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It is very entertaining and enriching to talk to Stefanie (she is a bestselling author and journalist) about fashion, hair styles and hairdressing sessions. We have several stories exchanged about it, since we both had many disasters. As for my biography, the hair and hairstyle disasters predominate. Last summer I read one of the funniest stories on this topic on Stefanie’s Facebook account, which I really want to share here.

Country Barber Stories (by Stefanie von Wietersheim)

Today is the first ball in my daughter’s life. A big event. So I went to the hairdresser in the next village to get a haircut. 60s look, it should match my dress. I love a professional hair dryer hairstyle, that was always my taste. My Polish hairdresser loves hairspray. It only trusts “rock solid security”. I love what the French call "mouvement". Today I clearly lost the hairspray discussion, she put three different products on my hair and kept going on and on, everything around us started coughing, but she knew no mercy. "Must stop!" She said. And added, "No shower, no sun hat, no siesta!" When I tried to put on the sunglasses, she shouted: "No! They destroy the pages! ”I told her that I couldn’t go home without being half blind as I was. Bad comment: "Call husband!" Well, yes. Even though I’m married to one of the most wonderful and helpful gentlemen, I wasn’t sure if he would recognize the importance of the hairspray crisis at 8:45 a.m. after a hard week’s work. So I left the shop without sunglasses and put them on in the car. When I got home, my son greeted me with an encouraging whistle, touched my hair on all sides and said, "It feels like the burnt cheese on grandmother’s pasta gratin." That was exactly the look I was achieving wanted to. Burnt gratin hairstyle. Children keep you on the ground. With or without a Polish hairdresser.

Stefanie with a classic hairstyle

I remember half laughing as I read Stefanie’s story. So it is difficult for me to connect now. I’ll try anyway, even if my hairdressing stories aren’t half as funny. As a little girl, my mother always said to me: "How terrible your hair looks! It’s so thin, so straight and so little! ”I didn’t care, but I had to endure hundreds of treatments as a child and as a teenager, all with the effect that my hair looked worse afterwards. That was the era when I started to hate hairdressers.

My favorite hair color, very close to the original one (Photo Doris Mittlerer)

When I was about 30 years old, my hair turned gray and my mother said, “This looks terrible! Get your hair dyed! ”It took a while before I got my way through doing it. Since then, my hair has had many different colors – not because I wanted to, but because every hairdresser told me a certain tone. Two years ago I found a hairdresser who uses plant-based organic products. Even if I trusted or wanted to trust her, I was never happy after the treatment. The last time the color was so bad – dark bright red (my hair is otherwise blonde), so I decided to dye the hair myself in the future *. When I came out of the barber shop, the people on the street covered their eyes: they feared being blinded by the hair color.

* Thanks to Stefanie, who sometimes writes which books she writes read, I came across Dita von Teeses title Beauty and glamor: my secret for extraordinary beauty. She makes her hair herself.

I can understand the hairdressing stories! My twin sister and I also had very fine hair and so my mother (you yourself had wonderful hair!) Decided that we should go with my father to the barber (we were 4_5 years old), with the hope that the hair with a rigorous short haircut " would be denser. I hated this hairdresser because I wanted long hair. to this day I am at war with hairdressers!

Dear Pia: it was exactly the same with me. In the beginning I always got horrible short haircuts that I didn’t want. Also under the pretext that the hair would then become thicker …

I have been making my hair myself for years,
cut and stain, now I noticed that my gray-blonde natural color is very similar to the colored one and no longer stains. I’ll see what happens next, but as a painter, everything I do is art.

I totally understand that. Now I have to get used to doing it myself. I don’t dare not dye because then everyone – my mother, sister-in-law, nieces, girlfriends – tells me that I absolutely have to dye my hair. Thanks for the contribution and best regards!


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