50 punk wavy hairstyles

Are you looking for some completely exclusive styles for your wavy hair? To punk and make the difference. This is the easiest and the coolest way to look edgy yet special from every single aspect. And guess what! You don`t have to seek the help of a stylist to flaunt such hairstyles. Check out 50 amazing punk wavy hairstyles that you can try out effortlessly:

Best 50 Punk Wavy Hairstyles:

1. Highlighted Super Long Waves:

Punk doesn’t necessarily mean to be short. Take a look at these medium separated blonde waves with lights and dark roots and you will fall in love almost immediately with this quirky mysterious look.

2.Messy voluminous wavy bob with fringes:

This wavy cheek long bob with thick and long front fringes is highly topped to give a very voluminous angular shape. Keep the punk look maintained by the chaotic surface.

3.High wavy copper-red ponytail with peach fringes:

Get your long hair bright iridescent copper colored red and create a perfect contrast by the long front fringe of peach. Now twist the copper red area in a high ponytail and let the stripes rest on your forehead.

4. Sizzling ombre waves with middle part:

Ombre, punk is still extremely trendy. Here the medium-length wavy layered locks are parted in the middle and ombred from deep black to dark brown to light reddish brown with a real high-gloss finish.

5. Long p >

This playful combination of deep pink and electric blue is just ideal for recreating a loud punk look. Wear it on your long layered wavy hair if you’re sure enough to pull it off rightly.

6. Short-wave-shaped pixie with structured layers:

When it comes to rocking a punk look in the sexiest way, nothing can beat a short wavy pixie. Pick out the golden blonde color with ash green hue and add texture to the layers for a flawless look.

7. Cool blonde waves with dark stripes and highlights:

Look strikingly different by choosing an amazing contrast of colors for your long wavy hair. Platinum blonde is used as the basic color, while the stripes are colored deep black and a certain part of the waves is also highlighted by them.

8. Bright Yellow Waves with Puffy Front:

Not everyone can go for a bright yellow hair color. But if you are one with a unique taste for fashion, give this hairstyle a try. just puff the top front hair up and attach it to the back. You’re done.

9. Light purple folded waves with shaved sides:

Give the Mohawk hairstyle a punk twist by pleating and wavy hair pinning in the top front and letting the free ends swing over your forehead. The light purple shadows and almost shaved sides made the style great.

10. Highly structured waves with shaved sides:

Here’s another cool version of the Mohawk, in which the sides are roughly shaved and the medium blonde hair extensively creates height, teased, and volume. Put the look through sprtizing hairspray.

11. Messy and Airy rolled back waves:

Give your ash brown bob with golden hues a cool casual look of mousse on it and roll it back in an unorganized way. Keep it loose and airy due to the smoothing skipping and a messy flair add to complete the look.

12.Dick Wavy Light Golden Blonde Mohawk:

This is a typical mohawk hairstyle with buzz cut on both sides and on the back. The light golden blonde shadows and the feathery texture of the thick wavy middle locks have given it its own look.

13. Voluminous and Fine Ash Brown Bob:

Though this is a regular shoulder length ash brown bob with frequent layers, the golden blonde highlights, the thin wispy waves all over the head, and immense volume made it look punk.

14. Very short downy bob with rollback waves:

If you like very short hairstyles, this wavy platinum bob is something that can give you a shot. It has feathered waves with the front hair rolled back to one side that gives a touch of elegance to the spunk look.

15. Simple Boy Cut with Messy Structured Waves:

Now that’s what we call a true delinquent look, of course it doesn’t all fit. Get a typical boy cut on your natural wavy hair, add texture to the soft waves and it will finally have a messy flair. Just perfect!

16.Dark brown stacked hair with textured waves:

Back comb all of your dark brown hair to give it a stacked look. Now texturize the waves nicely and let them rest on the stacked hair as you wish. The whole look should be set with a hairspray.

17. Highlighted platinum blonde waves with dramatic volume:

Create spectacular volume on your platinum blonde wavy curls and roll them back to one side. Texturize their free ends as well as the side bangs and give them a wispy flair. In addition, the uniform fringe and the electric blue and cobalt blue highlights are two other important features of this punk look.

18. Fine and textured wavy bob with middle part:

Middle part of your wavy cheek long bob and add texture to it properly. Now apply serum to give it a shiny look and add wispy points. A very simple but hippie look flaunt what to say?

19. Long double-toned waves with rounded fringes:

Grab all the attention on your hair by opting for this unusual hairstyle. Divide your long waves, including the rounded fringes, into two sections and color honey yellow, blonde and deep blue. The lower section of the first section should also be colored deep blue for an uneven look.

20. Highly textured front hairdo with waves:

Add intense texture to your rich auburn blonde waves and gather them in a giant blooming updo in the top front of your head. Apply hairspray generously to keep the look intact.

21. Massive Wavy Hairdo with structured ends:

Volumize your rich golden blonde wavy curls to a large extent so that it takes on a gigantic shape. Now roll them on one side and let the messy waves rest on your shoulder. The front edge and the textured ends are two other specialties of this hairstyle.

22.Messy boyish bob with blonde waves:

Here’s a smart boyish bob with a subtle punk twist in it. Comb your light natural blonde hair with peach coarse lowlights to achieve a dirty look and texturize a few waves in the top front for an extra touch of sophistication.

23. Short stacked bob with intense waves:

This is a short jet black bob with stacked hair. Take it in small sections to create a side parting and thin dense waves. Let the front waves swing around your eyes and enjoy the rock star look.

24. Very short bob with structured waves:

In this very short bob, the big waves are parted on one side and deep wine red in color. You have to keep them organized to add extreme texture to keep the style organized.

25. Long Precise Dreadlocks on Layered Wavy Hair:

Afro-textured hair is just great for punk looks. Here the neatly made dreadlocks on the long layered waves are enough to definitely make you the center of attraction.

26 Messy Jaw-Length Bob with Wispy Textured Waves:

Apply mousse to your side parted pine long bob and add decent texture to the waves to recreate his look. The striking coppery hue and wispy texture are two of the biggest traits of this funky hairstyle.

27. High, Wavy and Light Purple Mohawk:

As we all know, even that mohawk-Hairstyle is a big eye-catcher. To spice it up, you can add the thick hair, add height to it and wave it light purple.

28.Pale yellow bob with voluminous waves:

Give yourself a real punk look by changing the color of your hair to light yellow and giving it substantial volume. You need to create intense waves and add a messy flair to your locks before teasing yourself.

29. Short Bob with Wavy Long Textured Front:

This is a light golden brown bob with natural brown roots. All you have to do is create dramatically curved waves at the front and texturize them to achieve a beautiful shape.

30. Sharp Ombre spikes with subtle waves:

The list of punk hairstyles remains incomplete without the mention of spikes. But here, too, the ombre spikes with sharp ends give a subtle wavy effect all over the head and on the neck for a nice turn.

31. Light brown waves with unique highlights:

Even if these long light brown layered waves are a simple and represent subtle, rich optics, the light blue and light green highlights have given them a punk effect. just roll it on one side and let your shoulders flow down

32. Light purple structured waves with shaved sides:

Get a buzz cut on both sides of your head and dye the hair light purple in the middle. Now create delicate waves on them and add texture from hairspray spritzing.

33. Rollback and Fixed Waves with Deep Blue Highlights:

The first thing you’ll notice about this style is the deep blue highlights on jet black hair. Apply mousse all over wavy hair, roll it back by pulling on top and finally pin it back for a punk look.

34. Caramel waves rolled and pinned to one side:

Smoothen your caramel waves with dark roots and separate them on each side. Now they roll back to the other side and secure with a bobby pin directly over the ear. The pretty curly side sweep should rest gracefully on your temple.

35. Long waves with pleated top and shaved side:

Here is another copper red wave hairstyle with ash brown roots and shaved one side. Gather all of your waves to the other side and let them cascade your shoulder. Also, some of them take in a few sections, fold separately and securely on top for an exclusive look.

36. Very short bob with highlighted wavy side bang:

Create a side part on the very short dark brown bob and give it a smooth surface by applying serum. Now wave until the golden blonde side is highlighted bang, give it texture and let it swing your face.

37. Slicked S >

Get one side of your head completely shaved for a real punk look. Now, smooth the long jet black waves to the other side and wear a good hair wax for a shiny finish.

38. Half n half waves with Pinned Back One S >

As the name suggests, it’s a half n half hairstyle with thick waves with straight hair summarized on one side. Create a deep side part and tuck the smooth section on the back, while the textured waves should frame your face nicely.

39th p >

Part of your medium length wavy hair on one side and let it flow down your shoulders. The deep purple hues on the jet black hair made it look pretty funky.

40. Fiery Red Mohawk with Wavy Wispy Hair:

These fiery red mohawk bring the punk out of you instantly. The fiery red shadows, the voluminous waves and the high wispy ends have made them stand apart from others.

41. Partially shaved waves with dark brown highlights:

Get a buzz cut on one side of your head and smooth out the rest of the long waves. Give him a clear look of dark brown highlights to choose for your otherwise pitch black hair.

42. Asymmetrical blonde bob with random waves:

This is an asymmetrical bob featuring natural golden blonde hair with dark ash brown roots. Turn this simple hairstyle on in a punk just by creating random messy waves on it.

43. Light pink shoulder length bob with tight waves:

In this style, the light pink hue itself is enough to give you a funky look. However, you can create tight waves all through the shoulder length bob and add it on a larger scale to add a zing.

44th p >

Deep side cheek long golden blonde bob with dark brown roots. Now roll all the waves back to the other side to create a pretty side sweep and texture to them.

45. High Messy Blonde Waves Rolled To One Side:

Roll all of your natural blonde hair back to one side of your head without creating an exact part. Tease it extensively so that it looks very messy and voluminous. You’re done!

46. ​​Very short hair with a strongly structured wavy top:

This is a very short slightly reddish blonde hairstyle in which both sides of the head is either almost shaved or cut in a buzz. Now collect the comparatively longer medium hair at the top and texturize it intensely to create a blooming look.

47. Smooth top knot with sweeping wavy ends:

Smoothen all of your wavy curls and tie them in a tight bun. However, keep their ends clear and let them sweep your forehead. A very cool and funky look. Is not it?

48. Messy light brown waves with front fringes:

Section away from the uneven front edge from ear to ear and let the light brown waves flow back or shoulders. Push the crown up a bit and give it a dirty surface.

49. Smooth and Medium Parted Platinum Blonde Waves:

Change your look completely with this exclusive platinum blonde hairstyle. All you have to do is smooth the wavy curls and do it in the middle part.

50. Three braided light auburn waves with layers:

V >Picture: Getty

Divide your top hair into three sections and braid them separately. Pin all three braids on the back and let rest of the layered waves flow down your shoulders. The light red-brown hue made the style even more unique.

So, ready to bring the punk into you? Which of these hairstyles do you love the most? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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