50 beautiful bun hairstyles for long hair

Bun is one of the most popular hairstyles that never go out of style. It is extremely versatile and can be perked in a number of ways. However, bun looks the best on long beautiful hair, and we can change it as we wish depending on the event, outfit, and makeup.

Here is a list of 50 bun hairstyles for long hair:

1. Simple Twisted Topknot Buns:

Look like a super smart chic twist through your long hair down to a topknot. This hair bun for long hair is neat, simple and very comfortable.

2. Simple and convenient Ballet Bun:

Just like a crumb, a ballet bun can also be an easy, comfortable, and convenient choice for you. Pull all of your hair back on your crown and make it a smooth, tight knot.

3. Low apartment twisted bun:

Here comes one of the simplest bun styles for long hair! Pair beautiful off-shoulder dress with a low twisted bun. Give it a flat shape and prevent overseas racing by applying a good serum.

4. Messy highlighted square bun:

An angle bun can be created by folding the hair in layers on top of each other. You can slightly zing the look by choosing subtle highlights, light puff pastry, and a decent tangled finish.

5. Messy Low S >

Here’s a low-side chignon bun that goes with almost everyone species is matched by outfits. Creating structured waves and dramatic addition to sweeps flawlessly out of balance the entire appearance.

6. Simply High Donut Buns:

A donut bun is not only easy to carry, but it also looks lovely and cute. Check out the casual high donut shown in this picture and you will understand why we love it so much.

7. Super high folded buns with short fringes:

This is another high bun positioned at the top of the parting and folding the hair several times in different layers. The short front edge can be a slide for the height of the bun.

8. Smooth bouffant bun with subtle side sweep:

A smooth and neatly created plump bun is all you need to look glorious in any damn party. Make sure that it comes with sexy and shiny side sweeps.

9. Highly Twisted Buns with Puff and Free Wavy Ends:

Combine the elegance of a large high twisted bun with the femininity of loose wavy strands and spice up your distinctly general look. A beautiful headband can also be used to furnish the hair.

10. Messy high bun with puffy top and fringes:

Here comes a messy knot with long hair, achieving this gorgeous yet sweet bun hairstyle is absolutely easy and fun. Section away from the front edge from the rest of the hair and make it a high messy twisted bun after volumizing the top at random.

11. Low S >

Just fold and put a ponytail in the elastic band and you’re ready to roll with your innovative bow. Here is laid on one side of the neck and adorned with fine hair bows.

12. Elegant Twisted Buns with Crystal Clips:

If you’ve always wondered how your casual twisted bun looks like an amazing hairstyle, here’s your solution. Apply it to mousse hair and beautify it with crystal pencils. Oh-so-beautiful!

13. Highly twisted low bun:

Dig up your fussy time-consuming hairdos with this simple twisted bun hairstyle. All you have to do is twist your hair from both sides and attach it to the back of your head with hairpins.

14. Smart bun with pretty pompadour:

Get a little pretty pompadour and team it up with an intelligent half-high bun. It works wonderfully on straight, hair and an organized look will increase the style almost ten times.

15. Messy Low S >

This graceful side low bun is enough to keep your pep quotient and give you a sensational look. Give it a messy textured surface and let that dramatic side sweep sweep over the eye in style.

16. volumized flowery buns with long side bangs:

Poke your top hair and create a large flowering bun right in front of the crown. Now the long side pops behind the ears and enjoy the glamorous look.

17. Tight Low Bun With Smooth Center Parted Top:

Be it a formal event or a casual party, this sophisticated bun hairstyle can be shaken anywhere. Apply serum to make the top coat smooth and flat, part it in the middle and firmly into a firm low bun.

18. Messy Low Roll Buns With Mini Bouffant:

Ever tried the combo of a plump and hair rolled up? Get inspired by this look and plump the curled up hair right under the chic mini. The messy side still cheers up the style.

19.Low side bun with puffy top and messy waves:

The next is messy elegant. At least that’s what the picture says. Create a low-side bun on your side parted after wavy curls as well as volumizing it texturing. Finally, give it a decent tangled flair.

20. Small half high buns with twisted wrap:

This little mid-height bun looks amazing on fairly silky straight hair. You can even make it more cuter by wrapping it with braided hair and hanging it with a hair brooch.

21.Tidy polished beehive bun with headband:

A beehive bun is the perfect way to look like the epitome of elegance without putting a lot of effort into styling. Teasing is the key to this outstanding hairstyle and a nice headband can add a zing.

22. Polished high buns with braided wrap:

This is a classic high bun with a thick braided wraparound. Whether you are a blonde or a brunette, this fantastic hairstyle will emphasize your personality like never before.

23. Casual twisted high buns with multilayer fringes:

Although it doesn’t look like a typical bun, it actually is, and you have to do it by casually twisting your hair at your crown. Let the layered fringe hug your forehead in a relaxed manner.

24. Semicircular low bun with volumized crown:

This is another ultra feminine loop bun created in the neck. Attaching the sides to the hair gives it a semi-circular shape. You should also inflate the crown to complete the eye-catching look.

25. Tight multi-braided bun with light puff:

Nothing can be more charming and sophisticated Your look than to add a graceful braided bun. Here the upper one is a little inflated and several braids are created all over the head, which are then pulled together and twisted into a low tightly woven bun.

26. Light pink double bun with S >

Double bun or braid bun can make you look super cute anytime and every time. Take a look at this side parted light pink braid bun with the flat side sweep and messy finish. Beautiful, is not it?

27. Intelligent, profiled and high-revolved Topknot rolls:

Well, this is another top bun bun that is a little different than the typical one. In texture on your locks, gather them at the top and twist them up extensively to come up with a huge smart bun hairstyle.

28. High twin buns with proof:

As the name suggests, it’s a ‘double bun hairstyle’ that features at the top of the head and a smaller version with the same right under that a big tight and twisted bun. Smoothen to rest of the hair for a polished look.

29. Low Braided Rose Bun with Pouf and Messy Waves:

Texture to your hair and give it a tangled finish. Now create a nice puff, braid the locks and form a rose bun of the neck near the base. A very womanly hairstyle that you can`t help but love!

30. Messy low-side braided bun with sexy bang:

When it comes to adding a touch of elegance to your low-side bun, a precise braid can do the trick. Part your hair aside and leave one curly Side bang Swing over the cheekbone to complete the look.

31. High Folded Loop Bun Wrapped With End Part:

This high bow bun is stylish, comfortable and totally adorable. Make a tall horse on your crown – fold it inside and wrap its end part around its base. You are ready to flaunt your innovative hairstyle.

32. Massive Twisted and Textured Tall Buns:

You need to add texture to your hair before wearing this hairstyle. Now turn the locks together and form the shape of a gigantic bun. You have just discovered a new one!

33. Messy, flowery p >

If you have naturally wavy hair, this hairstyle will suit you best. Here the loose floral side bun is embellished with long fringes and adorned with a braided headband.

34. Very large low rolls with strongly structured waves:

Intense texture is the secret of this royal and magnificent bun hairstyle. Come with a huge low bun on your neck and secure textured waves into it with hairpins.

35. Double Braided Low S >

Here is a stunning two braided bun that takes less time and little effort. Just create two thick braids on either side of your head and make them a low-side bun adorned with a nice hair brooch.

36. Oblong Rolls with Puffy Rolled Back Up:

Tease your top-front hair and roll it up to create a flat elongated bun on the neck of your neck reaching back. A fresh flower will significantly increase the charm and elegance of the hairstyle.

37. Low S >

If you have thick long hair, choose this beautiful bun hairstyle for a refreshing look. Gather all of your hair into a low-side loose knot and add a fresh flower. The layered fringe has made the style pretty nervous.

38. Gigantic half-n-half rolls with a smooth surface:

This huge mid-height bun has two segments – the braided top half and the bottom flat bun. Give it a smooth polished finish through a good serum and spritz hairspray application to tame overseas racing.

39. Low structured bun with twisted sides:

This low rounded bun looks particularly nice on messy textured and subtly highlighted locks. Twist up two sections on each side of your head and secure them in the bun with hairpins. Noble indeed!

40. Single-braided low bun with puffy crown and loose strands:

Here’s an ideal bun hairstyle to make you look pretty in your prom night party. Poke your crown and create a side braided low bun. Then leave a few strands of hair to lose your face and give a boost to your glam quotient.

41. Half-high bun with curly locks, puffy top and long fringes:

You will fall in love with this half the moment you roll it up. Large high buns, volumized top, long side stripes and slightly curly ends are just a few of the specialties of this half hairstyle.

42. High-S >

Well, it’s basically a loose and messy version of the regular top bun bun. But you have to make it on one side of your head instead of the upper middle position.

43. Super high bun with twisted wrap and thick fringes:

To your hair at extreme volume to come up with this super high bun and wrap it up with a twisted section. In addition, many serums that seem to hold thick even front margins apply.

44. Messy Sol >

Love this adorable bun hairstyle with split fringes? We found it too. Make a messy big bun on your crown and let the long fringe kiss your eyes romantically. brilliant!

45. High hollow rolls with super smooth finish:

Here comes a simple bun for long hair, a hollow bun. That looks strikingly beautiful when worn properly. You need to use a good hair gel and hairspray to give strong hold to give the hairstyle a flawless finish.

46. ​​Huge curly high buns with puff and texture:

Show off your lush curls in the most elegant way by twisting them into a large curly bun at the top of your head. Use hairspray to keep the puff intact, as well as perfectly maintain the overall style.

47. volumized low S >

Simplicity is the best thing about this low-side chignon. A slightly swollen top and sexy spiral side bangs have improved the look to a great extent.

48. Half-high structured spiral bun:

Start applying mousse to add subtle volume to your hair and give it a nice texture. Now twist them into a half-height bun and wrap their end section around the twist. Simple yet sophisticated!

49. Spiral bun at the end of the twisted bra >

Start with a head twisted braid and twist its end part into a high fluffy spiral bun right on your crown area. This hairstyle will definitely help you earn a lot of recognition.

50. High Donut Electric Blue Bun with se >

Last but not least These dazzling electric blue buns give a shot and stand apart from others. This is a high donut bun with a smooth dense surface and you can wear it anytime without the help of your hairdresser.

Hope you liked all of these simple bun hairstyles for long hair! Have you found your favorite bun hairstyle? Let us know, comment from below.


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