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by omermuhtarPublished 30 September 2018Updated 6 December 2018

For women with afro-textured hair, natural curls are a blessing, but also a responsibility. Compared to straight or wavy hair textures, natural afro hair needs some extra TLC to thrive. Whether you have just finished your big chop or want to take care of your growing curls, we strongly recommend that you choose one of these protective hairstyles for natural hair.

1. Protective hairstyles for natural hair growth

The goal of protective hairstyles is to promote natural hair growth in a healthy way. Among the styling solutions you have on hand, twists are the most effective. If you want your curls to be long and strong, they are definitely the way to go.

2. Box braids

There is no denying the cuteness of the box braids no matter what style you get them. What is more important, however, is how they work to protect your natural locks as they grow. All you have to do is choose your favorite type of braids and have them installed by a professional.

3. Protective hairstyles braids

Speaking of braids, you will discover in our article that they are one of the most popular and practical protective hairs for natural hair. There are a variety of braiding techniques for you to choose from, based on your personality and style.

4. Flat twist hairstyles

When it comes to protecting natural hair, flat twist hairstyles are lifesavers. In essence, it’s a hairstyle you can always count on to adequately support the right growth of afro-textured hair. They also look and feel wonderful.

5. Simple protective hairstyles

If you’re not for intricate braids, you can look into some simple protective hairstyles as a reliable alternative. Nevertheless, your natural hair should already be of a proper length so that you can style it as in the photo above.

6. Protection styles with extensions

Are your hairs too short for the simple hairstyles we talked about? Don’t worry – there are extensions. If you want to be extra careful with yours, we recommend using a soft material, such as yarn, for your extensions.

7. Havana Twists

Among the protective hairstyles for natural hair, Havana twists stand out for their grace and style. Havana twists can be easily recognized by the rope-like braiding technique, which she also sees as rope braids.

8.Cornrows hairstyles

Cornrows are possibly one of the most well-known protective hairstyles for natural hair that go beyond the community. They create the perfect mix of edgy and chic and ensure that your natural hair is in good hands.

9. Head Wrap Protective hairstyles for natural hair

Accessories are a smart and easily accessible way to protect your natural hair. Head bandages are available from many local retailers, for example. You can even buy a few different ones to go with different outfits.

10. Ghana braids

If you like the idea of ​​cornrows, but you are not that much in the little braids that come with them, Ghana braids are for you. You can usually find them in jumbo or chunky braid style, with braids that you can get in a variety of designs.

11. Half Styled Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Braids are undeniably beautiful, but a full head of them cannot be for everyone. Whether you want a temporary braided style or just want to keep your afro curls free, you’ll get a semi-styled look like the one in this photo.

12. Halo Bra >

Sweet, ladylike and flattering are all key features of the halo. When you’ve reached the milestone of medium natural locks, you can continue grooming with this hairstyle. Relax your hair and create the braid around your parting.

13. Crochet braids

Do you dream of curls galore? Well, if you’re not quite there with your natural hair yet, you can adapt to the look with crochet braids. In short, this technique results in elastic curls that also help you secure your existing locks.

14. Protective hairstyles for short natural hair

Short hair, never mind! You don’t have to wear waist-length curls these days to express your femininity. In fact, we encourage you to embrace your short natural hair with a nice protective hairstyle like these soft twists.

15. Bantu Knots Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Bantu knots shine like a traditional African hairstyle that is still appreciated today. Sometimes you can find them as Zulu knots because of their origin. Regardless of what you call them, Bantu knots look amazing and they do a fantastic job protecting natural hair.

16. Senegalese twists

Though they come near Havana Twists, Senegalese twists have a few different characteristics. First, they include a different hair type (Kanekalon, as opposed to Marley braid hair). After that, Senegalese twists are usually thinner than their Havana cousins.

17. Faux Locs Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Do you love the edge or the cultural background that comes with dreadlocks? If you want to protect your natural hair from damage, we recommend trying wrong locks as an alternative. You can customize your own as you like.

18. Roll and tuck hairstyles

Here’s another nice idea for our ladies who already have medium or long natural hair. The roll-and-tuck has been around for decades and is generally referred to as a retro hairstyle. Well, the good news is that it works great for natural hair protection.

19. Protective hairstyles for natural hair with wigs

Sometimes you can’t get the style you want from braids or other extensions. In such situations, classic wigs are exactly what you need. Nowadays you can find wigs in literally any shape, size and color that your heart might crave, which makes them a great personality statement.

20. Half Up Protective Hairstyles

The advantage of extra long braids is that you can venture into all types of protective hairstyles for natural hair. Thanks to the generous length, you can play with halved hairstyles in addition to other updos.

21. African Bra >

Self-expression is essential for a protective hairstyle to accurately reflect your personality. If you are passionate about your roots, you can learn more about braids inspired by African tribes. Feel free to use accessories to further customize your look.

22. Protective hairstyles for relaxed hair

The ultimate goal for many women is long and healthy natural hair. Once you are at this stage, the only other aspect you need to take care of is relaxing your hair for certain hairstyles. This two way crown is a beautiful example.

23. Twisted Updo Protective hairstyles for natural hair

Updos are not only eye-catching protective hair for natural hair, they are also among those who feel comfortable. Compared to long braids, soft updos ensure that you don’t get hair on your face or that you don’t get too hot in summer.

24. Braids in bun hairstyles

Alternatively, you can use the two ideas combine in a hairstyle that brings braids into a bun or other updo. If you decide to get this protective hairstyle, be careful with the direction you braid your hair, starting from the edges towards the center all around.

25. Loose side braids

Other sweet substitutes for braid extensions are all types of loose braid styles. As you can see in the picture above, you can combine braiding techniques like the halo braid and a side-swept fishtail braid for a remarkable hairstyle.

26. Protective hairstyles for natural hair with weave

Barrettes are a fabulous way to protect your natural locks as they grow. Be that as it may, you should pay close attention to the installation technology you choose. We personally recommend that you avoid sticking and, for example, choose to sew.

27. Braids and buns Protective hairstyles for natural hair

Another way to get creative with protective hair for natural hair is to experiment with ideas. If you have longer, natural hair, you can use e.g. B. get a few braids and wrap the rest of your neck in two pretty buns.

28. Nubian phrases

To continue our list of exceptional types of braiding with African origins, here are Nubian phrases. They are characterized by a thinner and denser braid that often contracts somewhat at the edges. Nubian twists look amazing in any length.

29. Protective hairstyles with straight extensions

Like any woman who wants to change her look from time to time, you may want to try different textures at one point. You can also get straight hair extensions that come from protective braids.

30. Marley Twists Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Would you like more of a dreadlocks feel for your hairstyle? Marley Twists are exactly what you were looking for. The braids take their name from the type of hair in the installation, but also because of their resemblance to the reggae icon that had this type of hairstyle.

31. Tied twisted locks

As we have already explained, longer hair or extensions lead to a larger selection of styling options. If this is the case for you, try a hairstyle with a few braids tied back halfway up.

32. Protective hairstyles for the transition to hair

The big chop can be daunting for an abundance of women, especially for those who don’t feel comfortable with super short hair. In the meantime, to facilitate the transition process, you can get thin or jumbo box braids for long locks.

33.Scarf puff hairstyles

You’d be surprised how much a simple accessory like a silk scarf can come in handy when personalizing your protective hairstyle. You can have fun with ponytails, buns, and other updos while repelling damage to your roots.

34. Sisterlocks Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Are you all about curls, no matter what shape they come in? Sisterlocks are ideal for restoring a curly texture with braids. To put it simply, sister locks are particularly thin braids that take the form of afro-textured curls.

35. Faux Hawk hairstyles

Who ever said that noble and edgy can’t work together to form a spectacular hairstyle? We’re talking about the Faux Hawk, an adorable hairstyle that lets you show and protect your natural Afro curls at the same time.

36. Clip in extensions hairstyles

Do you want to add volume and density to your existing hairstyle? Clips in hair extensions that come close to your current locks are perfect to achieve the goal. We support them as a temporary solution that will not damage your hair.

37. Turban Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Head bandages are incredibly versatile accessories that give your look a personal touch. You’ve already seen what your neck would look like, but just see how beautiful a turban style is.

38. Pompadour Protective hairstyles for natural hair

Regarding retro, pin up or vintage hairstyles, the pompadour will always have a pretty good place on the podium. Since the 1950s, pomp has been a permanent hairstyle for women and men alike. In our case it is also protective.

39. Jumbo Twists hairstyles

If you have an open-minded personality, extensive protective hair for natural hair is a must. Jumbo braid designs allow you to make huge twists anywhere that get the most out of your facial features and personal style.

40. Microbra >

Are you looking for braids that come as close as possible to the texture of a normal strand of hair? Microbraids will be the answer to all of your problems. As you can guess from their name, microbraids are exceptionally small braids that can also be styled with ease.

41. Colorful protective hairstyles

While you’re at it, why not take advantage of braids or other enhancements to express your taste? In other words, we strongly encourage you to use your protective hairstyle to showcase your personality through ideas like your favorite colors.

42. Elaborate protective hairstyles for natural hair

In fact, you may not be able to wear intricate, highly accessorized protective hairstyles for natural hair on a daily basis. Nevertheless, they are a perfect picture for special occasions such as photo shoots or other art projects.

43.Bow hairstyles

Hairbows have enjoyed increasing popularity for years, especially among girls. In the end, what a petite girl wouldn’t want such a cute element as a bow to be integrated into her hairstyle? Let get inspiration from this photo for your own hair bow.

44. Protective hairstyles for natural hair with locs

While you can decorate locs that are very similar to dreads, you can do them in other styles rock. For example, your locs can be long and thin, depending on your preferences. Regardless of the specific loc style you choose, you can count on their protection potential.

45. High ponytail braids

Any kind of box braids are a real pleasure to style. Thanks to their box-like installation, you can easily turn them into updos and other complex hairstyles. A high ponytail is just one of the ideas you can discover.

46. ​​Poetic braids of justice with pearls

Whether gold or silver, metallic pearls are a clever and glamorous way to customize your protective hairstyle. For example, if you have Poetic Justice braids, you can apply a few beads of your choice of color to highlight them.

47. Victory Rolls Protective hairstyles for natural hair

We’re back to do hairstyles for this one with a look that makes you feel like a Hollywood movie star of the 50s. Victory rollers are a staple in pin-up hairstyles, not to forget that they work amazingly well for natural hair care.

48.Bicolor protection hairstyles for natural hair

If you choose to use ombre or balayage as techniques to personalize your hairstyle, we strongly recommend that you do so on extensions, ties, or wigs. Hair dyes can be particularly harmful to natural, afro-structured hair.

49. Tree braids

Also viewed as invisible braids, tree braids are excellent for additional texture experiments. To put it another way, you’ll only see the microbraids at your roots, while the rest of the extensions can take on any texture you want.

50. Side-swept braids

Finally, here’s a pretty and flattering braid style that will make you shine among your peers. When you’ve finished your braids, you can install them swept sideways. However, please be aware that you will have difficulty styling your hair other than sideways.


In summary, protective hairstyles for natural hair help you combine business with pleasure. All in all, they offer a whole world of ways to express your style preferences while ensuring that your natural hair goes healthy. As a final note, make sure your installation method is safe and is done by a professional. Which idea did you choose??


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