7 Famous, beautiful and rich people with bad breath! Curious zone

It is well known that Hollywood stars are perfect people who have no disadvantages. Your beauty falls on everyone image that we see in the press or on social networks. When they walk the red carpet, their creations are always judged. All looks and cameras are then focused on her perfect hairstyle, her make-up and her new pair of shoes. However, we do not envy the following celebrities for their bad breath, i.e. an uncomfortable suffering, which according to statistics, affects about 50% of adults.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

The actress, who impressed everyone when she debuted in the film The Hunger Games, had a little problem in one of the scenes. Of course, the actress didn’t know that. Her partner Liam Hemsworth informed her that she had the bad breath. However, the actress said that the reason for the bad breath was the food she ate at the location in front of the kissing scene.
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2. Colin Farrell

This handsome actor struggled with his addictions several times. At the age of 17 he was addicted to nicotine and alcohol, but he tried to fight addiction. Unfortunately, bad addiction was the cause of bad breath. At the same time he did therapy to stop the addictions. Even so, bad breath was still one of its characteristic features.

3. Angelina Jolie

She is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her face is recognized wherever she appears, although there are some embarrassing facts that the actress would rather forget. It seems that Angelina doesn’t like kisses. Some of her colleagues say that the actress’ lips are very drooled when they kiss (while filming). However, this is not the worst! Her bad breath is so characteristic that Pitt gave his wife a box of peppermint candies for Valentine’s Day.
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4. Anahi

The rebel with big eyes and a beautiful smile was accused of lacking lip care. It appears that bad breath is characteristic, although it is not associated with digestive problems. Some sources say that Anahi does not eat anything for many hours and therefore does not wash her teeth regularly.

5. Beyonce

The people who defined the bad breath of the star did not say anything. In your opinion, it is a very "smelly" problem. For several years, it was said that Beyonce had the unbearable and uncomfortable breath. It turns out that Behind there is something very uncomfortable hidden in the picture of perfection because the artist still cannot cope with this unpleasant illness.
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6. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck’s secret was revealed by his film partner Sandra Bullock betray. While filming the film "In the Stormy Way", the actress noticed that Ben Affleck’s breath is not pleasant. In fact, every romantic scene has become a real problem because Sandra has always wanted to protect her nose from the strong smell of the actor.

7. Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt’s first wife has the same problem as Angelina. Some of the Hollywood stars who worked with Jennifer Aniston explained that Jennifer had a very characteristic and bad breath. This is probably due to many cups of coffee that the actress drinks every day. As it turned out, Hollywood stars also have their shameful problems that they want to hide at all costs.
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