9 pictures of marilyn manson, without makeup, styles on life

Everyone knows that Marilyn Manson. He is one of the most commercially successful singers in the history of the music industry. This American talent has sold millions of copies of his great albums and is known for his outrageous Gothic and controversial live performances. Marilyn is a multi-instrumentalist, music journalist, actor, singer, painter and many more. Its terrible look is an inspiration to many teenagers as well as adults. His songs and quotes motivate people around the world to make their dreams come true and to be themselves. His appearance defines him. His looks are the driving force behind the heavy hardcore and brutal character that is the Marilyn Manson. But behind the scenes, Marilyn is definitely the opposite of what he sees on stage. Below are some of the top 9 makeup-free pictures of Marilyn Manson.

1. The all casual look time:

Marilyn Manson likes to wear casual clothes and go makeup-free when he`s not on stage. In this picture, sporty Marilyn is a black shirt with a collar and disheveled hair. People don`t really like him detect, when he`s going casual. He loves to avoid paying too much attention and mixing in ordinary people.

2. The Emperor:

Here Marilyn gives a serious look in a photo shoot for a magazine. This pale actor, singer, fashion icon, etc. had always been very aware of his looks and makeup. Here he wears a black shirt with his casual hairstyle that pretty much makes him look like an emperor.

3. Make-up or none Make-up:

Look at the picture on the left and then the one on the right and think what looks better. These two pictures are actually from the same person, Marilyn Manson. It would not be justified to say that Marilyn looks better with makeup. Ever since Marilyn put on make-up, he has become a completely different person. The picture on the left makes it clear that this singer doesn’t have to worry about his non-makeup look as he manages to look pretty attractive without the mascara and lost in his character.

4. Look tired:

This picture of Marilyn Manson was clicked when he arrived at an airport. Here, Marilyn will be rocking a black leather jacket and not wearing makeup. Since his business life requires him to put a lot of overrated makeup products, Marilyn likes to take his time and the simple, but to enjoy a short part of his life that’s the off-stage time.

5. Young and Reckless:

This is a picture of young Marilyn Manson taking a video without wearing makeup. Since makeup is a big part of his success and life, Marilyn likes to enjoy the time when he has a chance to take off his scandalous blusher.

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