8 most common dress mistakes women make

Every woman strives for the perfect appearance. This is skin care, hair care and a neat stylish manicure. But it is also important to understand the basic rules of combining clothes, because the “wrong” duo can ruin even the most verified image. So what stylish mistakes to avoid in This year?

1. Cocktail dress and shoes

The cocktail dress is intended for evening festive events, corporate events, parties with friends, so pumps are more suitable for it. Even if it’s chilly outside, bring elegant shoes or high heels to change shoes.

2. Dark tights and white shoes

Avoid contrasting combinations. Under dark tights – only dark shoes. For light-colored shoes, flesh-colored tights are suitable, in spring and summer you can do without them.

3. Tights + sandals

The same goes for sandals. Even bodily tights will make the image heavy and funny, and thick colored models are only good for fashion bloggers, that’s their job – to entertain the audience.

4. Shirt dress and shoes!

If the top is short enough, don’t try to ‘stretch’ your shoes towards it. Better think about the option with spring-summer shoes – stylish and not hot.

5. Knee-length boots + knee-length skirt

Do not combine knee-length boots with a knee-length skirt. Such a duo violates the proportions of the female figure, visually makes the legs shorter than they really are.

6. Jeans tucked into high boots

This is generally a controversial position. Many of us are used to putting jeans in our shoes, but since skinny has temporarily left the fashionable scene, it’s better not to risk it.

7. Culottes with sneakers

Culottes have one significant drawback – they hide growth. In combination with sneakers, the model is able to “shorten” even long legs.

8. Pants and pumps

Until recently, tracksuits and classic pumps flashed both at fashion shows and on city streets. Now, on the contrary, all the stars of street style unanimously abandon the absurd combination that basically contradicts the realities of everyday life.