55 Noble short haircuts for women 2020 – inspiring hairstyles, hairstyles and color trends for women

A woman who has turned 50 is still well-groomed and stylish – thanks to stylists, beauticians and hairdressers.

With the help of a correctly selected anti-aging haircut for a woman from 50 years, it is possible to correct some natural and age-related imperfections in the face, throw it off for a few years and sometimes correct the changes in the figure.

The important thing here is choice of the master on whose abilities these magical changes depend.

55 Noble short haircuts for women

When choosing a haircut, a woman should pay attention to the following factors:

It is better to opt for a medium length of hair, as long hair at this age is not always characterized by its former beauty and health. If the customer is a happy owner of strong and thick hair, you can try to discuss an option for the haircut with the master – while maintaining the length but shortening the individual strands
Don’t be afraid of bangs!

In contrast to prejudices, a well-groomed, elegant pony is suitable for young girls as well as customers in the Balzac age. Do not choose a haircut that requires constant styling with special tools. Varnishes are constantly prone to hair health problems and even an allergic reaction. Choosing the color of an appropriate color (this should be done together with a hairdresser) – a requirement for a quality haircut care is ongoing (and is not limited to a one-off trip to the salon).

It is advisable to use professional hair masks and ampoules, regularly apply nourishing oils and moisturizing sprays. This helps to maintain the health and attractiveness of the hair and thus the image of "youth and freshness".

At the beginning of the age of 50, women find that the old, well-groomed haircut no longer emphasizes the advantages and displays the defects unsuccessfully (what was not so noticeable in the eye suddenly attracts more attention).

And if previously unkempt curls gave the woman charm and originality, today they point to new wrinkles and excessively fine facial features. The same thing happens with short hairstyles (which means that the widespread belief that shortened hairstyles after 50 are "young" and suitable for everyone is fundamentally wrong).

Conventional attitudes such as "Long hair is best worn by young, fresh girls" are gradually losing ground and giving way to the professional view of stylists and hairdressers who argue with one voice that everything depends primarily on the individual facial features and figures of every woman.

For a woman who has passed the fifty-year milestone, choosing the right haircut and hair color is of paramount importance to solve two problems at once: overpaint the gray hair and reduce a couple (or even a dozen).

Some common rules are still relevant today:

It is better to postpone the use of red and red colors (and their hues) as they emphasize dull skin and an uneven complexion (the exception is only for happy owners of natural hair colors).

A good choice is coloring your hair in blonde – light tones soften the sharp lines of the face, hide the age and emphasize the color of the eyes. It is preferable to pay attention to the warm types of honey, except cold colors (they do not remove age-related changes and take several years).

A dark color is also acceptable – provided the expression refers to a chestnut palette. But black in all variations is best avoided – this means that "stimuli" such as a blurred facial contour, earthy skin and age lines come to the fore.

Important! Customers who are not at all afraid to have natural gray hair can experiment with silver and fashionable ash tones and produce an unusually bright color without changing the image sharply. For similar purposes, you can use special tint shampoos and masks – then the need for ammonia paints completely disappears.

The selection of haircuts is based on the picture

When choosing a hairstyle, a woman should not only pay attention to the proportions of the face, but also to the type and characteristics of the figure, since a harmonious picture can be obtained if the details of the appearance as a whole are combined.

Some patterns experienced hairdressers:

slim women who have managed to maintain girlish proportions will look attractive with short "boyish" hairstyles – that looks stylish and brings a little "hooliganism" into the picture; Bob or elongated bob would also be a good choice.
Women with an asthenic, thin body can

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