8 Stylish and fashionable long hairstyles for school girls

July 28, 2019 — by MCutts0

While school is all about studies, exams, grades, and girls, you know, there is also style and fashion to keep up with the latest trends, isn’t it? While we`re not going to ask you to try the latest red carpet or slope ideas, there is something fashionable we definitely want to try.

If you have long hair and are always ready for school, here are some simple and really stylish hair styling ideas. You won`t take too much of your time and will be too appropriate for school while looking fab. So try and let us know which one you loved!

1. Multiple braids with bangs:

While this is exact Hairstyle for the school can take up new time here’s a simpler and faster version. Part your hair in the middle and create a medium braid hair with just above the forehead. Now take some strands from one side and braid them. Repeat on the other side. Now bring the three braids on the back and tie in a low bangs.

2. Loose p >

Part your hair by the side. Now take all of your hair to the other side and braid it into a loose low braid. If you have bangs, of course, let them fall over your face unless they’re too big and need to be hidden away. In this case try to hold them back with the braid- otherwise mixes with a pen. This is one of the simple hairstyles for long hair for school.

3. Rope braid watch:

A simple hairstyle for long hair for school! This is a great one for summer with this elegant look while being neat. Comb back all the hair and tie in a tight high horse. Now take the hair and braid it, tying it back up at the end. This will work with a spread hairstyle as well as without.

4. Bun Bra >

Again a great one for the summer while being too high on the fashion scale. Comb back all your hair and bundles into a half bun, roll some of them in a bun and leave the rest open. Now take the loose hair and braid it, they tie down at the end.

5. sides of borders half open:

Part your hair in the middle. Now take the front side strands at one end and braid as well as repeat on the other side. Take both the braids on the back and pin over the neck. Leave the rest of the hair open. This help, pulling the hair back from the face and does not look messy.

6. Flip Tail:

Ideal for all ages. Comb your hair to remove any knots and tangles. On the back part of hair in the middle. Turn both sides and bring them on the back, tie them together. Simple and ideal for summer.

7.Sleek ponytail:

While this is already big on the international fashion circuit, this will also be perfect for school. Comb hair neatly and part in the middle or from the side. Bring hair aside and tie in a tight low bangs.

8. Wavy side bangs:

If you have wavy hair or loose curls, you can still go for that one. Comb hair, with a preferred side part. Bring hair aside and tie it in a low bangs, preferably tie it tightly on the waves and curls to prevent it from falling out and becoming messy.

While we’re sure you’ll try some of them, let us know which one you liked best! Also share if you know other school girl hairstyles for long hair.


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