7 Most beautiful braids with step-by-step instructions

Let the braid feeling (l) really begin! Bad Hair Days are over with these image instructions for plait hairstyles. Our editor will guide you step by step to hairstyle happiness.

Hair is our most beautiful accessory. They frame our pretty faces, distract us from small mistakes and last but not least protect us from the sun. Yes, we women love our hair – and with braids we now show them off perfectly. Bye Bad Hair Days. Braids make heads!

With these 7 instructions for braids you have all the strings in your hand:

Simply click on the desired hairstyle. And you land there.

For the braid hairstyles you need:

Braid hairstyle for racy ones: Instructions for the Pony Braid

Can you find the normal ponytail 0815? Then try a pony braid. And what looks like a lot of work is actually a relaxed, 2-minute one têteà-tête.

That’s how it’s done:

1 Start by grabbing a small strand of hair at the front of your forehead on one side of your parting.

2 Braid your hair along one side of your head.

3 Now you can finish braiding the braid and fasten it with a hair tie.

4 Finally, tie your hair together with the braid into a ponytail. It will be most beautiful if you pull your braid apart a little at will.

Classic braid hairstyles: herringbone braid instructions

Worn by stars like Kylie Jenner, Blake Lively or Jennifer Aniston, the herringbone braid is not only a real classic among braided hairstyles, but also very popular. Fortunately, it is also super easy to imitate. We’ll show you.

That’s how it’s done:

1 Divide your hair into two equal strands and hold the two strands of hair in the direction where your herringbone braid should later lie.

2 Hold both strands and split a small strand of hair from the outside of strand A and lay this small strand on strand B..

3 Made it here? Great, then you’ve already got the trick out. Now repeat the same with strand B. Divide a small strand from the outside of strand B and place this separated strand on strand A..

4 Now alternately continue with step 3 until you have reached the end of your hair. Attach your herringbone braid with your transparent hair tie.

5 Finally, pull your braid apart so that it looks as voluminous as possible.

6 As soon as you are satisfied with your volume, your herringbone braid is ready.

braided hair & Combing top bun: Instructions for Half Bun

Now, the absolute It hairstyle for long hair. The Messy Hair Style is super cool and the best thing is, you should even allow yourself mistakes! Because it is exactly the hanging strands and the not straight ironed hair that matters in the half bun.

That’s how it’s done:

1 Separate the upper part of your hair so that you can still wear enough hair open. Put a hair tie in the severed hair piece.

2 Now you can twirl your hair around the hair tie of the ponytail you just created. You can attach the last hair tips with bobby pins. Pluck the resulting bun a little more loosely so that it gets more volume.

3 Now you can make as many braids as you like in the open hair. Whether herringbone or the normal peasant braid, let your creativity run wild.

Twice lasts better: Instructions for the pigtail

That’s how it’s done:

1 For the pigtail, part your hair with a straight parting over the whole head in two even strands of hair.

2 Now separate a section of hair from the strand that you want to braid first.

3 Now braid your hair on one side of the head down along the scalp. To do this, you always add some hair to your braid.

4 Finally, repeat step 3 on the other half of your head.

Romantic braid: Instructions for the crown

Put on the crown! If the freshly washed hair wants to be worn open again, but these annoying strands constantly fall in the face. With this look, you won’t have to laboriously wipe hair from your face the next time there is a gust of wind.

That’s how it’s done:

1 Take a small strand of hair from your forehead on one side of your parting. Start your normal braid routine and stop after the first run.

2 Braid the French braid along a quarter of your head and then braid normally.

3 Thread one braid through the other at the back of the head and fasten the two braids in the threaded place with a bobby pin.

4 Now hide the ends with bobby pins until they are no longer visible.

Braid hairstyle with love: Instructions for the Heart Loop

A special braid hairstyle for special occasions. Or what would be more fitting than appearing at a wedding with heart shaped hair? You can braid or tie this very special highlight for your hair with the Heart Loop.

That’s how it’s done:

1 Take a strand from each side of the head and tie the two strands at the back of the head with a transparent cable elastic.

2 Grab another strand under the strand. When separating the strand, make sure that it is the same thickness like the strand tied up above.

3 Now twist the strand of hair from the outside inwards through the middle of the two strands. Repeat the process on the other side.

4 Now pluck a little and fix it with bobby pins.

Ponytail Braids Instructions: Pimped ponytail!

Pimp my ponytail is the motto of this look. I quickly dubbed this hairstyle horse braids. Because this hair style is all about prettying up the ponytail with a few small braids. The hair elastic covered by the hair further enhances the look.

That’s how it’s done:

1 Tie your hair into a ponytail at the height you like the most.

2 Now you braid so many small braids until you are satisfied with the sight.

3 Take a strand of non-braided hair and twist it around the hair tie until only a small amount piece your strand remains.

4 Now use your bobby pin to fasten the strand close to the scalp. And you’ve already covered your hair tie and created a simple but beautiful braid hairstyle.

Instructions for the French braid

1 Divide a section of hair from the top of your head. Divide them into three strands.

2 Braid the right strand over the middle strand. The right strand is now in the middle.

3 Braid the left strand over the middle strand. The left strand is now in the middle.

4 Now pick up some hair from the right side and add it to the right strand.

5 Braid the right strand again in the middle.

6 Pick up some hair from the left side and add it to the left strand.

7 Braid the left strand in the middle and repeat. Braid to the end.


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