Anti-aging hairstyle: hairstyles that make you younger

With age, the hair often becomes thinner and less bouncy. But that doesn’t mean that hairstyles over 40 automatically have to be stale. Rather the opposite is the case: with the right tricks you create hairstyles that even rejuvenate.

No matter whether long, medium-long or short hair, there is a suitable hairstyle for every woman that makes her appear younger. With a cheeky cut, the right styling, the optimal care and a little bit of color, you can quickly cheat away for a few years. Sometimes a little courage is needed for the anti-aging effect. Those who have had the same hairstyle for decades – and above all the same hair length – usually only part with a heavy heart. But dare: classics like bob, pony and pixie cut are popular rejuvenation treatments that make us look fresher and healthier.

Short haircut: styling, tips and tricks

Sometimes you just have to leave feathers – in this case hair -: Short haircuts not only rejuvenate, but are also practical. The trend is particularly high Pixie Cut, that can be quickly drawn into shape with some wax. If you like it a bit more accurate, choose the one straight shortcut, where the forehead and ear areas come into their own.

Extra Styling tip: To keep the fringes in shape all day, spray setting hair into the hairline. A particularly large volume is achieved when blow-drying by brushing against the direction of growth. Then pluck the tips into the face with a little wax so that they form a cheeky frame.

A classic among hairstyles that make you younger is also that bob. If you like it particularly short, choose the shortness at the level of the earlobes, others prefer the cut just below the chin. The cheekbones are particularly emphasized when the cut towards the back becomes shorter. The bob looks particularly youthful with light waves or a fringed pony party.

It is important for short haircuts that they fall gently and softly and ideally have teasing fringes so that the facial features do not appear too hard. Too edgy cuts and toupid areas quickly make the trend look stale and make us look older. The optimal length often determines the shape of the face, for example a longer neck area makes the face appear firmer. In combination with a smart bangs, a short haircut is the perfect hairstyle from 40 in most cases.

Medium length hair: styling, tips and tricks

With shoulder-length hair, simple tricks can help to create a rejuvenating hairstyle: easy steps, a few bright highlights as highlights, fringes and a properly set parting ensure an anti-aging effect in no time – and without too much type change. Very popular with stars: the tiered Clavi-Cut, who provides soft facial features with the right bangs. A perfect hairstyle for women over 40 is also the loose one Longbob, often combined with one extra long bangs. The cut is for every face shape as well all hair types suitable and ensures soft contours. For particularly fine hair, only make sure that it falls loose and fringed.

Extra Styling tip: The variant of the clavicle-length cut and the long bob with the is particularly trendy Out-of-bed styling or Undone variant called. Blow dry your hair overhead to create a slightly tousled look. Pluck the front parts in shape with wax – the youthful rock style is perfect.

Long hair: straight or curly? Sleek style and beach waves

The 80s are long gone, and (fortunately) voluminous perms have not had a revival since then. The opposite look is more in trend – especially if you value a hairstyle that should make you look younger. The Sleek look looks modern and noble due to the lack of mass and also has something girlish about it. The smooth mane is particularly effective for long hair, but also for medium-length hair. So that it does not become a chive hairstyle, part the hair at the top of the head at an angle and blow-dry it, round off the look with a little gloss spray and gloss cream on the tips.

Extra Styling tip: If you want to do something good for your hair, you’d better not use a flat iron. Treat the hair with a smoothing hair treatment, hair oil or smoothing balm, then blow-dry the hair with a large brush – even if it takes a little longer. Alternatively, roll XL curlers into your hair and comb them out after drying.

Curls are far from out. Gentle waves balance angular areas and lines on the face and – depending on the hair type – can provide a soft, feminine look. The magic word: Beach Waves. It is only important that the volume is saved and the curls fall naturally. Instead of a center parting, one prefers a light side parting, which lets the front and side parts fall more loosely.

Extra styling tip for natural curls: Those who have natural curls often struggle with brittle hair and should definitely use suitable care products. Thanks to a gentle step cut, the curls stand out less and play softly around the face.

Short or long: the pony

"Bangs before botox" is so aptly called in English and in fact a pony is the healthier, faster and cheaper variant of a makeover. The secret of the pony: The focus is automatically directed to the eyes, a longer pony also hides small wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes. It is important that the bangs fall lightly and loosely and not too much of the remaining contours stand out. Pronounced steps with soft transitions, the optimal length and above all the right density of the pony help.

Extra Styling tip: Work in for the perfect pony fastener and blow dry the front section with a paddle brush. Pull individual fringes into shape with wax or styling cream. If you are afraid of a bangs that are too short, you can choose an interim solution, in which the front side sections are also stepped down to the tips of your hair or opt for one long side bangs.

Styling variations: bun, ponytail, updos and braids

The Hollywood Mini Botox variant, also called the Croydon facelift, is a combed back bun, which has a slight tightening effect on the face. But be careful: with the wrong outfit, this variant can also look a bit old-fashioned. For many women, a casual one Top knot, where the knot only sits loosely on the back of the head, the look appears younger. It is the same with the Half top knot, in which only the side and upper part of the hair is twisted into an informal knot. If you can’t get anything from street style, but still want your hair off your face, use a girlish ponytail. However, it should not sit too low, but rather be carried very high to ensure a youthful look.

Even the most varied Updos, pigtails and plaited are reminiscent of girl hair and make us appear younger. As with any pinned, bound or braided style, care must be taken to ensure that the whole thing does not appear too strict. Prefer to make the hairstyle a little looser and messier, highlights pull out additionally, pay attention to a casual side parting or with a side bangs or one Grown-out Fringe complete.

Coloring, tinting, highlighting: the right color

Dark colors can quickly make the complexion look pale. Depending on the skin and hair tone – whether blonde, brown, red or black – always fall back on warm, golden tones and bright highlights. Moderate colors, which are similar to the natural hair color, not only make us look fresher, but also do not let the renewable approach shine through. Washable tints also conjure up beautiful shiny reflections in the hair, which make us shine even more.

Extra Styling tip: If you don’t want to dye the whole hair, you can fall back on popular color games such as ombré, dip dye, the two-tone style and hair contouring.

Pay attention to the hair type! The right care

What helps a hairstyle from 40, which makes us appear younger if the hair is not optimally cared for? As the hormonal balance begins to falter in old age, the hair usually suffers as well. Therefore, pay attention to your hair type and match care and styling products to it. Do not overload and weigh down the hair unnecessarily, as intensive styling comes at the expense of volume and naturalness. Even with a balanced diet, the hair stays healthy and shiny for longer. A new hairstyle also gives you new bounce – and can make us look younger in no time.


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