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by omermuhtarPublished 11 October 2018Updated 30 September 2018

Purple hair may not be for everyone, but it’s an excellent color idea for people with brave personalities. When used as a hair dye, purple can vary from silvery lavender to deep plum and everything in between. With so many flattering shades, you are sure to find the right one for you. Explore these lovely purple hair ideas and color your life!

1. Dark purple hair

One of the most popular types of crimson for hair is this deep, rich shade. It’s much easier to wear than other colors in this palette that might be too eye-catching for work or school. In addition, it can be easily matched with any color clothing.

2. Purple afro textured hair

After you have the patience to grow your natural hair out, you can bring it to life with a beautiful new color. This deep purple is a great option and contrasts wonderfully with dark skin tones.

3. Pastel purple hair

On the other hand, pastel purple is just as glamorous. For example, this almost evergreen shade on long locks looks absolutely breathtaking. It is a perfect idea to adapt to the cold season.

4. Purple balayage

We all know that balayage is one of the hottest hair trends right now, but what about purple? When faded from a natural hair color like black, a purple balayage can really take your breath away.

5. Black to purple ombre hair

If you want a bit more contrast, you can choose purple ombre hair. It also appears most natural when mixed with black or dark brown. It also looks great on long hair, but it can also be rocked with short dos.

6. Light purple hair

This super light lavender hair color is exactly what you need to bring out your inner fairy. It is feminine and angular at the same time and at the same time retains a graceful effect.

7. Purple braids

If you love rocking braids all around, next time you can think about incorporating purple into them. For a more natural approach, keep an eye on at least part of it with your hair color.

8. Purple sum cut

The beauty of purple is that it looks amazing on all types of hair, no matter how short your hair is. For example, this adorable buzz cut looks even better in this deep red-purple color.

9. Silver purple hair color

We have all witnessed the current silver / gray hair madness. However, if you really want to stand out, you can give yours a nice shade. This silver hair color has just enough metallic lavender for a nice finishing touch.

10. Lavender and white hair

Long hair can be easily dyed lavender and looks brilliant. Nevertheless, you are welcome to play with other colors at the same time. This lavender to white ombre will give you a better idea of ​​how cute the results can be.

11. Pink and purple hair

Among the hair color combinations that contain purple, pink is one of the most popular secondary colors. Apart from natural hair tones, pink completes wonderfully. Go from purple to pink or vice versa; it will look just as charming.

12. Metallic purple locks

If you stand between pastel and gray hair, you should have something in between. This metallic purple combines the softness of pastel with the cruelty of steel gray. The result is a beautiful beauty to see.

13. Messy purple bun

From styling ideas for your purple locks? A messy top knot always does the trick. It looks even better if you have dark roots, so take the hair tie and carelessly wind up your hair. It’s chic, cool, and super pretty.

14. Purple and blue hair

In addition to pink, blue is a fantastic choice for a secondary color after purple. Such a hairstyle is not ombre-based, but a series of highlights and lowlights in different shades of violet and blue. Now this takes the mermaid hair to a whole new level.

15. Blue and purple hair

In the opposite case, just emphasize the blue part of your hair. This works amazingly if your hair is already colored blue or is a combination of different shades of blue. All you have to do is sprinkle a little purple on top for a nice twist.

16.Purple flat twist out curls

Another delicious eyeshadow idea for natural purple hair goes with a classic process: flat twist-out curls. Although most women with afro-textured hair already know how one this Corkscrew, we wanted to point out how delightful they look when they are colored purple.

17. Purple hair extensions

If you don’t want to die purple for your natural hair, you can always get extensions. It’s a great way to protect your hair from color damage, and you can take it off or put it back on whenever you want.

18. Gray, purple hair

As mentioned earlier, gray hair can be tinted with some purple to make the overall look more interesting. This is another example so you can see how nice the fusion is.

19.Shaved purple haircut

Kelly Osbourne shows that a lighthearted mind can rock a shaved hairstyle, an upturned French braid, and lavender balayage all at the same time. This is a great hairstyle for rebellious ladies who want to combine chic with attitude.

20.Turquoise, pink and purple mix

Who said that you only have to be satisfied with one or two hair colors? To spice up your mermaid hair game, you should choose three strong and beautiful colors. For example, turquoise, pink and purple look absolutely great together.

21. Purple double bun

When you get tired of messy classic buns, you can switch things with double buns. This look is even bigger if you have bangs, but without them it will look cute too.

22. Katy Perry Purple hair

As for celebrities with purple hair, Katy Perry definitely deserves a top spot on the list. Here she once rocked dark and purple hair flawlessly with black roots and undertones.

23. Black and purple hair

Another subtle approach to purple locks is this discreet plum ombre. It focuses on the tips and the color used is very dark. If you get tired of the look, you can cut off the ends directly and change your whole look.

24. Large curly purple hairstyle

Have you been blessed with huge curly hair? Try coloring it purple! This mixture of dark and light violet tones is breathtaking against every skin color, not to mention all kinds of curls.

25. Metallic Purple French Bra >

If you’ve decided to dye your hair in a pastel metallic shade, you can show it off with a classic French braid. It won’t take much braid time, but you’ll love how it develops.

26. Short purple hair

So you recently undercut a pixie. Why not more unforgettable? You can either dye all of your hair in this spectacular plum shade, or just dye the top and leave the natural undercut. Anyway, you will glow great afterwards.

27.Red purple hair

This dark hue of magenta is undoubtedly a glamorous approach to purple curls. It’s another option for rebellious ladies who want to show their wild side while keeping up with the latest hair trends. To top it off, it looks fabulous.

28. Pink and Purple Double Dutch Braids

Regardless of whether you have colored all of your hair purple or for one half and half a combination like the one in this picture, double Dutch braids are a must. This is an excellent styling idea if you have long and straight hair, and it’s not as overused as French braids tend to be.

29. A-line bob in purple

Generally purple looks good on any type of hair or cut. But we wanted to include a few examples of purple on certain haircuts so you can see what the results look like. If you have an A-line bob or you plan to get one, you can expect this wonderful result.

30. Silver blonde and purple hair

This funky look can be obtained in two ways: either with purple lowlights or through extensions. We recommend the second option if you are not 100% sure you want purple all the time. No matter, it looks great.

31. Half Half Deep Purple Hairstyle

Another cool styling tip for purple locks is the fashionable Half-down-Look. One of the best parts of this hairstyle is that it works for all hair textures as long as the curls are at least shoulder length.

32. Purple red hair

You can give your dark purple hair a red hue to warm it up a bit. In most cases, purple gives a cool feeling due to the nature of the color. However, if you add a few shades of red, you can warm up the overall look.

33. Purple braided ponytail

If you have long purple braids, a high ponytail is always a wonderful way to style them. Not only does it look great, it’s also a practical approach to super long braids. You will not get in your eyes and you will look amazing.

34. Brown and purple hair

Natural roots have become increasingly popular in recent years. This is good news on several levels, starting with the long-term care of the hair color. It also allows you to go glamorous from brown roots to purple ends.

35. Purple Mohawk

This may not be your everyday look for a job in a company, but it is definitely an idea for our punk girls out there. The contrast between the dark shaved roots and the bright lavender mohawk makes the head turn again and again.

36. Pink and Purple Faux Hawk

If you’re not for a real mohawk, you can always have fun with fake falcons. If you have two hair colors, like in the photo above, you can accent each with a hairstyle like this. In this case, the purple roots stand out from the pink tip.

37. Deep purple hair

This is one of the next shades to black that you can get from purple. A deep plum tone is just enough to spice up your natural hair color while maintaining an appropriate look for all occasions.

38. Light purple hair

If you are not restricted by a strict job, you can go wild with light shades of purple. It’s great if you’re a teenager or you just want to express your open-minded personality through your hair color.

39. Half purple half turquoise

Half and half hair colors are also an increasing trend among free-spirited girls. Dark tones of purple and turquoise look incredible for this look. After you get the colors, have fun accenting them with different braids and braids for fun.

40. Purple hair accessories

If you’re looking for accessories for your vivid hair color, we recommend you go with silver or some other cool metal. It will complement the cold color of your hair while you can style your hair differently.

41.Braided Purple Back Crown

This purple hairstyle is so beautiful that it can even be used on your prom or wedding day. In essence, it’s a braided back crown that starts from the top sides and braids into a chignon.

42. Dark brown hair with purple hues

Another office-friendly way to wear purple hair is by adding some discreet plum highlights to your natural color. The subtle effect is best achieved when your natural hair color is black or dark brown.

43. Deep Purple Twists

With just enough hair product and patience, you can recreate purple dreadlocks without damaging your hair. These long twists are exactly what you need when bohemian is your middle name.

44. Purple curly hair

Even if your curls aren’t afro-textured, they still look great when colored in purple. To make the look even more special, experiment with different shades of violet that blend wonderfully thanks to your curls.

45. Lavender Double Fishtail Bra >

Fishtail is not the easiest braiding technique, but it looks dazzling on purple curls. Even more, you can make your hairstyle more creative by braiding three fishtail braids and uniting them in a normal braid, starting at the neck.

46. ​​Purple and turquoise braids

These loose, cornrow-like French braids show how beautiful the transition from light turquoise to soft lavender is. You can add some silver to the gradient so it doesn’t go from one color to another.

47. Purple and green hair

You can also try the back, with purple locks on the top and green on the ends. In this situation, we recommend using a shade of blue to harmoniously change from purple to turquoise.

48. Long purple hair

It’s not every day that you see women with waist-length hair. Imagine, however, that your hair is so long and see a strong purple hue. You should take this into account if you are lucky enough to have super long hair and want to change things.

49. Indigo dreadlocks

Gals that have dreadlocks can also try purple for a new look. It gives her already bold hairstyle even more choice and a nice new color.

50. Dark purple hair bow

Our last, but perhaps sweetest styling tip for purple locks is this huge hair bow. It might take longer than making a messy bun, but you’ll love how it turns out in the end.

In summary, there are more than enough purple hair options that you can browse. Our goal was not only to show you what different tones you can experiment with, but also what your purple curls will look like when styled in different ways. Now it’s up to you. Choose your favorite shade of purple for a memorable hairstyle!


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