60 Cool ideas for short blonde hair, new hairstyles

September 21, 2018 — by MCutts0

They say blondes are more fun. Or that gentlemen prefer blondes. Do you think they’re right? We don’t really know if that’s true or not, but what we do know is that short blonde hair is a real craze right now. In other words, before summer starts here and the music festival season begins, you really should jump on this trend.

Here are 60 cool ideas for short blonde hair that will delight you. From celebrities wearing this signature look to cute girls next door, we have it all, so make sure to scroll to the end.

1. The Shaggy Bob

We start our list of short blonde hair ideas with the shaggy bob. All you have to do to replicate this look is a handful of mousse or hair wax and run your fingers through your hair. Aside from that, here are some more shaggy hair ideas for you to check out.

2. The soccer mom short blonde hair

If you need a stylish and practical haircut, you’ve come to the right place. This is a medium sized bob that has been shortened by creating some thin curls. We also love the shiny butterscotch mixed with a cinnamon blonde.

3. The Kate Winslet

The world was on the role of the giantess Kate Winslet in the Titanic attentive, where she wore a characteristic red mane. However, she looks like a real bomb in this photo shoot, with short blonde hair and exaggerated makeup.

4. The Emma Thompson

Although Emma Thompson has made numerous transformations for all of the films she has been in, she likes it short and sweet in her real life. The purple matte makeup is also an asset here.

5. Icy short blonde hair

The great thing about this shade of blonde is that you can combine it with arrogant lipsticks. You can go red for this vintage, but you can also try something more modern plum, green, sour blueberry, and black.

6. The Jennifer Lawrence

When Jennifer Lawrence decided to cut her long locks, she became the perfect bomb. She also colored her short hair blonde and started wearing heavy eye makeup. Yes, she told us that she grew up and that she is full va-va-voom!

7. White short blonde hair

If you want to take a walk on the natural alley, you can try this white blonde shade. It almost looks like it is yours real hair. Make sure to only color your roots and undergrowth a little darker.

8. The Kaley Cuoco

Another hair change that made us all gasp was that of actress Kaley Cuoco. We have her and her long, curly hair on for eight years Seen The Big Bang Theory . Suddenly she had short blonde hair.

9. Short twilight blonde hair

This shade of blonde is called dawn and you can easily see why. However, the trick with this color like this haircut is to darken your roots. Opt for a simple, choppy bob where your hairdresser can finish off your ends with a razor. Don’t try this at home.

10. The long asymmetrical pixie

The pixie cut has been the unsung hero of the past few years. As a result, there are so many variations now that we couldn’t even count them. But we love this one. It’s an asymmetrical pixie cut, longer and more angular on one side.

11. Artistic short blonde hair

If you really want to make an appearance or make an impression, you can always opt for the artistic version of the short blonde hair. You can copy this copy if you’d like, take a picture for yourself, or just let your hairdresser do what he or she does best.

12. The Victoria Beckham

Do you remember when Victoria Beckham was still trying to keep her Spice Girls years? One of the methods she tried was to wear a short and very gelled elf with long bangs. And a lot of lip gloss, let’s not forget that.

13. Tom Boy Short blonde hair

This is a haircut for the books. It’s so nice that you just want to sit down and watch it all day long. However, to add a touch of more feminism, remember to wear oversized jewelry.

14. The Miley Cyrus

Our countdown for big changes continues with none other than pop singer Miley Cyrus. She was still a teenager who decided that since she was an adult she could cut her hair and dye it blonde.

15. The Evan Rachel Forest

Is it just us or has actress Evan Rachel Wood never looked better? Here she wears short blonde hair with a butternut shade on the front and brown sugar around the back.

16. The Kristen Stewart

The world fell in love as Bella in the Twilight- Series in Kristen Stewart. Back then she had dark brown hair that looked almost natural. Since then, however, she has also decided that it is time to grow up and cut her hair and dye it blonde. It’s almost like one template.

17. The Michelle Williams

Since she was in Marilyn Monroe a few years ago My Week with Marilyn portrayed, it has become clear to everyone that Michelle Williams must be the type of girl who has short blonde hair. Please, never change, Michelle!

18. The Christina Aguilera

The wonder singer looks good no matter what she does. Here she is wearing a coarse and multi-layered chin length bob, in a dirty ice shade of the blonde she loves so much. She has also paired it with another great love in her life, heavy makeup.

19. The Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren is the embodiment of class and elegance. Her short blonde hair is actually a mix of London foggy gray and sun-kissed blonde, and her cut is a long and wavy pixie with side-parted bangs.

20. Short blonde hair with purple roots

This is really a combination to die for. This icy hue of platinum blonde, all the long strands and the grape juice, purple at the roots, really come out in a fantastic way.

21. The platinum is still king

Platinum has always been the most popular color among all blonde straps. And it’s not difficult to understand why. See how easy it is to make it how you want.

22. The Taylor Swift

It really looks like country singer Taylor Swift has a face specifically for short blonde hair. She always wears a light natural or macadamia blonde with darker roots and of course the red lipstick that she has admitted to being unable to leave the house for.

23. The balayage short blonde hair

If you want to go balayage, this is the way to do it. Instead of a dry and boring blonde, you can mix a platinum with some arctic nuances, as well as beige and a very light caramel. That way it will look extremely natural.

24. The Meryl Streep

Here is actress Meryl Streep in The devil Wears Prada . She portrayed a character based on Vogue Anna Wintour. However, since the producers did not want to copy the exact haircut of the Modeguru, they gave Meryl this short blonde hair.

25. The Meg Ryan

One of the most iconic short blonde hairstyles in recent decades must belong to Meg Ryan. Back in her heyday, she groomed this very shaggy, long fairy in different shades of blonde.

26. The Anne Hathaway

Although not her most flattering color, Anne Hathaway proved that she can get away with the blonde too. Here she is with a long goblin and a comb, paired with a weakened smoky eye and a bare lip.

27. The Claire Danes

This natural beauty can’t go wrong when it comes to style and makeup. As far as short blonde hair goes, she adopted this gorgeous short bob with natural brown roots and light feathered ends.

28. Freeze over

This is the iconic look for 2016. A bevy of arctic short blonde hair, eyeliner cat eye, a contoured face, matte lips, strong eyebrows and of course a nose ring. We recommend you jump on the trend while it’s still hot.

29. Hazelnut and gold

It’s hard not to fall in love with this color combination. The hazel beige blonde with dark roots looks shiny and natural. If you pair it with sparkling gold earrings and matte purple makeup, you have a winner.

30. Golden rose

If you were to assign a color to it in recent years, it would be that. Golden rose was and is the key to a beautiful look. Don’t be afraid to use it as inspiration for your hair too, especially if you have lighter eyes.

31. The Marilyn Monroe

It would have been impossible to make even a short list of ideas for short blonde hair without having the greatest diva ever, who by the way had short blonde hair. Do you think we could count how many tried to copy their hairstyle? It would probably be easier to count the stars.

32. Curly, short, blonde hair

This is an incredibly easy way to deal with curly hair when you have it. Cut it into a pixie with shaved sides and back, and let some curls run free on your head. All you have to do to style it is some mousse in the palm of your hand and run your fingers through your hair.

33. The Gwyneth Paltrow

Although she loves her long curls as much as the next Rapunzel, actress Gwyneth Paltrow is known for cutting her off from time to time. Here she is at a red carpet event with a very chic and elegant classic bob.

34. The Rosie Huntington Whitely

The supermodel has a facial bone structure to die for. This is the main reason why she can do almost any haircut out there. Including this short blonde. It’s a shoulder-length bob with breathtaking beach waves.

35. The Kate Moss

Another supermodel on our list, Kate Moss hair is one for the books. This dirty sandy blonde perfectly highlights her hazel eyes. Aside from that, the asymmetrical bob has a few shorter strands that gently frame and frame her square face.

36. The Jennifer Aniston

After her Rachel years were over, Jennifer Aniston shifted to a more reserved and elegant look. She hugged a slender bob, lighter and gold, with choppy ends. It suited her well because she has piercing blue eyes and fine hair.

37. Metallic short blonde hair

If you are interested in a dramatic look then we recommend this unique haircut. It is a very short pixie, almost boyish long. However, the masculine mood does not exist thanks to the vintage finger waves. The color is also metallic gold.

38. Undercut short blonde hair

As far as short blonde hair goes, this is one who has to take the cake. It’s a short pixie, with platinum highlights and a shaved undercut. We also love how cool and crisp everything looks, just perfect for the shitty hot summer season.

39. Shaggy and Pink

The first two things that come out when you look at this haircut are how perfectly shaggy it looks and the light pink bangs. The back is faded and ends in a very blunt cut. Ask your hairdresser to do it for you instead of trying at home.

40. The Khloe Kardashian

If you lack inspiration, you can always take a leaf from the Kardashian inspiration book. The girls always have something valuable to show, even when it comes to their hairstyles. Take Khloe and her restless, shoulder-length bob, for example.

41.Blonde, purple, pink and pastel

It’s always a good idea to combine blonde with something because it’s so easy to mix color. For example, you can use a little washed out purple and a little pink and get this unique pastel color that goes well with your natural undercut.

42. The zebra

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of its name. Short blonde hair can be so much more. And this dear woman is here to prove it. She is wearing an ultra-short pixie cut. She also uses her natural hair color and separations to create a zebra pattern on her hair.

43. The asymmetrical pixie

Another way to short blonde hair is the mix between pixie and bob. In other words, you can get the best of both worlds by cutting your hair except for an elf in the back and leaving a big, long bangs in the front.

44. The Alice Lidell

You don’t know who Alice Lidell was? How about Alice? Still no? How about Alice in Wonderland? The little girl who lived in England so many years ago and inspired one of the most famous books of all time had exactly that haircut.

45. The Emeli Sands

The clown- Singer has a characteristic look and that’s it. Obviously it’s short blonde hair and it reminds us a little of pink in her good old days. The sand-colored updo is indeed a fauxhawk, with shaved sides and curls on top.

46. ​​Cartoon blonde

One way to stand out from the crowd this summer is to dye a beautiful blonde blonde. Think Lady Gaga and let her inspire you. Combine it with a line of painted eyebrows and oversized mirror sunglasses and you will really be the beauty of the neighborhood.

47. The total cut

Short blonde hair can also mean the good old buzz cut. On a girl. Yes, we know it’s a little rare to see the fairer sex, but just see how pretty she is. The Disney themed t-shirt is for just as good, so why not go for both at the same time?

48. Scarlet Johansson

Nowadays, ScarJo has short blonde hair, which means that she is close to Emeli Sande. But we didn’t choose this. Instead, we chose this amazing red-blonde vintage updo that she wore for a red carpet. Nobel!

49. The melon cat

You might recognize this haircut as the melon cat. And you’d be right. It looks exactly like this. Aside from the fact that it’s totally artistic, architectural, choppy, layered, asymmetrical, and only about two tons of fantastic style.

50. Grunge short blonde hair

Grunge is all about the messy, dirty blonde combined with all sorts of washed-out, crazy colors, like this neon green that used to be neon, but now it’s just oh! so Courtney Love grungy.

51. 60s short blonde hair

And when we talk about Courtney Love, here’s a look from the 90s. The choppy bob with a little pink here and there and that has almost no product, the short pony to the left and right of the forehead, the nose ring and of course the black Nirvana T-shirt.

52. The Rachel McAdams

There’s a reason why Rachel McAdams was chosen to be the queen of the cool girl Regina George in Play Mean Girls . It is pretty much beyond doubt. Long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, blonde, brunette, pink, pastel, she can pull everything off.

53. The dark Mia Farrow

No, not the dark actress, but the darker shade of Mia Farrow’s short blonde hair. This is a deep shade of honey mixed with just a hint of chestnut and amber to give it that shiny surface that we all know and love. Ask your stylist how you can get this lush color.

54. The perfect elf

We had pixies on pixies. But that has to be perfect. It just has that wonderful 60s vibe, along with a very strong feminine vibe that is exactly what a pixie cut needs to do its magic.

55. Courtney love

We circle it again just to find it in the flesh this time. It’s the queen of grunge herself, Courtney Love, with her famous short blonde hair. Indeed, her hairstyle is so famous that you can see what it looks like even in this black and white painted photo.

56. Wavy short blonde hair

If you want to copy this look, you’ll need to take out your old curling iron. Use some mousse to give the hair a little texture. Aside from that, you can also braid your hair overnight. In the morning, loosen the loose braids and you will be left with this brilliant result.

57. The Kitsune House

This is a New Wave sheet from the Maison Kitsune Spring Summer 2014 lookbook. The short blonde hair of the model looks almost fried at the ends, as if she had spent far too much time with the curling iron in her hands. We also love the silk scarf and retro sunglasses.

58. The long bob

The great thing about such a simple hairstyle is that it highlights both your natural properties and your natural beauty. If you have that praise or long bob, part your hair sideways and shovel it behind your ears to always showcase your cheekbones.

59. Two tones

Even if you want short blonde hair, it doesn’t mean it’s around your head. Take this example. The sand mixed with platinum blonde rests majestically on the top, while the model’s natural hair color can be seen underneath.

60. The cinnamon blonde bob

Not all blondes are typical white blondes, as we are used to, so we saved the best in the end. Try something different in this hot season if you really want to stand out from the crowd. Opt for short blonde hair, but in a delicious cinnamon-caramel color!


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