50-year-old women who follow these 7 rules look younger than others!

It has been scientifically proven that modern women over 50 look younger and more beautiful than before. Life expectancy is increasing. The quality of life is improving day by day. In addition, women have learned that by following a few simple rules, they can always stay young and beautiful.

Good haircut
You need to take care of your hair, because the hairstyle sets the tone for the entire styling. Creams, masks, conditioners, oils and natural serums can help you in this regard. And don’t forget to get a haircut. After 50 years, bob and pixie haircuts on medium to short hair are recommended as they rejuvenate and refresh the face.

The right bra
Leave expensive underwear for special occasions, and for everyday use it is better to buy a good seamless option that will properly support the chest. Underwear with a slight slimming effect – of course not around the chest – should also be in your wardrobe.

Healthy skin tone
The most beautiful hairstyle, the most fashionable outfit and the best makeup can be overshadowed by neglected, sore and dry skin. To get started, follow basic hygiene rules, and if problems persist, see a specialist. And instead of heavy makeup, it’s better to choose a good foundation.

Rejuvenating sunglasses
Choose a model that will visually lengthen your face and wear them all year round, even in winter. It is naive to think that the sun is less dangerous in winter. Additionally, the glasses protect your skin from ultraviolet rays that affect the health of your skin.

Mid-heeled shoes
These shoes will give you self-confidence, visually lengthen your legs and stretch your figure. Western women love mid-heeled shoes because they are super stylish and healthy for both the back and the foot. By the way, shoes with a smooth sole are just as harmful as shoes with too high a heel.

Contemporary clothes
Wear what suits you now, not what was fashionable 20 years ago or clothes for young people. Forget about ruffles, provocative dresses, childish prints and other clothes for 18-year-old girls. A confident woman who knows her true value will accept her age and approach the situation with dignity.

Complete your outfit with accessories. Experiment with contemporary pieces. Unfortunately, no matter how elegant they are, classic accessories age a woman’s face. The new accessories, on the other hand, will surely add a modern charm.