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May 8, 2016 — by MCutts0

African braid is a trend that is loved by most women around the world. It is an ideal decision if you have curly or unruly hair. You can opt for a braided hairstyle to attract attention at a party or in everyday life. Find the best visions for a hairstyle with African braids in the article below.

African braid for an impressive vision

Do you like experimenting with your looks? The African braid offers you an unlimited selection of great hairstyles for every day. The technique is suitable for all hair types and all shades. Generally, a braided hairstyle requires talent and practice. So if you can’t get a flawless result on the first try, don’t despair. With the necessary perseverance and envy, you will undoubtedly make progress. Otherwise, you can always speak to a professional hairdresser.

African braid – R’s favorite hairstyle & B divas

The variants for a hairstyle with African braids are numerous. For women, who have a short haircut with African braids is not the impossible mission. All you have to do is add supplements that are available everywhere in the virtual room as well as in specialty stores. If you are not smart with your hands, invite a friend to spend time with girls. So you can have fun together and try the hairstyle you want with the help of Tutorials and take pictures.

However, before you adopt the African style in your hair, you need to know that it requires care and patience. Especially in the first few days when you can feel uncomfortable as it’s a little tight (especially if you have supplements) If the hairstyle is made with small braids in an African living room, it can be between one and three months (depending on the type of hair, its endurance and your disposition).

It is recommended to use oil to nourish the roots. As with washing, you can continue as usual, but avoid washing your hair more than once or twice a week. It also takes longer to dry. However, if you remove the braids, there will be a loss and some hair breakage. For this reason, we recommend that you care for them carefully after the braids, using special products such as moisturizing shampoo or protein mask.

Despite the disadvantages, the African braids will give you an impressive look. You don’t have to completely braid your hair. Just do a few strands to give them a more modern and attractive vision. Now we recommend that you check out our fascinating photo gallery.

Braided long and black hair that gives you confidence

African inspiration adopted in everyday life

Make-up in bright colors and hairstyle with mats

This is how you exude a good mood

African hairstyle that lasts a long time

Hairstyle with African mats for a special occasion

Feminine and beautiful vision with a fake lock hairstyle

Manifest your wild mind with an afro hairstyle

If you want to tame your frizzy hair …

Keri Hilson’s braids obviously attract attention

Amazing hairstyle for a party or themed party

Beyoncé always knows how to surprise with an original vision

The hair color goes perfectly with gold jewelry

Braids are a practical choice for summer days

Ciara with fake curly hairstyle

Complete your vision with one black and dark red manicure

Emphasize the shapes and beauty of a face with African braids

Hair in red and black

Make a half bun with your African braids

Surprise with an original hairstyle

Reduce the daily care of your hairstyle with African braids

The hairstyles with African braids are also adored by the stars

Braids give you an identity value


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