marilyn Monroe the seductive bedroom look. The eyeliner also thickens the lash line and is therefore the perfect complement to mascara. To do this, draw a narrow line as close as possible to the lash line. For the cat eye look, the eyeliner should be a little thicker from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. Finally: red lips. Tip: Use a lip liner so that the lipstick doesn’t run out ugly.


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