Amazingly long hairstyles with bangs for a round face

October 22, 2017 — by MCutts0

The relevant question for a girl is all about her hair, style, length, color. Girls are never happy with their hairstyle and always crave for better styles. If a girl has long hair then she craves for a shorter version and vice versa. But if you are a trend follower, then you flip a chance to miss styling a long hairstyle with bangs. Women prefer long hairstyle these days, as they are styled in a variety of ways such as braids, bangs, etc. but never less than well messed up is managing long hair. It is a job to manage and take care of them as they can easily be damaged if not taken care of properly. Women with round faces should certainly try this long hairstyle with bangs as it hides her forehead and in turn help her face look smaller.

What are bangs?

Bangs are also known as fringes in European countries especially in the United Kingdom. Bangs are usually cut in the front part of the head essentially above the forehead and aimed at the eyebrow line. The emerging trends of long hairstyle in the world style have really created other variation in styling bangs. The bangs can also be jagged or ruffled gently with hair dryers or different types of hair gel and sprays. It can also be swept from one side or the other as appropriate and is also known as the side bang. Long hairstyles with side bangs are also very popular this season. It can even be cut long that would fall over the eyes to make it look more feminine.

Hairstyles are recommended by types, depending on the face of the individual and usually for women with round faces, long bang hairstyles fit best. You look pretty and adorable in this look. Cutting long hair with bangs and a braid or bun will give you the much-needed attention you desire. Stylish fishtail or French braid hairstyles for long hair with bangs are very attractive. Long hair with bangs is a very quick and easy way to completely change the look of your hairstyle. It gives you a lively atmosphere and a whole new look without chopping your beautiful hair.

As with bangs style:

Long hairstyles with different bangs come with countless flattering styles to complement a person’s personality and look at the same time. There is a certain look, a face compliments perfectly and the job here is this identify perfect looks where bangs fit best. A blunt style or feather fringe is the best thing to do as a hairstyle is to get an instant makeover in minutes.

To achieve gorgeous hairstyle start the procedure by styling your hair in a way that makes it look stunning. Part it sideways either to the right or left, as it suits your face and comfort. Leave the top half of your hair completely straight and ready to cut into bangs, pull back the rest of the hair and style it in waves, curls as you wish.

Bangs has the power to turn any simple hairstyle into a stunning look. It’s a proven look with celebrities like everyone how gorgeous divas looked in this bang hairstyle. Bangs is best liked the way they look playfully sexy and elegant in the same place of time with a drop of sophistication that suddenly completes the look. Whether bold or blunt, soft or wispy cut, perfectly styled bangs give a regular hairstyle a completely new attitude. As it is correctly said, a person’s attitude is defined by their presence and the way they present themselves. A person’s main attraction is their hair and if they are in poor condition or style then they can narrow the impression at once. The first impression is always the best impression and nobody wants to screw up their first impression on someone.

Care for your long hairstyle with bangs

Once the perfect style of long haircut with bangs is achieved you should make sure that it is properly taken care of and know how to blow dry the bangs as it is very imp to manage them otherwise it could look frizzy and out of place. Bubble bangs can only be avoided if a round brush is used to comb the bangs. Always dry your bangs hair with a flat or paddle brush or else it will mess up badly. For women with a round face, long haircuts with bangs makes her face smaller and highlighting her eyes with smoky eye makeup creates an awesome modest look.

Here are a few inspiring looks from long hairstyles with bangs:

There are numerous ways to wear your long hairstyles with bangs in style. Try to leave your hair or else you can choose to do a single or double braid to manage your long haired wisely. French braid, side braids, twisted braids etc, are different ways to highlight your bangs. Now there are long hairstyles with bangs as well that are showcased by Hollywood stars and they are considered a style statement.

1. Long hairstyles with side bangs

Kate Moss’ simple look with side bangs is relevant to mention that it changes her whole look. As a round faced woman bangs her side helping to hide her forehead and highlighting her beautiful eyes and smile. These long hairstyles with side bang best suit her make look more stunning and beautiful as ever. The soft curls on the long hair that make them look elegant and casual at the same time.

2. Christina Ricci Cut long hair with bangs

Christina Ricci’s stunning long hairstyles with bangs are best adapted for her round face. The bangs are neatly made and their long hair straightened, their hair color is dual toned suiting their skin tone which is very important. The streaks of blonde and coffee brown color looks great.

3. Curly hairstyle for long hair with bangs

Debby Ryan has puffed up her pony and blow dried it on her for the perfect shine. Her soft curly long hairstyles with bangs compliment her beautiful features. The mahogany red hair color and curly strands give them the vintage chic look.

4. Sexy Layered Long Hairstyles with Bangs:

Vanessa Amorosi hair bangs are slightly longer than the usual bangs to cover the eyelashes. The mahogany brown red color of her hair makes it look more vibrant and attractive than ever. Her face is delighted by the color of her hair and also congratulates her in the face. The layered hair with bangs is terrific for her bubbly bold look.

5. Messy long hairstyles with side bangs

Selena Gome’s long sleek hairstyle with side bangs appears classy and chic. Her plum cheeks are covered with a layered haircut that lean against her face to improve her appearance. The length of the hair is properly groomed and fine straightened to give that finesse look.

6. Chirpy long hairstyles with bangs

Mandy Moore long hairstyles with bangs is just perfect for all women with a round face. With 2-3 strips of dyed hair in blonde and dark brown, she looks incredibly beautiful. The hair cutis well trimmed in layers and reduced the density of the bang making it look classier and also their style.

7. Sexy dual-side bangs

Hairstyle for long hair with bangs proves to be very fashionable these days and Kristen Dunst shows the best of it. Growing bangs and then styling them with light curves with small round brushes and blow drying them is the best way to keep the bangs in shape. Then gently center them so that they frame the face very nicely.

8. Layered long hairstyles with bangs

The step cut improves the look with bangs. The side bang will be blow-dried to make it stay in place. The basic blonde golden stripe color highlights the overall look.

9. Thicker better for bangs:

Women with thick hair can also opt for bangs. Bangs trimming it can be reduced in arrows and point types. The bang can be straightened and rolled up with a round brush, while the remaining length can either be curled up with soft curls or wavy ones that will ever fit you best. It can also be held directly, but that would give a very simple touch, so it is better to go with the soft curves.

Long hair is boring and monotonous, but when you get bangs styling becomes easy and quick. Long hair can be styled in layers that are round, V or U-shaped and a good hair color that does the magic for you to transform your look. Long hairstyles are classy, ​​vintage and chic at the same time if you do it differently. It is very important to consult a hairdresser before experimenting with long hair, as it can be a disaster if not done correctly. Or a safer approach is to try hair extensions from online retailers like LushHairExtensions.

Having all the styling with bangs is not a bad idea. It is well suited for a round face and is dependent on the hair type, hair length, hair color etc. which are the important factors to be taken into account during a bang hairstyle. It takes a lot of courage to have bangs when you first do it because the management part is a little risky, but given the tips above would be easier to do.


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