53 Popular ponytail hairstyles for girls

April 13, 2020 — by MCutts0

Ponytails are a chic way to keep the style trimmed and pretty. This hairstyle is the most desirable, as it strengthens the personality and gives the wearer a fresh, younger feeling. The younger ones women also prefer it as it is easy to style and easy to maintain. This hairstyle is versatile can be worn anywhere with any type of hair. If you wear less hair or thinner hair – a ponytail can transform your personality. We`ve listed 54 most sought after popular ponytails hairdos for you to try.

Her hair sported into a bangs behind has always been feminine and noble. We have been doing this since school.

Here we present 53 different hairstyles in ponytails that you just have to try now. Try to make them look adorable.

1. Ponytails with curls hairstyle

Do you have a party to attend? Try this out.

Things needed:

  • hairbrush
  • Rat tail comb
  • Volumising spray or gel
  • hair spray
  • Curling irons
  • Hair elastic bands
  • Blow dryer with a blow dry nozzle and teaser nozzle

How do I do it?

  • Comb your hair back and tie an elastic to keep it in a tall horse.
  • Use gel or spray to tame wild strands here and there.
  • Use a styling comb to comb the top 2-3 inches of the pony’s elastic.
  • Tie the fluffed bangs to the elastic like a little bun with another elastic band.
  • Use a large barrel of iron and make curls on the rest of your bangs.
  • Spray some fixing spray like tresseme`. Take one or two fibers from curly hair and tie the little bun in circles to give extra effect.
  • Don’t forget to secure with pens.

2. Ponytail with a puff hairstyle

A sexy retro party pony, perfect for that special evening.

Things needed:

  • Little brush
  • scrunchy
  • Hair powder or spray to give some texture to the hair,

How do I do it?

  • If you have medium long hair then this is a good hairstyle with a retro touch.
  • Comb your full hair backwards
  • Take the front area at the top of your head and comb it backwards to fluff it. Use some hairspray to keep the puffed up look.
  • Wear some gel hold to get each strand of hair off the sides and tame the puffed look a little.
  • Tie a high horse and secure with an elastic band

3. High bangs hairstyle

Things needed:

  • hairbrush
  • rubber band
  • Bobby pins

How do I do it?

  • Comb your hair backwards
  • Tie a high horse and put on with an elastic.
  • Take a section of the bangs and use an elastic to cover it with hair. Secure it with hairpins.
  • You can then add another effect by tying another elastic band 2-3 inches below

You’re done!

4. High wavy bangs hairstyle with bangs

If you are someone who doesn`t like to leave hair flowing here and there then this hairstyle is perfect for you:

Things needed:

  • hairbrush
  • rubber band
  • Bobby pins

How do I do it?

  • Get a front fringe hairstyle from a living room, but make sure it fits your face.
  • Now every time you do a high bangs, give the ponytail hair some large barrel iron curling and then comb it out. The curls fall and set in waves when the comb to them.
  • Use some hairspray to adjust them.

5.Braided ponytail hairstyle

A good combination of braids and a tall horse can have a stunning look.

Things needed:

  • hairbrush
  • rubber band
  • hair gel
  • hair spray

How do I do it?

  • Tie a high bangs attached with elastic bands.
  • You can also separate part of the hair and make a bump.
  • Cover the top of elastic band with a small section of ponytail hair. Wrap it in circles over the band. Secure with the hair and hairpins.
  • Run a normal braid at the top and tighter towards the top below
  • Take a thin section and wrap it around the last elastic band that will hold your hairstyle.

Now that you have an idea of ​​how to create different, edgy and fashionable ponytails, we have more styles for you that are as simple as 1,2,3. These styles are easy to exercise, hassle free and be sure they`re sure to make you look every bit of glam queen that you are!

6. Shiny Brown Wavy Ponytail

The shiny brown ponytail has shiny essence too. The short ponytail is edgy and has a wavy flair too. The ponytail is colored with golden brown tones and has a graceful vibe.

7. Ombre short ponytail

The short ponytail is colored in golden blackish colors and made with a subtle messy mood. The thin bangs on the front give the ponytail the required edge.

8. Platinum long ponytail

The platinum ponytail is edgy and chic. The style is done by flaunting the long tail on the side, which indicates the long straight strands. The ponytail is pretty and elegant.

9. Black short ponytail

The ponytail is worn high on the crown, which makes it nervous and springy. The hairstyle offers a cheerful and elegant atmosphere.

10. Golden ponytail

The golden ponytail is done with a knotty edge and tied with a tousled creature. The style has edgy ombre character.

11. Short high curls

This short ponytail has been tied into a high ponytail with curly hair. The style is cute and funky.

12. Edgy ponytail

This nervous ponytail is done by gathering long wavy hair into a high rise ponytail. The ponytail is tied smooth and tight for a mesh look.

13. Sleek Ombre ponytail

The low base ponytail with an ombre-colored zeal. The ponytail has a slim and edgy nature too. The trimmed edges even give a stylish and sober impression.

14. Side ponytail

The side ponytail is made with a side sweep mode. The ponytail is flaunted on the side to enhance the sleek lower part.

15. Mid Parted Ponytail

The ponytail is styled with a central parting that adds the added benefit of the hairstyle. The style is done with an edgy slim bang that contours the face on one side.

16. Messy tail

The messy tail has a stylish and edgy feel. The jet black ponytail has a ruffled flair that adds to the charm of the hairstyle.

17.Wavy ponytail

The wavy ponytail consists of a high ponytail with wavy edges. The black medium length bangs have soft waves on the edges for a delicate and soft touch.

18th wavy side ponytail

The dark brown side ponytail is edgy and chic. The elegant side hairstyle has soft and wavy flair too. The hairstyle is styled with a side part.

Golden puff ponytail

The golden puffed ponytail is elegant and gives a classy appeal to the hairstyle. The style is edgy and smart.

20.Sleek ponytail

The sleek and long ponytail is edgy and tied at a higher note that pep factor to give the style. The ponytail is tied with a neat and elegant finesse.

21. Side banged ponytail

The hairstyle is made of ponytails with a sleek elegance. The side bangs are parted in the front, which provides an elegant and delicate appeal to the face.

22. Long ponytail

The black long ponytail is dressed in ruffled overseas races that enhance the simple and straight style. The ponytail is done on a low basis.

23. Side long ponytail

The hairstyle consists of long black curls gathered into a ponytail. The ponytail is on display on one side, which gives a fanned appeal to the strands. The style looks edgy with the midsection and subtle twists on the front on both sides.

24. Overlapped tail

The hair is gathered at the sides and at the back. The top hair is taken on the back and tied into a ponytail. The texture is angular and smooth.

25.Short white ponytail

26. Long-lined ponytail

The long fringe ponytail is black colored and is enhanced by the thick long fringe that gives the hairstyle a voluminous detail. The style is edgy and pretty.

27. Mid Parted Ponytail

The middle parted ponytail is blonde colored and gives a funky and nervous allure. The hairstyle is done with a smooth and neat texture.

28. Braided ponytail

The braided ponytail has a shiny and edgy detail too. One side braid greatly enhances the style. The style has a neat tousled texture which is enhanced when flaunted on the side.

29. Ruffled feathers

The ponytail has a ruffled feathery style that is reinforced on one side by the chic wavy bangs. The subtle messy fullness of the back give plenty of detail on the hairstyle.

30. Blonde ponytail

The blonde ponytail is in a ruffled manner. The side ponytail looks like an incomplete bun that has evolved into an elegant ponytail. The bangs on the front give an edgy and chic atmosphere.

31. Curvy banged ponytail

The curvy popped ponytail has an edgy and chic. The style is neatly done with a loose one strand bang to lining the face giving it an unfussy touch.

32.Side swept ponytail

The side swept ponytail is ruffled with lower layers to give an elegant and soft appeal. The style also helps you look younger. The hairstyle offers a fresh and youthful atmosphere to wearer’s persona.

33. Longed Edgy Fringes

The fringes are with longer sides and have a smooth and shiny finesse too. The style is done with a middle part that enhances the edge. The fringes give a voluminous detail to the ponytail. The tail is made of soft wavy layers.

34. Side ponytail

The side ponytail is done with an edgy and casual being. The hair is done by backcombing doing it on one side like a side part and then doing a ponytail on the side. The dual-colored hairstyle has an elegant and funky appeal.

35. Subtle phew

The puff is subtle on the top so much that you see a mild bump that goes along the way in giving the hairstyle the required style support. The ponytail is a smart and fashionable attraction due to the low pouf.

36. Shiny Caramel Brown ponytail

The ponytail is colored in caramel highlights. The hairstyle has a shimmering and shiny effect on it, which in turn improves the thick wavy hair.

37. combed sleek side

The smooth side parted ponytail is edgy and offers a detailed look at it. The style is done with an edgy side part that includes the bangs to be styled on the side. The ponytail is straight iron and is deep black colored to give a shiny and classy atmosphere.

38. The Edgy Bump

The bump done in this hairstyle gives another allure to make the ponytail glamorous. The bump is higher and provides a sharper feel for the hairstyle. The medium length black ponytail has the sophisticated sophisticated look with this style.

39. ruffled ponytail

The ponytail is done by tying the messy textured rude hair into a neat bangs. The tail, as usual, has the main crimped character, while the top is neatly combed.

40. The top knots fall

The ponytail falls like a fountain or a waterfall erupts from below. The style is done in two tone edgily and has soft wavy appeal to it.

41. Wavy Edgy ponytail

The wavy edgy ponytail is chic and has a sensual passion for it. The thick loose bangs that contour the face provide a thick voluminous detail on the hair.

42. Ombre ponytail

Ombre side ponytail is made with a straight and slim vibe. The hair is done with a neat and smooth finesse.

43. Curly long ponytail

The side ponytail is done with curly and frizzy flair. The top is neatly done with a side part and is completely stylish and elegant.

44. Puffed ponytail

The puffed up ponytail has a larger bump at the top, which then improves the frizzy bottom. The curls ensure a gentle appeal to the personality.

45. Fairytale style

The ponytail is similar to Disney Princess Jasmine’s ponytail. The wavy ponytail has a thick shiny wavy flair too. The style is loosely made which allows the elegantly done bangs to fall out freely.

46. ​​Short crisp

The ponytail is done by gathering the medium-sized hair into a loose ponytail side. The side ponytail is easy to wear and perfect for a college day style or a market style.

47. Unequal trimmed

The ponytail features unevenly layered bangs that offer an appeal to the face. The hairstyle has a ruffled wavy structure that gives a softer detail.

The side ponytail is dressed in dry messy overseas races. The thick rough bang drapes over the eye and gives a voluminous detail to the hairstyle.

49. round shaped ponytail

The thick ponytail consists of edgy detail on the front and a finer detail on the front. The ponytail gets a round shape due to the thick shimmering essence of the hair.

50.Blue Hued

The ponytail is soaked in innumerable shades of blue. The style is funky and playful, perfect for a Mardi Gras style

51. Regal Elegance

The ponytail is simple and effortless. The style is edgy and elegant. The golden hued ponytail exudes elegance in simplicity.

52. Braided ponytail

The side braid offers a different mood in the hairstyle. The ponytail is edgy and elegant. The braid is to be secured around the ponytail. The style becomes the braidy edge in this hairstyle.

53. Shiny blonde ponytail

The shiny ponytail is edgy and full of shine. The poker straight hair is medium length and gives a simple elegance to it.

The ponytail is short and cute. The style is done on white hair that has a shiny sheen too. The ponytail done on a sloping edge is pretty and innocent.

We have listed 53 best variations. If you have any suggestions, feel free to write to us, commenting below. We appreciate your feedback.


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