45 Latest Asian & Korean Men Hairstyles

May 9, 2016 — by MCutts0

asian hairstyles men

In addition to clothes and footwear, style of haircut also represents the personality of an individual. It reveals the entire character of a person. Stylish haircut is not only part of American or European culture; Asian people are quickly catching up with the newest haircut trends. From Japan to China to Korea, fascinating Asian men hairstyles are springing up everywhere. An important characteristic of Asian hair is its high porosity, which allows for an easy flow of moisture, in turn making it suitable for various kinds of hairstyle. This means that the style of your hair is all up to you. If you don’t like it, you can easily change it.

When it comes to edgy hairstyles, no one does it better than Asian men. A good number of Asian hairstyles for men are inspired by Japanese salons. Commonly, Asian guys have hair that is dense and longer than usual. It is important to take this into account before choosing a particular hairstyle.

We understand that you are looking for a hairstyle that will make you stand out. Packed in this article are several hairstyles you can choose from depending on your personality. Moreover, if you want a hairstyle that will fit your age, career or business needs, you are sure to find them here. Let’s get started, shall we?

[1] K-POP Hairstyle – asian hairstyles for men

K-POP Asian Hairstyle forn men
K-POP Hairstyle
K-POP Hairstyle
K-POP Hairstyle

The distinctive feature of this style of haircut is a side-swept outlying by the sides. It looks very much like angular fringe, but with some spike.

[2] Samurai Bun – asian men haircut

Samurai Bun
Samurai Bun
Samurai Bun
Samurai Bun

This Asian men hairstyle is rapidly growing in popularity. However, Samurai bun is great on Asian men with angular features.

[3] Short and Layering

Short and Layering
Short and Layering hairstyle
Short and Layering hairstyle
Short and Layering hairstyle

This is a youthful short Asian hairstyle that is quite easy to pull off. With the tips of the hair tapered slightly and with soft layering around the collar, you just look great in this.

[4] Choppy Layers

Choppy Layers Hairstyle
Choppy Layers Hairstyle
Choppy Layers Hairstyle
Choppy Layers Hairstyle

Want to stand out completely from the crowd? A creative Asian hairstyle will best fit your outgoing personality. This hairstyle is well suited for Korean men.

[5] Punky Asian Hairstyle for Men – japanese hairstyles men

Punky Asian Hairstyle for Men
Punky Asian Hairstyle for Men

Creative guys never run out of edgy Asian hairstyle. This new Japanese hairstyle is both funky and punky. To pull off this cool hairstyle, a buzzed cut should be done on the hair and touched up with multiple colors to give a rainbow effect. Compared with other ethnicities, this style is most popular in Japanese culture.

[6] Professional Asian Hairstyles for Men

asian mens classic hairstyles
Professional Asian Hairstyles for Men

You wouldn’t want to go for a business meeting with rainbow-colored hair. For businessmen in the 20-30 age group, a hairstyle with a professional look is the way to go. For a more edgy look, trimming down your side hair to reveal the earlobes gives the best result.

[7] Shag Cuts – asian men long hair – japanese hairstyles men

Shag Cuts
Shag Cuts
Shag Cuts
Shag Cuts

Still popular in Japanese culture, creativity and innovation are combined to pull off this Asian haircut. The messier the hair looks, the better.

[8] Messy Medium

Messy Medium
Messy Medium
Messy Medium
Messy Medium

It is hard to spot a Korean student not wearing this Asian medium hairstyle. Just medium sized hair is enough for this style. To get the best result, you will need some Gatsby hair wax. Apply it properly to avoid losing the beauty of the hair.

[9] Wild Child

cool asian hairstyles
Wild Child hairstyle

If you are one of those weirdo guys looking for a trendy Asian guy hairstyle, then this one is for you. Among others, Kim Sung-Kyu, a popular Korean celebrity, has been spotted wearing this hairstyle. Just a little fringe parted at a particular angle is enough to pull this one off.

[10] Spiky Spiky – asian short hair men – japanese hairstyles men

Spiky Spiky
Spiky Spiky
Spiky Spiky
Spiky Spiky

Cartoons and animated Japanese movies have made this Asian haircut increasingly popular over the years. The sweet thing about this hairstyle is that anyone can pull it off, regarldess of age. A typical Asian male hairstyles can just walk into a salon and have his hair spiked.

[11] Party Up Top – asian short hair men

asian haircut men
Party Up Top

Youthfulness and sleek is the definition of this style. With hair shaved backwards with a spin, this style is the way to go for Asian guys looking for fun. It is convenient for a casual date, or looking awesome while going to the gym. It makes you edgy without that annoying childish look.

[12] Men Side Part Hairstyle

Men Side Part Hairstyle
Men Side Part Hairstyle
Men Side Part Hairstyle
Men Side Part Hairstyle

Asian men with either parent coming from a different race are known to grow very thick hair. Excellent for hair locks that are averagely or very thick, the side-swept style makes it really cool. Most Asian guys nowadays prefer wearing the side part style. To touch up your style, a little facial hair will make you rock.

[13] Mighty and Spiky Style

guys with spiky hair
Men Side Part Hairstyle

Unlike their European counterparts, a flat hairdo does not work well for Asian men. Give your hair a little height and you will look trendy all day long. Though very common with guys in their twenties, it can also fit well for older guys with the right attitude. This is a typical Korean men hairstyle.

[14] Romantic Rugged Hairdo

asian male hair
Romantic Rugged Hairdo

Asian guys got the inspiration for this type of hairstyle from lumberjack looks. As popular as it is, most girls will fall heads over heels for guys on this haircut. With a little facial hair and beard, you will not pass a spot without being noticed.

[15] Chinese Fade – asian short hair men

chinese hairstyles male
Chinese Fade

This hawk-like hairstyle is common with all Asian guys regardless of age. Though originating in Chinese culture, it does not really mean Chinese alone look great in this style. Chinese fade fits well when one’s hair is thick enough to make a spike out of it. To get a strong spike that won’t fade easily, it is recommended to use hair gel.

[16] Long and Loose – asian men long hair

asian men with long hair
Long and Loose

Do you secretly envy rock stars and wish you could look like them? A long and loose Asian men hairstyle allows you to achieve the look. This long and stingy hairstyle simply makes you rock.

[17] Slicked Back Men Style – korean hairstyle men

korean slick back hair

No hairstyle reminds Asian males of their origin as much as Slicked Back. As the years go by, its popularity keeps growing with no signs of stopping. Another unique feature of this hair styling is that it brings out the gentle man in you.

[18] Faded Design – asian male haircut

fade haircut asian

If you want to stand out in a group of other stylish guys, this short Asian hairstyle is the right one for you. Mainly worn during warmer seasons, there are just so many variations for you to choose from that you will never run out of creative expression.

[19] Simple Asian Cut

simple asian hairstyles

Excellent for thick hair, this Korean men hairstyle has become more popular among Korean guys due to the dense nature of their hair. To bring out the laid back person out of you, it is best to leave the hair a little wild and messy.

[20] Unique Shaping – good asian haircuts – japanese hairstyles men

asian black hair

Unique shaping also got its inspiration from Japanese animated movies. Loved mostly by adolescent Asian boys, its spiky look makes one look edgy. It is quickly outpacing other, more traditional hairstyles for boys.

[21] Short Asian Blow Back – korean male hairstyle short

short asian haircuts

Unlike guys from other ethnicities, Asian men tend to have exposed foreheads that gives them a soft soap face. Short blow back is an excellent short Asian hairstyles for guys with a receding hairline.

[22] Top Pony Tail with Shaved Sides

korean ponytail

Fortunately, Asian men hairstyles do not really need so much upkeep. To get a cool pony tail, shave the hair by the sides and then pull the rest together into a pony tail. If you want to step up a bit more, put on a cool pair of sunglasses – girls won’t be able to resist you!

[23] Short Sides with Bangs

asian bangs hairstyle

This really cool short Asian hairstyle keeps your front hairline in a swept side. There are some physical attributes that make this work better with your personality: a slim figure with a prominent jawline. Short side bangs also work well on Asian men.

[24] Short Sides With Hair Brushed Forward Asian Haircut

PFaBddI (1)

To make sufficient room for styling, use a brush to move the hair back and forth. Depending on your personal preference, either the entire hair can be moved back or just a portion of it. However, your looks will not be so great if your hair is receding backwards too much.

[25] Tapered Layers

asian short layered hairstyles

To look sharp in this type of haircut, all that is needed is a cut done at different lengths and angles. This makes you photogenic in all your photo shoots. However, you need to have thick and long hair for this style to work. Feel free to mess around with your hair until something really nice comes out of it.

[26] Focused Front

asian hair male

At an event hosted by UNICEF not too long ago, celebrity designer Vern Yip was seen wearing this hairstyle. He has proven that focused front isn’t just for guys in their twenties; middle aged men can still look stylish in it. To create this style, part off a section of your front hair, then use gel to create spikes using your fingers. Next brush the remaining part of the hair backwards.

[27] Edgy Long Hairstyle

edgy long hairstyles

Want to send ladies running after you with a romantic look? Then this is the right Asian men hairstyle for you. As a matter of fact, this medium-length hairstyle easily makes you a sex symbol in the eyes of ladies. For better results, send your hair backward with a brush. Use mousse to avoid sticky hair.

[28] Traditional Asian Haircut

traditional haircuts for men

This style works best for hair that is really dark. The sweet thing about this Asian haircut is that it looks cute whichever way you choose to wear it. I bet you have been seeing this hairdo since your days in junior high school. How about giving it a try now?

[29] Funky Hairstyle

funky color hairstyles

Want to show the world how cool you are; how about adding some colors to your hair? You can either use temporary dye or permanent dye to achieve this look. There are numerous color designs available for you to choose from. To get a dazzling look, raise the top strands with a brush.

[30] Throwback Asian Medium Hairstyles

medium asian hairstyles

As of late, Miyavi has been pictured wearing this style in a newly released movie. You will recognize this style when you spot an undercut brushed backwards with a touch of gel on it.

[31] Youthful Fun Asian Haircut

asian men short hairstyles

As the name implies, most followers of this style are youthful guys in their twenties. OsricChau has been seen sporting this haircut. The wild spikes held up with gel make it a truly fun hairstyle. Coupling it with a brightly colored shirt or jacket, you will be rolling like a rollercoaster.

[32] Salt and Pepper Hairstyle

salt and pepper hairstyles

Who would have guessed that Director Peter Chan would step out in grand style in this hairstyle, at the Venice Film Festival? As natural as his hair was, it was excellently styled. As an Asian with thick hair, layering your hair makes you look really great.

[33] Soap Opera Sweep Asian Men Hairstyle

best asian hairstyles

You must have seen Shen on the TV playing many roles with different nationalities. His hairstyle is one in a million. As a humble guy, he keeps his hairstyle so simple by lifting it up with a blow dryer. A well-trimmed eyebrow and hair swept back makes you look cool in this style.

[34] Short Textured Hairstyle

mens short textured hairstyles

This short Asian hairstyle has stood the test of time all these years. In one of his movie premieres, Feng stepped out in style with it. It’s pretty simple to get this hairstyle done while still looking great. Just trim off the side of your hair. Next, spike up the back and top point. You will need some gel to get this properly done.

[35] Good Old Days Long Hair

old asian man

At the independence awards hosted this year, Ko Mori proudly wore this style. He must have got his hair done with very little effort. Some gel and a hair dryer are all that is needed to get the messy hair that makes you look sweet while wearing a suit.

[36] Lush Asian Men Hairstyles

asian hairstyle male

For guys whose hair isn’t that thick, tousling your tresses and making them hang down over the forehead makes you look great. However, extreme care must be taken when applying gel on your hair. This is to avoid the gel stealing away the little hairs you are trying to make look lush.

[37] Straight up Spikes

asian hair updo

At a runway put together by Armani, one of the models wore this hairstyle. He had his hair brushed up, with strong gel holding it in place. In addition to this, the side of his hair was trimmed a little bit, making the top section higher.

[38] Boy Next Door Look

asian boy hairstyles

As the name indicates, this hairstyle is enjoyed mostly by Asian teenage boys. Being simple to get, a haircut will do. To spice things up, you can either use some gel or dye to make your personality stand out.

[39] Male Box Braids

asian male long hair

If you think that only African-Americans or guys from the Caribbean can wear this hairstyle, we have news for you: Asian guys look just as awesome in it! As you may know, Tatsuya Nakamura had had his hair locked in braids just like African-Americans do it. Regardless of your nationality, braided black hair generally looks great, while at the same time not requiring too much maintenance.

[40] Punked Out Hairstyle

asian punk hairstyles

Duke Dumont is a notable fan of this style. With a small amount of gel and some facial hair, this look will evoke strong memories of the eighties.

[41] Long Straight Asian Strands

long straight asian hairstyles

Beaming with a big smile at the movies, DatPhan was spotted wearing this hairdo. There is nothing hard about achieving this style. Just have some strands of hair cut into layers and get a flat iron.

[42] Edgy Asian Guy Hairstyle

short haircuts for asian guys

Asian actors in this hairdo look simply awesome. At a film festival in Venice not too long ago, Tong Dawei was seen sporting. A combo of cuts and spikes held up by gel, it brings out your boyish nature.

[43] Funky Style for Asian Men

funky hair styles

Chu Ishikawa has proven that Asians can look great in blonde-colored hair. To achieve this hairstyle, cut some hair off from the side while using gel or something similar to keep the center section up.

[44] Simple Asian Style

simple asian haircuts

For guys who just don’t want a flashy hairdo but still want to look great, check out how PSY did his. With a slight parting on the side and hair brushed backwards, you are good to go.

[45] Geeky and Grand

asian hairy pics

Grant Imahara showed off this Asian medium hairstyle at a recent awards night. At first it appeared like it was a terrible cut, but it turned out looking as awesome as ever. If you have a wide forehead and want to look trendy like Imahara, then this style is for you.

To my Asian brothers looking for a great haircut, the numerous hairdos mentioned above are enough to ensure you look great at all times. If you enjoy spiky hairdos, there are lots of them. If you want to keep it simple, you will sure find many of them here. Next time you walk out of a salon, let the world pause and take a proper look at you.

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