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There are many different manufacturers on the market that produce smoothing brushes, with which you can not only straighten your hair, but also style it, comb it and also provide it with great curls. Depending on which manufacturer you choose to buy the smoothing brush, you can benefit from different extras. One of these manufacturers is Babyliss, for example.

Manufacturer Babyliss
design type Electrical, ions, ceramics
Type Glättbürste
temperature range 180 ° C – 200 ° C
Heating time 90 seconds
360 ° rotatable cable
temperature display
safety shutdown
Including glove
storage bag
cleaning brush

About Babyliss

who for a Babyliss smoothing brush decides, decides for a manufacturer that is considered the market leader in Europe.

In addition to smoothing brushes, Babyliss manufactures many other products for styling and hair care and only uses innovative technologies for manufacturing and production.

The successful manufacturer, which has a broad and loyal customer base in over 60 countries, has its origins in the 1960s.

What is a Babyliss smoothing brush

With a Babyliss smoothing brush you can conjure up smooth, supple and soft hair from stubborn and curly hair of any hair structure by using over 126 different knobs to ensure that the hair is detangled well and carefully. The ceramic heating element ensures that the hair is gently and well straightened.

Generous heating element

This ceramic heating element, with which the smoothing brush from this manufacturer is provided, ensures that the entire smoothing brush is provided with heat evenly, which is why the hair can be smoothed particularly well and evenly.

The details

A BaByliss smoothing brush has a total of two ion generators, which are responsible for giving the hair an outstanding and great shine.

In addition, differently adjustable temperature levels ensure that the heat of the smoothing brush adapts perfectly to the respective hair structure and thus every hair can be smoothed perfectly and precisely.

The natural smoothness

The meaning and purpose of one Babyliss smoothing brush is to straighten the hair well and quickly. This is exactly what a smoothing brush from BaByliss does, whereby the devices from this manufacturer not only smooth the hair, but also give the hair a great and radiant shine.

The application

A smoothing brush from the manufacturer Babyliss is extremely simple and uncomplicated to use and handle. Because two devices are combined in the device, it can be used easily and easily with one hand. This not only saves the user work, but also a lot of time and effort. While looking at the hair with a Babyliss smoothing brush combs, they are smoothed and given a great shine.

In order to get a particularly good result, the manufacturer recommends proceeding when straightening the hair in divided sections, since these are easier to straighten.

To get an extremely satisfactory result from the roots of the hair to the tip gain, the smoothing brush should be placed close to the hairline so that the bristles of the smoothing brush penetrate well and deeply into the hair and can easily detangle and straighten it.

The dimensions

The Babyliss smoothing brush is made up of three dimensions. How they look like is described here in detail.

Dimension 1

The first step and thus the first dimension is formed by the outer knobs of the smoothing brush. These knobs are made of hard and high-quality hard plastic, which is extremely resistant and ensures that the knobs can withstand even very stubborn hair structures and do not break. The first dimension is formed by 34 knobs and prevent the user of the Babyliss smoothing brush no uncomfortable tugging, felt during pinching and smoothing.

Dimension 2

While the hair is combed and detangled in the first dimension, the hair is brought up to the heating element in the second dimension. This is done by 50 soft nubs, which are made of silicone.

Dimension 3

The third dimension consists of 42 fixed knobs. Ultimately, these are responsible for ensuring that the hair can be straightened.

The heating element

A Babyliss smoothing brush is equipped with a high-quality and innovative Advanced Ceramics heating system, which heats the bristles well and evenly.

Thanks to the even distribution of heat, even extremely rebellious hair can be straightened in just a few steps.


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