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by omermuhtarPublished 26 September 2018Updated 30 November 2018

Feel a "short hair, no matter"! Vibe sneaks up on you? Are you sick and tired of the hardcore care that thick hair needs if it’s kept long? Trust your instincts and explore short haircuts for thick hair! With just the right hairstyle for your texture, you can On walk the wild side and flaunt short locks with confidence. Start with some of our favorites below!

1. Nice short haircuts for thick hair

Bobs are one of the best haircuts ever that do justice to thick hair. Although we’ve talked about bob haircuts for fine hair, we want to assure you that they work amazingly well for thick hair too. For a playful approach, the bob from this photo should provide a lot of inspiration.

2. Choppy haircuts

If you want your hairstyle to be pumped with attitude, always think of an edgy haircut. As far as short haircuts for thick hair are in discussion, the way to go is choppy. You can achieve this effect by cutting your hair into dramatic layers in key areas.

3. Short haircuts for thick wavy hair

Our girls with thick and wavy hair are among the happiest ever. The main reason for this is that thanks to the generous texture, her strands go wonderfully with almost every short haircut. This is a longer choppy haircut that confirms our claim.

4. Low maintenance hairstyles

Do you never spend enough time on your hands? We don’t seem to be doing that either. We recommend a smart hairstyle that requires as little maintenance as possible. Skip the bangs and rock a bob haircut so you don’t have to style for an hour every morning.

5. Sassy short haircuts for thick hair

If you’re just into posture, a short and cheeky haircut is exactly what you need to express your personality through your look. One of the boldest short haircuts for thick hair out there is the pixie cut. For an edgy boost, leave your bangs longer and styled to the side.

6. Short bob hairstyles for thick hair

In addition to pixie hairstyles, short bobs are among the most popular hairstyles that flatter thick hair. Not only are they super easy to maintain in the long run, they also go with thicker locks. You can play sports with or without a pony.

7. Long bob hairstyles

However, that doesn’t mean that long bobs can’t cause problems for short ones. If you’re looking for a medium length haircut for your thick hair, the Lobo is irreplaceable. Play around with the length until you get the results you want.

8. Blunt hairstyles

While choppy hairstyles are all the rage this year, blunt hairstyles are just as popular. What’s even cooler is that a blunt haircut doesn’t mean you won’t get the messy effects of choppy hair. All you have to do is add layers to your hairstyle.

9. Short Spiky haircuts for thick hair

Not afraid to get shorter than ever? Dare to be the center of attention with a spiky haircut! While these are some of the most radical short haircuts for thick hair on our list, they’re great for brave and fearless women.

10. Undercut hairstyles

Change the notch effect with an undercut for your short hairstyle! Regardless of whether you cut the lower part of your hair extremely short or shave it off completely, this is certainly a haircut that will not go unnoticed.

11. Short layered haircuts for thick hair

For women with fine hair who yearn for a more natural volume, layers are usually our guide. However, this ingenious cutting technique works to highlight the current volume that you have with thick locks.

12. Back spike hairstyles

If you don’t want to leave your hair just an inch or two long, you can only spike part of it. Women with longer pixie hairstyles can spice them up by making their way to a hairstyle that is peppered in the back.

13. Feathered hairstyles

To continue our idea of ​​the main role that the layers play in a great haircut, here’s another style that will prove our point of view. You can talk to your hairdresser about a feathered approach to your layered haircut for a fascinating shape.

14. Short haircuts for thick hair and round faces

Women with round faces are often faced with the challenge of choosing short hairstyles. You need to find one that complements your face shape, sometimes taking off the sides. This pixie-bob mix will do an excellent job in this case.

15. Professional short haircuts for curly thick hair

Curly hair can sometimes become a pain, especially if it’s cut short. How do you know what the best short hairstyle for curly and thick hair is? This office-possible hairstyle gets a 5-star rating from us, with strategic layers that hold the curls wonderfully in place.

16. Mohawk hairstyles

In the mood to channel your inner rock star? You can change the style of P! Always look for inspiration, especially if you have thick hair and want a short and edgy haircut. Go all over with a super cool mohawk cut.

17. Short to medium haircuts for thick hair

Here’s another idea for women who want a short-medium haircut. The hairstyle here is about shoulder length, with an abundance of layers to accentuate the thick locks. We also love how the lowlights bring the whole look to life.

18. A line of bobs

It’s obvious that we’re head over heels in love with bobs, from blunt versions to lobs and more. Among them we want to illuminate the A-Line Bob. Also known as an angled bob, this alternative is a dream come true for women who want a noble but open-minded hairstyle.

19. Vintage haircuts for short thick hair

Who doesn’t appreciate a timeless hairstyle? Though retro-inspired, this wavy bob delivers a polished result that will never go out of style. It is ideal for women with thick and wavy curls who are also enthusiastic about vintage style.

Would you like to attract with elegance? You can easily do this through a well-planned short haircut, especially if you have thick hair. One approach we recommend is this long pixie haircut, sprinkled with layers all around. Throw it aside and kill it!

21. Thick S >

What better way to pop your hairstyle than with a flawless bangs? There are numerous ways you can design your style, but one of our favorites is the completely side-groomed look. It goes very well with any short haircut, like this cute bob.

22. Short haircuts for thick coarse hair

We cannot stress enough how many layers are important for a glamorous look. If your thick hair bends towards the coarse side, you can be sure that the hairstyle will be kept in layers. As a side note, the shorter your coarse hair is, the easier it is to care for.

23. Short haircuts for thick hair and oval faces

After covering round faces, we would like to give our ladies a few pointers with an oval shape. Pixie haircuts are excellent for this type of face. In fact, it’s arguably the most flattering face shape of all for this hairstyle. The layered pony is the icing on the cake for this charming look.

24. Ruffled hairstyles

Don’t be afraid to get messy with your thick locks! If you haven’t noticed the messy hair trend, you’ve probably had the past year or two under a Rock lived. All jokes aside, you can’t go wrong with chin-length hair that’s fabulously disheveled.

25. Full bangs for thick hair

We are again with another significant advantage that thick hair comes with: wealth . While women with fine hair can pull off blunt bangs, no one rocks them like women with thick hair. You will enjoy full bangs gracefully laying on your forehead.

26. Short haircuts for women over 50 with thick hair

There are few women over 50 who can have a youthful look like Kris Jenner. The head of the Kardashian clan proves that you should always be brave with your style, regardless of age. Your signature hairstyle is distinctive.

27. Edgy Short Haircut Styles for Thick Hair

Hitting the razor for your hairstyle takes a lot of courage no matter how determined you are. However, if you get a razor pixie cut like this, you will glow afterwards. Edgy personalities equally deserve edgy hairstyles.

28. Statement hairstyles

If you want to take your overall look to the next level, your bold hairstyle comes across a statement. You can experiment with different colors, cuts, layers and practically everything else your imagination cooks for. Wear it with confidence!

29.Afro hairstyles

Tapered hairstyles are not only adorable, but also very flattering for women with afro-textured hair. If you want to rock your natural curls in a stunning way, you should go for a pompadour-inspired rejuvenated haircut. Don’t forget the dazzling smile to check everything off.

30. Simple short haircuts for thick straight hair

Another easy-care look that you are sure to love if you have straight hair is this choppy bob. Assuming your hair is usually straight, you should have no trouble styling and grooming it. Over time, it will grow gracefully into a chic shoulder-length hairstyle.

31. Shape-friendly hairstyles

When it comes to funky shapes, when it comes to hairstyles, you definitely need to check this look. The fact that your hair is thick will pull it in nicely, and the curved edge ensures a remarkable hairstyle.

32. Very short haircuts for thick hair

Another super short haircut for girls with thick hair is the textured pixie with short bangs. This type of artistic hairstyle has a unique fascination, with a feeling of mystery and romance. Give it a try if you want a mesmerizing look.

33. Highlights for thick hair

Would you like to upgrade your thick hair even more? There is no better way than playing with colors. For a natural approach, remember to get some highlights to bring a little sunshine to your curls. Blonde streaks on brown hair will always be appropriate.

34. Medium short haircuts for thick hair

Shoulder-length hairstyles are popular among girls with thick hair for several reasons. First, they add a fresh touch to your look. Second, the hair is long enough to style with braids or ponytails. Third, it can help you move on to longer locks. What more could you want?

35. Young pixie cuts

It’s striking how some haircuts, commonly referred to as "boyish", are as feminine as hairstyles can be. Here you can admire a pixie haircut inspired by the classic bowl cut that boys get when they are young. The results are spectacular!

36. Inverted bobs

If you are neither choppy bobs nor blunt, you can play around with inverted bobs. Given the fact that you have thick hair, the reverse cutting will allow it to fall into place and frame your face wonderfully.

37. Short haircuts for thick black hair

We love the twist of this pixie hairstyle. What makes it breathtaking is the styling of the short bangs. You will not only be turned aside, but also up for a truly dynamic result.

38. Short pixie haircuts for thick hair

You have certainly noticed the main patterns in short haircuts for thick hair: pixie haircuts and bobs. This version of a pixie is adorable, edgy and classy in one, and creates a hairstyle that lets heads go anywhere.

39. Angled Lobs

Long bobs can be worn in different ways. If you cut your hair at a slight angle, you are sure to get a "wow" effect. This shows that even the smallest details can make all the difference for a hairstyle.

40. Short haircuts with bangs for thick hair

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous combo. The hairstyle is full of posture, from the sturdy layering to the short bangs in the front. Aside from the tousled shape, another aspect that makes the look seem sensible is the discreet side curvature of the bangs.

41.Pastel hairstyles

What about color mixes that allow you to make the most of your thick locks? Balayage hairstyles are trending more than ever, especially those that mix pastels. This coloring technique emphasizes your thick strands and gives your look a touch of color.

42. Short stacked haircuts for thick hair

When the layers are stacked on top of each other, your hairstyle will get more volume than ever. It’s not that you need drastic volume gain if you have thick hair; It’s just that it leads to a really appealing hairstyle. We also like the funky purple stripes!

43.Dynamic hairstyles

If you like a hairstyle that expresses dynamism, this is the look for you. It’s an original version of the traditional pixie with lots of short layers, all styled forward. The result is structured and dynamic as it can be.

44. Short hairstyles for thick frizzy hair

Curly hair can prove a blessing one day and a curling curse the next. Instead of trying to tame your frizzy locks, hug them! This type of hairstyle brings the best out of your curls thanks to the layering and messy bangs.

45. Artistic hairstyles

If you have high fashion, art, and everything else in your heart, you can incorporate that into your hairstyle. For example, you can finish your neck hair with a dynamic design, like the shaved one in the photo above.

46. ​​Outgrown Pixie Cuts

There are more than enough reasons why pixie haircuts are so popular. The fact that they grow so wonderful is certainly one of them. When moving from a pixie to a bob, you can style your hair in a similar way to make the look unforgettable.

47. Short asymmetrical haircuts for thick hair

Asymmetry is an excellent way to differentiate yourself from the crowd. While it’s a bold haircut, it also has a touch of sophistication that makes you shine. Feel free to make the asymmetry as discreet or dramatic as you like.

48. Short edgy haircuts for thick hair

Bring the spikes! This is another example of how you can spike your short and thick hair. It’s definitely not a hairstyle that is suitable for everyone, but rebellious girls or those with colorful personalities will look great.

49. Finger waves

Let’s go back in time for this delicate hairstyle. Finger waves were on Got to in the 20s and 30s, and this hairstyle has stood the test of time with no problems. Technology is being adopted more than ever today, especially for women with thick hair.

50.Shaggy hairstyles

This shaggy hairstyle also has a special sense of innocence mixed with mystery. Basically, it’s a shaggy haircut that’s ideal for thick hair. The full side swept bangs also make it a wonderful haircut for those looking for an emo or scene hairstyle. Anyway, it shines!

51. Lowlights in short hairstyles

Regardless of your age, LowLights can add great value to any short hairstyle. You can play with gray undertones if you are a senior, but you can also apply the technique to all hair colors. The definition and dynamic will look great.

52. Short haircuts for thick hair with a shaved side

Here’s another cool short haircut for our rebellious girls. You can rock your thick, chopped locks and shave your hair on one side of your head. Indeed, you can face some challenges as you grow it, but the magnificence is worth it.

53. Hipster haircuts

Are you attracted to feminine, Parisian short hairstyles for thick hair? All you have to do is wild with short, flirtatious, choppy layers. Let the bangs be a bit shorter to get the European hipster vibe you’re aiming for.

54. Merma >

We talked about pastel short haircuts for thick hair, but what if you experiment with the mermaid trend? Essentially, you take the tones from a multi-pastel balayage and make them lighter. Cooler tones work best for mermaid hairstyles.

55. Thick curly hair with straight bangs

Last but not least, you can take your short haircut to the next level by playing around with textures. If you have naturally curly hair, you can straighten the bangs to get a fascinating combination. You can also curl the main part of your hair if your curls are naturally straight.


In summary, we are glad that we helped you inspo with your short haircuts for thick hair. Our personal selection will definitely put you on the right track to find the top hairstyle that flatters your jealous thick locks. Once you’ve done your makeover, you should drop by and tell us your story in the comments!


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