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The bald head used to mean the sign of aging. Anyone who got bald became old and had already had the best years. However, over the years of research it became known that medical reasons could also be the cause.

In the meantime, even fashionable and optical factors can play a role. There are dozens of reasons and causes for baldness, then unknown and simply accepted. Today, in drugstores and pharmacies, we find numerous solutions to combat and prevent unwanted baldness.

However, if you want to get a bald head for fashion reasons, you can find the solution in a hairdressing salon or grab a razor yourself. It is not a lie to say that the problem or fashion trend is most common among men.

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What exactly is bald

The bald head of the head is basically called bald. Budding bald heads begin with the so-called receding hairline, a systematic, often circular hair loss. The causes of hair loss are still not fully understood.

Nevertheless, recurring causes can be transferred to most hair loss patients and clearly diagnosed. Ranging from stress to health problems – bald people have a variety of causes.

Causes and reasons of baldness

Fashionable aspects

What was considered a sign of aging and even decay at the time is now a widespread trend. Bald has long lost the old man’s reputation and is even considered a status symbol according to today’s social norm. Status symbol for power, strength and masculinity. The typical image of martial artists or bodybuilders clearly shows this.

High-ranking business people are also increasingly aware and intends to go bald. Numerous studies have now shown whether and to what extent this fashionable trend is popular with non-glazed people. People with a bald head are often more respected, recognized and classified as a leader.

In contrast, people with normal hairstyle performed significantly worse and were not classified as a stronger personality. Success and power are symbolized today by wearing a bald head.

Well-known male models wear this look more and more often and are classified as sexy and attractive. No wonder that more and more male people are joining this trend want. This phenomenon can also be explained psychologically.

Those who want to give themselves a certain expression and appearance due to their hairstyle are more likely to identify with such properties. As is well known, the power of thoughts and ideas can make a difference.

Hereditary causes

The issue of hereditary disposition was controversial for a long time. Scientists claimed to have found the reason for hair loss in the genome. Numerous studies have proven that this is not the case, for example the hair loss study ZGD GmbH. Hereditary hair loss has successfully been able to refute this and other studies.

The reasons for hair loss from an hereditary point of view are solely the inheritance of certain habits and lifestyles that ultimately lead to hair loss. The study shows that people with an unhealthy diet and a stressful lifestyle pass on these attitudes to life and pass them on to their children.

The addiction potential, such as smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol, can also be passed on or passed on. Mineral, nutrient and vital deficiency are the consequences of our unhealthy lifestyle today.

Our digestive tract and intestinal flora can also be disturbed by certain lifestyle habits and acidify our bodies.

Last but not least, the use of conventional hair care products also plays a transferable role in our way of life.

So all that is inheritable is our way of life, nutrition and unhealthy, pathological habits. The fact that we are to blame in our genome should therefore be seen as an excuse for our own weaknesses and mistakes.

Health causes

Of course, baldness as a result of hair loss can also be explained by health problems. For example, it is known that our hormone balance plays a major role in hair growth. The inner balance can also be disturbed by metabolic problems.

Of course, alopezia does not mean that you have cancer. As is well known, drug intake or chemotherapy cause hair to fall out. The thyroid glands in our body also play a crucial role.

With the so-called hyperthyroidism, hair growth can be restricted. The liver, which filters harmful substances and toxins from our body and cleanses it, has a higher-level function. So if you regularly consume alcohol and cigarettes, you risk liver damage.

This is usually less noticeable at a young age, since the young body knows how to compensate for the problems through other functions. With age, however, the damage to the unhealthy lifestyle becomes noticeable and there is cirrhosis of the liver, i.e. hair loss.

Of course, there can also be a problem with the scalp or hair. For example, with a scalp disease, such as pathological dandruff.

Hair lice that are not treated can also lead to hair loss. However, this is rarely a reason in our time, because lice and the like can be treated quickly with medication.

Mental hair loss

Our psyche is a not yet studied area when we look for answers to possible causes of diseases and hair loss.

Nevertheless, it can be said that hair loss can also have psychological causes. Women, for example, whose hormonal balance changes during pregnancy, often suffer from postpartum depression afterwards and lose hair. These do not often lead to baldness, but can be psychologically stressful.

Excessive stress, depression in general and extremely sensitive people also lead to psychologically induced hair loss. How this can be prevented is obvious. Here, too, the sources of the cause must first be worked on and stress and hectic pace removed from everyday life, for example.

Cultural aspects

In some cultures and countries, shaving a bald head is common and is intentionally done at a young age. There are no fashionable, rather religious reasons. In Buddhism, shaving the bald head is a tradition and is supposed to help you to be closer to yourself and your body or nature.

About purpose leaves argue here. Belonging to certain groups, such as skinheads or motorcycle gangs, can also be a reason for the compulsion for a shaved scalp.

Effectively prevent the development of baldness

Nowadays, the development of alopecia can be prevented effectively and in the long term by a variety of options.

Healthy eating

A nutrient-poor diet is often involved in the development of hair loss. Improper diet is not the main reason for hair loss, but it can harm our body in some way. This damage causes our body to suffer visibly.

So also when the hair falls out, which we clearly notice. Diet can also be shown to affect certain diseases or malfunctions. Those who successfully combat the causes of their illness can also prevent the consequences in the long term.

For example, a meatless or even vegan diet can cleanse the body of harmful substances and thus prevent hair loss. Attention should also be paid to the choice of drinks in the future. For example, artificial drinks containing sugar can disturb the glucose level (similar to diabetes) and Cause hair loss.

Change care products

Conventional hair care products and shower gels can contain toxins and harmful substances. It is therefore important to take a closer look at the contents of shampoo and shower gel and, for example, to make sure that they are free of aluminum. Propylene glycol or parabens can also be contained in the shampoo.

These have been shown to produce certain allergic reactions or are even considered to be carcinogenic. Certain sulfates and fragrances are also often used in our cleaning agents. These also trigger allergies and are also contained in many cosmetic articles. Mascara, make-up, body lotions or creams are covered with many of the fabrics.

Consumers usually do not pay attention to this, since they are printed in a confusing and unexplainable manner. In addition, allergic reactions such as itching or inflammation of the mucous membranes are not attributed to certain care products.

Those who deal with organically produced care products restrict the selection of products against hair loss considerably, but in any case they are doing something good for their body. Even with special hair loss products it is better to look twice, because many turn out to be quackery.

Prevent everyday problems

Anyone who is exposed to excessive stress and hectic pace in everyday life can and will permanently damage his body and the organs connected with it. The skin and hair will inevitably be affected, sooner or later.

Those who successfully change their lifestyle will notice this in the reaction of their body.

Avoid dyeing and bleaching

It is also widely known that chemicals and other substances are contained in colorants and especially in bleaching.

Bleaching in particular bleaches the hair and damages it from the bottom up. Fine and thin hair should therefore never be used if you are prone to hair loss. Frequent washing of the hair can also make the scalp sensitive and promote hair loss.

Experiments and studies show that people who wash their hair for a longer period without any care products have healthy and stronger hair than others.

Help with vitamins

Through certain diets and lifestyles, the body sometimes does not take in all the vitamins and minerals it needs. For example, vitamin D is produced by the sun, which is essential for life.

People who do not often stay outside walls therefore lack this important vitamin.

Magnesium, calcium or important minerals are also not adequately absorbed through the diet. Tablets can help here. Those who are aware of which additives they lack can help either by changing their diet or by increasing vitamin supplements.

Taking finasteride

Finasteride is probably the best known and most conventional drug used for hormonal hair loss.

It releases a certain blocker that stops certain male enzymes. However, this active ingredient is not entirely harmless and should be carefully considered.

The However, effectiveness has been proven. Finasteride can be excreted very well by the body and cause no permanent damage. Nevertheless, side effects can be expected due to hormone blocking.

The risk of developing breast cancer is of course low, but it is still there. Alternative solutions should therefore be sought before taking finasteride, generally before taking medication.

Healthy hair loss – hair loss per day

A healthy hair loss is spoken of when the daily hair loss between Do not exceed 70 and 100 hairs. That sounds like a lot at first, but it’s not. On average there are between 90,000 and 150,000 hairs on the normal head.

Natural hair loss is a process that enables healthy hair to regrow. Hair is dead tissue by nature and is constantly re-growing. Similar to foot, and fingernails. Dead tissue is eventually rejected by the body and is no longer needed.

Especially if new hair already wants to come out. The new hair roots displace the old ones and throw them off. A very natural process, who shouldn’t be worried. Further information on this topic can be found in our article on "Hair loss per day".

As a rule, the hair is more noticeable with darker and long hair than with blonde or short hair. The daily brushing of the hair does not damage, but only removes hair that would have fallen off anyway. Unsafe people can take the pluck test.

If you pull your hair lightly with your fingers and hold several hairs in your hand at the same time, you should check your life situation. However, the risk of getting completely bald is low.

Hair loss with root – no more regrowth?

This misconception can be contradicted with absolute certainty. Hair loss with the hair root can also be treated and the hair can grow back. One speaks of a diffuse hair loss and also loses it in the scalp anchored hair root.

If this is the case, the disorders in the body are much more extreme. As long as the growth cells in the so-called root bellows are not damaged, every hair grows back. Diffuse hair loss with root occurs, for example, with chemotherapy.

Cases in which the hair does not grow back are, for example, if the upper layer of skin has been burned or is injured by a scar.

Many types of hair loss have been mentioned, dozen causes and origins, and numerous solutions can be considered. Be it from a fashion perspective, from a health or psychological point of view.

Hair loss is generally curable or preventable, but at some point in old age it can no longer be avoided.
At some point we have to give in to this natural process as the only cause, good or bad.

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