Advantages and disadvantages of keratin hair straightening treatment

Advantages and disadvantages of keratin hair straightening treatment

Keratin is by far the most popular treatment we know for our hair. We face hair problems every day. Falling hair, dry hair, dandruff, greasy hair, etc. are all too common problems that we seek and find solutions. We hardly find time for ourselves during the week due to our busy lifestyle. Eating healthy, or exercising or even sleeping an entire night is out of the question for us. So how to keep our hair healthy is completely dependent on such treatments.

Keratin, for those who don’t know about it, is a protein-based substance that helps keep our hair shiny and direct. It helps remove the frizz and also adds substance to our hair to make it voluminous. When Kraft hair gain shine and look straight they automatically look healthy.

These treatments are easy to take and definitely make your hair better if taken regularly. There are pros and cons associated with what we do today discuss this topic.

Benefits of keratin treatment

Keratin is meant very exclusively for the hair and it does not damage the hair. Rather, it conveys a shine and volume to dull hair. It’s a blessing for someone’s completely ruthless hair that is unruly and frizzy. Keratin makes hair silky, smooth and voluminous.

Another advantage is that you can trust him to be a full treatment and need no further treatment to solve the problem.

It is easy to style keratin-treated hair as it is manageable. You no longer have to become nerve-wracking. There is more consistency in your hair.

Cons of keratin treatment

The basic disadvantage is that it is a chemical treatment. Although there could be no other side effects like hair loss or hair damage, there have been cases where people have complained of rashes and similar problems. So it cannot be ruled out and you have to take this risk. Although these are 1% of cases and do not happen to everyone.

The only concern here is that keratin treatment involves the use of formaldehyde, which is a dangerous chemical and could be really harmful to the hair. While some salons might hide it when prompted, but if we use products that stay careful, this problem can be solved.

Another disadvantage you can find is the effort. They are fairly expensive treatments as much specialization is required which leads you to salons which you then charge extensively. Also publishing this treatment has to use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner which is another area of ​​expenditure and is a mandate. So you could do it at the expense of adding to a keratin treatment. But in general these sulfate free shampoo and conditioners are absolutely safe and are actually the ones that should be used.

I think by now you know that keratin treatment is definitely something good, but like everything has advantages and disadvantages, it is not free of it either. Though, we can look after our hair in a better way by proper hair care like oils etc. sometimes we should use this treatment and make our hair better. Keratin treatments, smoothness etc. are all chemical based so their dangers must definitely remain. We can only meet them with healthy living-style and maintenance.

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