90 stunning long hairstyles that you will not miss – latest trend hairstyles and haircuts – bangs hairstyle

Our hair is the ultimate honor of our looks, both literally and figuratively. Long hair takes a lot of time, effort, endurance and love of hair, but it’s worth the energy. By allowing your voluminous curls to become long and strong, you create a beautiful look with plenty of room for styling. I mean, with curls behind your shoulders and near your lower back, the options for long hairstyles are practically unlimited.
But let’s face it, ladies. When we think of the perfect hairstyles for long hair, we certainly have no idea. The same old curls, waves, and updos we use as our preferred long hairstyles can be banal and boring, which almost leads us to think that we should cut the length off to get something simpler that we can style in seconds.
Before you think about saying goodbye to your gorgeous long strands, you should take a look at these 90 stunning long hairstyles for women. Here you will find a large collection of long hairstyles that will delight you. Whether you’re looking for something simple and sweet to wear at school, or something glamorous and sophisticated for prom night, we’ve got it all for you. Every woman must find elegant long hairstyles that suit her needs. even if you are attracted to everything or prefer a more classic style. We also have a lot of interesting, unique and downright trendy long hairstyles that you will love. You will find new ways to proudly wear these long layers, or you may find a bunch of bangs calling your name. In any case, with these long hairstyles, you still have many lengths and you will definitely stay on trend
Go ahead and immerse yourself in these flawless hairstyles & Haircuts for long hair – you are sure to find your next look HERE!

# 1: Boho corrugated braid

Since boho is a hot trend right now, it’s no wonder that boho-inspired hair is a must in the fashion world. This long inspiring hairstyle shows long loose waves and a trio of interlocking thick braids on top of it ensures a relaxed, unconventional look that is casual yet feminine.

# 2: Voluminous Victoria’s Secret Curls

When it comes to dates, this is undoubtedly one of the best long hairstyles to choose from. These lush, voluminous curls are incredibly sultry and sexy with an apparently secret inspiration from Victoria.

# 3: luxurious loose waves

For hairstyles for long hair, this is a look that can easily turn into a hot date from work. Ultra-loose waves create an impressive figure and feminine texture that can be easily achieved with a large curling iron.

# 4: Thick side braids with messy waves

Long discounts every day don’t have to be boring. If you need a flirty but trendy style to rock day and night, this is half updo is your best bet. Chunky side braids meet in the middle of the back of the head, while the remaining curls are loosened up with some cute, messy waves.

# 5: layers of length around the face

Too long hair can make your face look worn and tired. However, you can reverse this terrible effect by framing the face with some long, beautiful layers. It is an excellent choice for all women looking for long hairstyles that are fashionable yet very delicate on the face.

# 6: Side Swept Curls

There’s nothing more sexy and seductive than a side-swept hairstyle, and this long hairstyle rocks it perfectly! Her glamorous thick curls are gently tossed aside, opening her face and letting her beauty do the talking. Just look at this beautiful band!

# 6: Long loose waves

If you’re struggling with thinner curls, you may want to avoid long haircuts. but that’s just not the case. If you love your long hair but long for your body, throw in a few simple waves to get some volume back for your everyday worries.

# 7: Big bangs and waves

Some women prefer a more daring style and want to try on a few hits. Well, this thick bangs, cut just below the eyebrow height, creates an artful yet fabulous finish that goes well with your long hair, whether it’s straight or slightly wavy, as you can see here.

# 8: hint of waves on a blunt cut

Long blunt haircuts for women in this way can be softened quickly by throwing in a little rough texture. It will only take you a few minutes to achieve this style and you will love the results. Don’t have hot tools? No problem. You can create this soft, long hairstyle simply by running your fingers through your mane while it is running and disheveling it.

# 9: Chunky ringlets

If you need sophisticated, professional long hairstyles for women, this is highly recommended. There’s no sexy fidgeting or hot body here – just chunky curls that keep their shape and make you look business-ready.

# 10: Hardly any waves

In a hurry? No time to style? Do not worry. Even if you don’t have much time, you can still look flawless with the right long hairstyles. This is one of them. With just a pinch of waves at the end, the mane hair gets an additional body that jumps with every step.

# 11: Flirty Loose Waves

Super long hair like this deserves an extra body so that the length and colors come into their own! If you throw in a few loose waves like this, you can indulge in a beautiful style that’s ready for anything. Make sure to twist your hair away from your face to better show off your facial features.

# 12: The loosest curls

When you think of curls, you might think of super tight curls that keep their shape. Well, if you’re gentle and your hair is properly spread out on the barrel, you can create soft, super loose curls that give your mane a bit of a beautiful body.

# 13: seductive side part with curls

If you part your hair intensely in one hand, you can dangle the hair over one eye, creating an instantly hot and tempting style, while your other eye takes a look between the strands. To intensify this sexy style, throw in a few loose rings for this jump that just doesn’t stop.

# 14: Blunt cut with the middle section

For the ladies who need haircuts for long hair that is fat and thickened, this is an excellent option. As you can see, her curls are bluntly cut and a little shorter around her face for a bit of dimension. This blunt hairstyle is best suited for rounder faces who prefer a longer look.

# 15: Swirling ends

Thin long locks can be banal and boring, but with a simple curling iron, you can add some nice volume. When thinking of new ways to improve your body, consider tousled tips for long hair that is elastic and cute.

# 16: Boho ringlets

We cannot deny that this is one of the trendiest long hairstyles that rocks the boho inspiration we all know and love. All you need for this beautiful hairstyle is long hair, a curling iron and lots of fidget skills to achieve a relaxed and tender feeling that goes well with your boho clothes.

# 17: super side panel

We have already mentioned that side panels can have a sexy effect. However, if you want to go one step further, go further to one side to reinforce the tempting appeal. With a bit of curls and a striking color, you rock every place you get seen.

# 18: Bedhead Blunt Cut

There is nothing wrong with the bed head. In fact, it’s one of the hottest long hairstyles for women this year. Bedhead is sultry but fun, and you can achieve this style in a few minutes. Simply tousle your curls while blow drying this bizarre, but absolutely divine, mane-long hair.

# 19: Asymmetrical layers

Symmetry is for idiots, isn’t it? Okay, maybe not all the time. However, if you need a haircut for long, thin hair, you should try out some asymmetrical layers to further strengthen the body.

# 20: Braided Boho Half Updo

Boho-inspired long hairstyles usually consist of loose waves and big, chunky braids, but this look messes things up a bit. Her style is made of loose waves and half an updo, but instead of chunky braids, she acts for tighter braids, leaving two bold tufts of hair free on her face to seal the boho fashion deal.

# 21: Clean waves

We have seen many tousled waves, loose waves, sexy waves, etc. But what about the girl who needs long hairstyles to work? Leave the unkempt manes in the city for a night and keep your waves fresh and clean for a professional look that’s right for your office.

# 22: Ultra-voluminous curls

This look is screaming loud, loud, loud! With tons of teasing, a hint of hairspray and an extra-large curling iron, she creates some the most beautiful and voluminous curls we’ve ever seen. IT IS HOT!

# 23: Thrown back heavy bodied waves

We just looked at some nice, strong, and voluminous curls, but what about waves? These are undoubtedly the richest and boldest waves we’ve ever seen, and when we throw their waves away from your face, you get a breathtaking presentation of your facial features.

# 24: slim and straight

Long hairstyles for women don’t always have to be jazzed up with curls and waves, and this look proves it. Her hair overflows with a straightener and some gloss gel to ensure that her curls are shiny, muggy, and perfectly smooth. breathtaking!

# 25: Length of side bangs

Leaving hair on your face too long can cause your hair to appear worn out and lack volume and body. To avoid this nightmare, you need long hair haircuts that create a jump and give you vibrancy and youthfulness. Long side bangs are an excellent option as they frame the face perfectly and immediately breathe life into the hair.

# 26: Reggae waves

Do you need a little reggae in your life? This long hairstyle has your cure. Her curls are blinded by some super tight but super chaotic waves that are incredibly tossed aside for that extra pinch of reggae love. Don’t forget that your outfit matches your locks!

# 27: Old Hollywood waves

We all know and love these Old Hollywood waves. They are bursting with glamor and sophistication, making them one of the most incredible long hairstyles in the world. Wear these waves on the noblest and most stylish occasions to draw everyone’s attention.

# 28: All natural tight curls

Of course, if you have tight curls like this, why should you hide them? Naturally tight curls are gorgeous and a bonus for the beautiful, bouncy body that you can’t get anywhere else. Let these curls be the star of the show and let them dangle effortlessly.

# 29: Frizzy Waves

Do you love these looks that give you sexy sleeping comfort? Then you will love these frizzy, completely tousled waves. They are seductive and fun, with a big throw to the side to make sure you get the look "just out of bed". Hot!

# 30: frizzy curls

Any woman with curly hair out of control might think that hiding is the only answer and tames her in a possible way. Ladies, forget that! We want to see these wild manes, so wear them proudly – they are breathtaking.

# 31: Double Dutch Braids

Braids never go out of style, but if you want to try something new and exciting, try the double Dutch braids. It’s one of the cutest long hairstyles for women with a Dutch / German look that just looks gorgeous with longer threads. Do you love this nice one? To do!

# 32: Classy Gentle Half Updo

Half updos don’t always have to be funky or sexy. They can be extremely beautiful. In this chic, nifty half of Updo, you’ll see soft and gentle waves that lead to a subtle half of Updo, enchanted by a little round gold ornament to tie it all together. Perfect for every chic occasion and yet so simple.

# 33: Rolled Half Updo with big curls


When it comes to half updos, you’re not tied to braids. You can quickly try something new and exciting, like this rolled-up hairstyle. Instead of wasting time on braids, she focuses more on her beautiful big curls and just throws two large blocks of hair back into half an updo. It’s simple, but oh my god it’s glamorous.

# 34: Braided bun half updo

Buns and braids are the hottest hairstyles for women right now. So why not combine the two? This beautiful hairstyle with half updo has side braids that lead to a super messy and hot bun. For an extra portion of volume, she teases like a jeweled crown to pump up the body in her look.

# 35: delicate braided updo

Weddings, fancy parties or other high profile occasions require an elegant updo that matches your most glamorous dresses and heels. And this look is exactly the answer to all your high-class problems. With this delicate braided updo, you create a feeling of dignity and femininity that simply cannot be surpassed.

# 36: Exotic Embellished Braid

Braids are always on trend, but being satisfied with the same old braid style can be a bit boring. Kick up your braid game and style it with double braids that result in a thick, rolled braid that has a princess appeal. For even more style and flair, tie a piece of lace or string over your braids at the crown.

# 37: Flowing waves

A quick way to get rid of lifeless, thin, long hair is to refresh it with a hint of waves. Their flowing waves are undeniably lovely and sweet, making them the perfect style for any occasion, big or small.

# 38: Loop de loops

It may be difficult to focus on your hairstyle with all the magical unicorn colors, but pay close attention to the details of these knots. With a little precision and practice, you can also grind your hair perfectly. It’s a unique hairstyle for long hair, but boy, it’s great.

# 39: The Sexy Sweep Back


If you have little time and still need long hair hairstyles that kill, this is your answer. By simply sweeping your curls away from your face, your gorgeous face becomes the center of attention, while your long, luscious strands flow gracefully behind you.

# 40: voluminous wedding half updo

For the upcoming wedding or major event, you need a long hairstyle that is bursting with glamor and grace, but big enough to steal the show. This look shows these two musts with their massive, voluminous wedding curls that are loosened up to perfection. The precision of her locks and the lush volume of the crown make for a stunning, desirable hairstyle that looks fantastic on any woman.

# 41: Big Teased Ringlets

If you want your long hair to really show off, rip out your curling iron and comb and prepare to create big hair that is tender yet full-bodied. Slowly pull the crown open to reach a hefty portion of height and use a large curling iron to form large curling rings. However, don’t mess with these strands. Leave your curls tight and beautiful for hair that’s just beautiful.

# 42: One-sided curls

When it comes to hairstyles for long hair that are nothing short of glamorous, you have to look at this particular hairstyle. Curls are always magical and divine, but if you stroke them on one side of your face, you get a particularly feminine style that looks absolutely stunning. Perfect for any chic event, whether you’re a bridesmaid or just starting an important dance.

# 43: side braided ponytail

Ponytails do not have to be reserved for the gym. In fact, you can make them incredibly glamorous simply by throwing in a thick side braid, as you can see here. With the right clothes, you can even wear this look on stylish and chic occasions and don’t have to think twice. I love that ponytail!

# 44: Daily Bun Half Updo

Don’t you feel overwhelmed in the morning and need a quick idea for a long hairstyle for school? That look has covered you up. It’s a hip style that’s worn by celebrities and schoolgirls alike, but its casual look makes it a go-to spot for a lazy morning. Give your locks a bit of a wave and throw up a half updo bun and you’re done.

# 45: Classic chignon

Chignons are perfect long hairstyles for women who frankly never lose their appeal. Just look at how graceful and graceful this woman looks. If in doubt, you should always use a classic one chignon if you need a sophisticated but extremely beautiful look.

# 46: Double Dutch Half Updo

Love half updos but need new inspiration? Look no further than this dreamy “do. She ties two parts of her hair together in sultry and funny Dutch braids and meets in the middle to clean off half of her updo. For more volume and delicate appeal, she throws in some subtle loose curls.

# 47: Elevated ponytail

This ponytail oozes with an elegant attitude. Her curls are slowly teased at the front and thrown back into a low ponytail. The rest of her long, blunt haircut is bent for a mod appeal. To emphasize the height, she uses a long hair tie that completes the entire hairstyle.

# 48: Curly S >


If a woman wants long, sophisticated and soft hairstyles, she knows that she can always turn to this dashing hairstyle.
It starts with simple curls; The hair is swept to one side and wrapped in a graceful little bun that is nothing short of sweet and lovely.

# 49: headband with waves


If you thought the headbands were left in the 80s, think again. They are making a big comeback and we love reviving! Her cute style is characterized by a headband that is wrapped around her head. The rest of her mane is structured with beautiful waves and ensures a very sexy finish.

# 50: Polished curls with tuck back


This long curly mane hair is perfectly perfect. Just look at these perfectly cut curls! Her style is also characterized by a seductive bend behind the ear, which gives her radiant face more attention and her radiant curls at the bottom.

# 51: top knot half updo

Oh, the ever popular topknot; Everyone does it and for good reason. However, the top knot does not have to contain all of the hair. If you have long hair, it may be too difficult to try an upper knot with all of your curls. So instead of wrapping all your threads, you should choose this hot look with half an updo.

# 52: Full-bodied

No matter whether your hair is thin or thick, beautiful or full, you can always rely on your comb to create a particularly sexy volume. Slowly tease the crown and make sure you tease around the face to push your curls up and away. This will make your entire facial structure thinner, longer and simply more beautiful in every respect.

# 53: Cornrow Topknot Half Updo

If you’ve entered the realm of daring and beautiful cornflowers, don’t think you still can’t get involved with the hottest hair trends. Here we see this dashing lady curling up her cornrows into a stylish half updo, and we couldn’t be more obsessed with how flawless it looks.

# 54: Full side part


This particular look has been one of the hottest long hairstyles for women in recent years, and there’s no end in sight. While it may be a bit subtle, the heavy teasing and body create a lush finish that looks fantastic on any woman. If everything else fails, you can rest assured that this full-fledged side part looks optimal in a few minutes.

# 55: All natural frizzy curls

Don’t think that if you have particularly curly hair that tends to curl, you have to hide it. We I love to see all natural beauties appearing and making their natural curls the star of the show. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, her hair is showy and FULL of the body and we LOVE it!

# 56: curly ponytail

You may think a ponytail can’t be exquisite, but you’ll be surprised how you can turn your mane into a knockout bangs that is on the red carpet. By adding some thick, lush curls like this and putting a curly strand around your face, your ponytail will easily move from the basketball court to the prom.

# 57: Side Swept Waves

Mmm, we love this style. It is angelic and adorable, it is almost divine. All you have to do to create this beautiful thing is to throw a few loose waves into your mane and gently sweep them aside.

# 58: Braided bun with half updo and accentuating braid

Stand out your long hairstyle by letting it flare up as shown here. Instead of contenting with a simple half updo, she adds a few braids and a small fishtail braid that plays peek-a-boo to the crown. So cute, but also inspired the stylish boho.

# 59: super side swept tight curls

There are so many different long hairstyles for women with naturally tight and kinky curls, but these are very popular. By brushing her hair intensely to the side, her look maintains a hefty portion of volume that’s funky, cheeky, and super glamorous.

# 60: Tightly curled bun

One thing we love about tight curls is how much body and texture can be found in each spiral, creating hair that bursts in front of an exciting and vibrant body. But if you’re fed up with the curls around you, try making a bun that focuses on the top of your head. It’s super trendy and we can’t deny how beautiful it looks with lots of tight curls!

# 61: Voluminous, side-swept, tight curls

Tight curls are pretty charming, aren’t they? Make it the center of your gaze by pulling it to one hand of your face. It’s the ideal look for women who tend to have rounder faces and need a bit of emphasis on the hair for a longer face.

# 62: emphasis on clips and curls

With such curls, it is important to remove them from the face, otherwise they will gobble up your facial features and cover your stunning makeup. Use a few accent clips to make sure your hair doesn’t stick to the face and create a unique, flawless design all around the face. Let the rest of your curls dangle freely and beautifully.

# 63: Curly Blunt Cut

If you are proud of your curls and want them to look gorgeous, this is a great option when it comes to haircuts for long hair. If you cut bluntly just below shoulder height, your hair will swing slightly and your face will look short and plump. This is ideal for people struggling with long, slim looks.

# 64: Naturally beautiful


It can be one of the most natural and most Looks on the planet for women with naturally tight waves like this. Let your natural beauty shine through and hug your long hair.

# 65: Designed Box Bra >


Box braids are really a hairstyle that never loses its appeal, but why should you be like everyone else? Opt for a uniquely designed long hairstyle with box braid as it does. Their parts are ubiquitous and each braid has a unique section on their mane for a perfect and distinctive finish.

# 66: Lightly layered tight curls


Layers don’t just have to be for thin hair. Adding a pinch of light layers to your mane with tight curls will give your curls even more body and bounce. It’s an excellent idea for any woman looking for long hair haircuts that add a little more fluff and fun!

# 67: voluminous high ponytail


High ponytails are full of style. in fact, there are no other long hairstyles that have as much posture as this. It’s fun, nervous, and changes your look from cute and innocent to cheeky and spicy. Tie your mane super high and add a few curls for added appeal.

# 68: Extra large Topknot Half Updo


For my thick-haired girls out there, you should pay close attention to this long hairstyle. Just look at how big and significant her hair bun is. It’s a striking look that is number 1 on the list of hair trends, making it a MUST for thick-haired girls who want to SKIRT their curls.

# 69: Embellished tight curls


Don’t be one of the backpacks with your curls and braids. Instead, be an outstanding number that everyone wants to follow by adding some unique embellishments for your purposes.

# 70: Frizzy M >


Woah, her hair is BIG! But wow, do we love it? If you have such amazingly curly curls, please let them hang freely. Add extra body by applying a few layers and parting the hair in the middle.

# 71: Waterfall Bra >


If you need long, sensual hairstyles, this waterfall braid is the best choice. The flowing, delicate twist that lies over the back of the head ensures a luxurious style that can be easily carried to the most chic and modern events. By leaving the rest of her mane smooth, she effortlessly blows in the wind.

# 72: M >


Half updos can be made even more attractive by braiding the French back into a ballerina bun in the middle. It adds body, it adds torch, and it adds tons of personality that you wouldn’t see with a typical half updo. Keep the rest of your mane smooth so that your braid speaks.

# 73: Exquisitely braided updo


Updos like this are always tempting, but if you want your updo to look more tempting and unique, you may want to braid your crown that leads to your gorgeous bun.

# 74: curly itty bitty hair bun


Half updos? Forget it. Full of bun? Forget it. We leave the same old hairstyles behind and do our own thing! Get away from the bulk of the top knots and create a hairstyle that is unique and fun, as you can see here. Curl your curls gently and just take a few strands of hair from the middle of your mane and throw them into a messy topknot.

# 75: super thick, loose braid


You need very thick hair for this particular hairstyle. If you do, you’ll want to try this sultry style. Her braid is enormously oversized, but is loosened slightly with each piece to create a more relaxed feeling. But we can’t deny that we love this style from top to bottom!

# 76: accentuating chain braid


The same old braid game can be a bit redundant; three lousy braids and an end that is just "normal". If you are tired of the monotony of triple braids, you should choose a chain bread. It’s unique and defined, but simple enough to get it done in just a few minutes. Check out this rocking style.

# 77: Whimsical braid duo


As for long hairstyles for women, this must be one of the most adorable and probably one of the most difficult hairstyles to achieve. but it’s worth the time and effort. A quirky double braid twists and curves into a pretty fishtail braid that pushes it aside. How majestic it is?

# 78: Curly Thick Topknot Half Updo


While most top knots tend to be smaller, this doesn’t mean you can’t twist them up and get a bold, thick top knot on your face to pair with your dangling curly pieces at the bottom. Sweet!

# 79: thick braided half updo


There are no limits to femininity if you wear such a long hairstyle. If you put strands around the face and push them back into a thick triple braid that is accentuated by slightly wavy pieces, a dashing style emerges that oozes feminine appeal. Ideal for every occasion, especially for the date night!

# 80: hint of fading


Do you feel brave? Then you are probably looking for perfect hairstyles for long hair that has this nervous appeal. This look has a subtle blanking on the left side of her head; nothing too overboard, but just enough to make her look from cute and sultry to sexy and seductive.

# 82: Straight-to-curl


If you have these natural tight curls, you already know that you should show them as if you own the place. To give your hair a unique look, try removing roots for a better result.

# 83: Brave waves


Waves don’t always have to be muggy, sweet or barely there. in fact, they can be huge and voluminous! Highlight and hold your waves precisely using a curling iron or a precise wave stick or even a straightener to create those special waves right in front of your face.

# 84: The Lady Clip-Back


No matter how you style your long hair, you can always rest assured that cutting back a few strands behind your ear will add to the majesty of your overall appearance. It’s incredibly delicate and tempting, especially if you’re using a glossy and beautiful clip like the one shown here.

# 85: Loop-de-loop bangs


Rubber bands? Hair ties? How boring! Change your style and embark on the street of fashion by looping out your locks instead of your routine when creating a cute ponytail. So simple, but the results are fantastic.

# 86: Fishtail Halo Bra >


If your goal with long hairstyles is to look angelic then this is the style for you. Make sure the rest of your locks have a majestic wave, but your halo braid will tie the look together. Every turn works fine, but we especially love the detailing of a fishtail braid.

# 87: Braided around the face


Sure, if you have nice long curls and add some waves, it’s great to let them stand in the wind. But why settle for less? While throwing a braid on one side of her face, she also throws in some lovely details that immediately intensify her femininity.

# 88: Crown Bra >


What is fun about this long hairstyle for women is that it never grows old! Instead of just throwing the hair into half an updo, consider using a French braid on the crown to get pretty details that can’t be ignored.

# 89: Braided high ponytail


High ponytails are almost the worst things on the planet. But if you want to add even more intensity to this edgy look, braid the crown that leads back to your high bangs. Yes, this girl rocks it and lets EVERYONE know with her hair.

# 90: Curvy Waterfall Bra >


If you haven’t tried a fishtail braid yet, we strongly recommend it. and if you want to treat yourself to this lavish look, why not take it to the next level and make a waterfall braid that curves perfectly? Throwing in accentuating tips can complete your entire style from head to toe.
What is your favorite long hairstyle and hairstyle?


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