80 beautiful braided updos for all hair types, new hairstyles

Braided updos are back in fashion. Like any fashionista, you will be thrilled to know that we have collected 80 beautiful braided updos for your inspiration. Get inspired by these simple hairstyles that guarantee a stunning look, whether On going for a walk, at a party or in the office. Braids can be a little more time consuming. Nevertheless, they are also among the most spectacular hairstyles ever. Try these relaxed braided updos for a gorgeous look and soak up their mood.

1. braided updos. Dutch braid crown

It’s amazing how Dutch braids work on a 10 year old girl can look just as pretty as adult women. This is a beautiful example of a double Dutch braid crown with a chic but relaxed overtone. Create these braids, fasten them around the head with pins and let a few strands of hair out or pull them gently.

2. Two Dutch Bra >

Close to the Milkmaid style, these Dutch braids look regal. Braid your back tightly, secure it with needles, and bring the loose ends together in a delicate, low knot.

3. Simple Dutch Bra >

Crown braids, or princess braids as they are synced, are one of the easiest braided updos you can have. This simple crown braid is still so sophisticated that it can be worn anywhere from the office to the evening with the girls.

4. Goddess braids for black hair

Black hair and braids are almost synonymous. Deemed protective styles for black hair, braids have been reinvented in a variety of amazing ways, each style is more attractive than the others. Just look at these beautiful alternative braids that meet to create one of the finest examples of goddess braids.

5. Beautiful braided updo for black hair

At first glance, we had this intricate braided pattern. A faux hawk hairstyle with these delicate braids and curly ends is a brilliant idea that you should try at least once.

6. Classic Twist Bra >

Looking for a braided updo that will last? Here it is. It is classic, timeless, chic and edgy. At the same time, it guarantees a long-lasting shape that you will love.

7. Braided hairstyles

Bring your hair in a relaxed bun. Leave two thick strands. Use them to get two braids attached to your head like a headband.

8. Thick Dutch Bra >

This clear hairstyle is one of our favorites. A simple Dutch braid can be so effective to create a visually compelling hairstyle that it’s a shame not to try this style yourself.

9. Eye-catching double bra >

Separate your hair into two sections. Use the bottom section to create this simple, loose braid by gently pulling it at the end. Braid the top in a tight fishtail braid and fasten it so that it runs through the middle of the bottom braid. Tuck the loose ends into a casual low bun. A glamorous hairstyle that doesn’t last longer than ten minutes.

10.Braided mohawk updo

Faux Hawk braided updos look stunning every time. Instead of the usual undercut, braid the side hair sections into delicate, intricate patterns that are tied to turn a few heads.

11. Low braided updo for long hair

Start braiding from the top and continue until all of your hair is part of a masterful loosening. Twist it in a low relaxed bun. Fasten it with pins. Flaunt your fresh hairstyle in the office or at a party.

12. Thin crown bra >

In this case, the thin braid is just a decoration that replaces a headband. Nevertheless, it gives your look an extra feminine touch. Tender braids are always a good idea.

13. Bra >

This stunning elegant updo is one of the easiest braided updos you can try on. All you have to do is pay attention to the details and the finishing touches.

14.Stylish braided updo

Nevertheless, at the crossroads between a macrame braid and a classic milk girl braid, this hairstyle turns out to be stylish and stylish. Plus, with the right skills, it’s super easy in less than ten minutes.

15. Reverse French Bra >

Just hold your head on your head and start the French braid from the base of your head. Braid up and secure the ends in an elegant ballerina bun.

16. Goddess Bra >

Admittedly, this is a difficult task that you have to do yourself. However, if your hairdresser has the right skills, this intricate braided design is a must. Feel like a goddess with this hairstyle and enjoy the stunned looks you get.

17. Knoted Bra >

A simple but effective trick is to knit the braids to create these delicate designs. Do as many as you want. You will look stunning no matter what happens.

18. Playful messy braided updo

Messy braided updos are among the top favorites of women worldwide. They add edge and class to checked hairstyles.

19. Gorgeous black braided updos

Braided updos for black hair should be the prime examples of stunning hairstyles. Get inspired by this picture if you need an inspiring braided hairstyle.

20. Braided updos for weddings

Your wedding day is a special occasion when your appearance matches your exuberant state of mind. Don this braided hairstyle that is comfortable, luxurious and sophisticated.

21. Loose Bra >

Loose braids on the side and an effortless messy bun make for a great hairstyle that can be worn all day.

22. Updos with braids and hair accessories

Braids can act as great support for hair accessories like beautiful natural flowers. Don this boho look with a simple crown braid and natural flowers.

23. High braided buns

If you have long curls, pull your hair up to the top of your head and secure it with a rubber band. Braid and twist the braids to get this bold hairstyle.

24.Braided mohawk updo

Another beautiful case of a false falcon hairstyle with braids. From the tiny braids on the sides to the tangled braids at the top, everything looks perfect.

25. Updos. Beautiful faux hawk

This has to be one of the most complicated hairstyles we are braided about when it comes to braided updos. You will surely need the hand of an expert here. Nevertheless, this hairstyle is worth trying.

26. Several bra >

Start with a fishtail braid, switch to a Dutch braid, and end with a loose five-strand braiding technique. This hairstyle may look messy, but its complexity and variety of braiding styles make it one of the most stylish women.

27. Simply chic braided updo

If you just need a delicate style element to beautify your updo, you should try these effective side braids.

28. Braided hair crown

Braided crowns look amazing on natural hair. Nevertheless, highlighted hair can create an even more attractive hairstyle through the play of colors.

29.Braided Ram Horns hairstyle

Do you fancy an edgy, braided hairstyle reminiscent of warrior princesses? These braided updos are what you’re looking for.

30. Stylish high bra >

When talking about an edgy hairstyle, this example is perfect. The undercut and the high braided side bun are worth the time invested in this hairstyle.

31. Casual braided updo

Part your hair in half. Create braids on each side and intentionally leave out a few strands of hair to achieve that messy yet chic look.

32. Ins >

Basically, this is a reverse braiding technique, similar to the macramé style. It looks careless and effortless, but it’s an effective way to achieve posture.

33. Perfectly braided low bun

This perfect finish is so easy to achieve that it would be a shame not to try it if you have a special occasion. It can be a little bit harder. Therefore, make sure that it is secured in place.

34. Crown Bra >

This is a beautiful interpretation of the classic Crown Braid style. Put on your curls, add braids and you’ll get the perfect boho look.

35. Back Braided Crown Style

This time the crown is worn on the back of the head and ensures a visually appealing look that you should definitely try this summer.

36. Filigree braided five-strand bun

This hairstyle needs some serious skills to achieve. However, once you grasp the technique, you’ll see how versatile it is.

37.Braided updos for black hair

We can’t help but notice the royal touch of these high braided side buns. If you wear lush black curls, this style is worth trying.

38. Intricate braided updo

A wedding hairstyle with stunning braids and a curly low knot, decorated with natural flowers.

39. Messy loose braided updo

A braided half crown that starts from the top of the head and ends in a relaxed, casual hairstyle at the base.

40.Braided updos for long hair

A loose Dutch braid, worn as a princess crown and complemented by a high messy bun, creates a casual, relaxed look that you only have to try if you have longer hair.

41.Bra >

Three separate braids are pulled up in a simple updo for long hair. This hairstyle for women is casual, relaxed, and easy to wear.

42. Double Princess Crown Bra >

Two princess crowns keep your strands of hair in a messy hairstyle. Instead of headbands, wear these beautiful style elements.

43. Updo styles

Pull your hair into this effortlessly voluminous updo with a loose French braid.

44. Twisted Bra >

Cable braids can be as effective as tighter braiding styles when it comes to keeping your curls out of the way.

45 p >

We love this romantic hairstyle with a well-styled side braid and a braided low knot with messy ends.

46. ​​Elegant Bra >

Flaunt this beautiful hairstyle for every special occasion. This type of braided updo needs an expert touch. Nevertheless, you won’t regret the time or funding invested. This braided updo is one of those hairstyles that will give you jealous looks.

47. Cute braided updos

Spice up the classic princess crown with this tweak. A French braid and a tall messy bun make a relaxed woman’s hairstyle.

48. Front Bra >

Do you feel particularly daring? Try this braided updo for size. The thick Dutch braid, which lies heavily on the forehead, is a visually appealing element that guarantees additional style credits on your account.

49. French Bra >

If you need a particularly elegant hairstyle, try this inverted French braid updo. It’s a style statement hairstyle that you have to try on at least once.

50th Dutch Bra >

Four luscious Dutch braids meet at the end in a skillful knot that holds your hair in a stylish braided updo.

51. Crown Dutch Bra >

Crown braids can be playful, romantic, edgy and stylish at the same time. They flatter everyone and every hair type.

52.Box Bra >

Alternative braids and styles of braiding create this mesmerizing mixture. A unique hairstyle among braided updos that will last longer than Dutch braids or French braids.

53. Edgy braided updo

First, the hair color is a trend color this summer. Second, the braids are perfectly tight in a low knot.

54. A bra >

This simple Dutch braid creates a stunning look that can be worn in the office or at a party. The side bun is an unexpected detail that gives your look an extra feminine touch.

55.Braided bun bun updo

This beautiful braided bun takes more patience. While it’s a continuous braid, each layer is pinned in place to create this flower-like pattern.

56.Bun braided hairstyles

Another flower-like pattern that looks stunning. Ask a friend to help you with this as it may be more difficult to achieve that perfect finish.

57. Elegant braided bun bun updos

The thicker the braids, the more volume your hairstyle will gain. We love this elegant braided bun for women that can be displayed anywhere.

58. Natural braided updos

A braided updo with the loose ends well pinched can go a long way in achieving this studied I-woke-up-this-way look.

59. Gorgeous Twist Bra >

Another beautiful example of a woman’s hairstyle that looks like an effortless piece of art.

60. Five strands of braided updos

Such intricate patterns that use five strands at the same time may require more patience and skill. Still, the results are breathtaking.

61. Side braid updo

A classic updo can add a stylish detail with just one braid. Make sure that the braid doesn’t show too much of the richness of the beautiful curls.

62. Side Parted Bra >

Make a side to add volume to your hair. Braid one side and bring it back to tie your hair in a low knot.

63. Romantic braided updo style

Flirty bangs and a perfect mid-bun. What else do you want? Two delicate twist braids to spice up your hairstyle.

64. Braided updos for short hair

Even if you have shorter hair, you can still wear gorgeous braided updos. You may need more hairpins to stay in place, but the results are worth it.

65. Fishtail Crown Bra >

Fishtail braids have only recently come into the spotlight. It looks like they’re here to stay. They are easy to make and are useful for creating looks that reflect your individuality.

66. Reverse Dutch Bra >

Braid up from the base of your head while maintaining the circular pattern necessary for a successful princess crown.

67. Braided half updo

If you have shorter hair, you can also try braids as a style element to beautify your hairstyle. Take a look from this cute look.

68. Braided goddess updo

We have all seen the films and intricate hairstyles of the actresses who play the roles of Greek or Roman goddesses. Well, it’s really easy to achieve such a look from home.

69. Cute Dutch Bra >

Is Prom Night almost here and you haven’t decided on your hairstyle? One of the sweetest braided updos with a romantic overtone can be your winning ticket.

70. Nice braided updos for weddings

A lush princess crown complemented with several delicate braids can create the perfect boho wedding hairstyle.

71. Twist Bra >

Make a deep side and part your hair in two sections. Use the smaller section to create this cute rope braid and fasten it with a hairpin.

72. Double crown braid. Long hair updo

Such braided updos straight from the red carpet are simply stunning. You can wear them on vacation, at your next party or during the date night and they will always look as fascinating and refreshing as the first time.

73. African American Braided Updos

A rich bundle of box braids in an oversized bun is definitely a statement look. We dare to try this completely braided look, which is classy and edgy at the same time.

74. Thin side Bra >

Two thin braids that delicately accentuate your temples can be all the style elements you need to create a stunning hairstyle.

75. Funky messy braided style

A wealthy Dutch braid that is gently pulled to the sides to free some of the delicate curls creates a romantic, messy look that’s just adorable.

76. Fishtail bra >

But if you’re fit fishtail braids for tougher styles, consider the elegant, chic touch the fishtail braids give this look. The fishtail braids can be used for any look from casual to classy and edgy.

77. Princess Rope Bra >

If you flaunt longer locks, you have to try this updo. Achieving this look will not give you a headache. But your style credits will go through the roof.

78. Fishtail braids crown updo

When it comes to romantic braided updos, this is one of our favorites. All you need is a little patience and a couple of hairpins.

79. Perfect finish Fishtail Bra >

Add an extra style element to your look by using only the side braids for the fishtail braids. Twist them around the low knot and secure them with pins.

80. Gorgeous High Bra >

This hairstyle for women is worth calling an artwork. A sleek, elegant finish makes this floral pattern a remarkable hairstyle and braided updo.


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