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by omermuhtarPublished 3 November 2018Updated 30 September 2018

In a world where women spend a lot of money making their hair permanent, naturally curly hair is a blessing. If you love going against the grain and rocking shorter curls, you should know that there are plenty of short curly hairstyles to play around with. Here are some of our absolute favorites – have fun!

1. Edgy hairstyles for short curly hair

To bring out your rebellious side, experiment with short curly hairstyles with braids. For example, these three cornrows on the side are nervous enough to express your attitude, but oh so chic at the same time.

2. Shoulder length curls and a bow

If you prefer a shoulder-length haircut for your curls, you have numerous options for accessories. Just one example is this adorable red bow gracefully pinned in a half to half down hairstyle.

3. Short curly hairstyles for black women

Afro-textured hair requires extra delicate love and care to thrive. You have to start small when growing natural hair, but if you protect it appropriately, you can end up with stunning, featherless curls like this.

4. Long bob and bangs

A long bob can work wonders for women with loose curls. What’s more, the fact that their curls lean towards the wavy allows them to wear choppy bangs that go perfectly with the layered haircut.

5. Angled short hairstyles for curly hair

Another way to decorate a curly long bob is to cut it at an angle. This haircut is also considered an A-line bob, and it’s definitely one of the most popular ways to rock this hairstyle. It adds shape, dynamism and a feminine touch to the whole look.

6. Stacked Bob Curly Short Hairstyles

For shorter hair, a stacked bob with the ideal silhouette can help. This is the shorter version of an angled long bob defined by layers for a flawless contour. It frames your face beautifully and improves your natural properties.

7. Bra waterfall >

If you have a long bob with loose curls, you can also style it with a princess-like braid. The technique shown here is called waterfall braiding because of the flowing effect of the horizontal braid.

8. Curly pixie haircuts

One of the beauties of curly or wavy hair is that you can get a pixie haircut with almost no maintenance. Thanks to the versatile hair structure, the short, multilayered curls adapt wonderfully.

9. Vintage curly hairstyles for short hair

Retro hairstyles have a unique sense of femininity that few others have. These silky-soft curls with a side that is finely pinned are just what you need to impress on a very special night.

10. Natural afros

Rocking a Afro is an amazing way to show off your beautiful roots. The key to getting the shape you want is to strategically slice it. After that, it will work fine.

11. TWA short natural curly hairstyles

If you have decided to start all over and grow your natural, afro-structured hair, you have to undergo a so-called BC (Big Chop). The next step is to breed a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) that you can easily style with some product.

12. Pixie hairstyles with undercuts

Another way to wear a pixie haircut is a rebellious undercut. You don’t necessarily have to shave the lower part completely. You can leave a bit of hair and even color a darker color than your base color.

13. Curly mohawks with long bangs

A mohawk is a daring one choice under short curly hairstyles. However, this does not mean that it cannot be worn elegantly, as in the photo above. Keep the bangs long for a nifty effect.

14. Short curly hairstyles for women with side braiding

A long bob can also be styled with a simple braid attached to the side. All you have to do is start from your part and braid normally. Use a bobby pin at the end to secure it on your preferred side.

15. Hairstyles for toddlers with short curly hair

There is nothing better than seeing a smiling toddler, especially if they have adorable curls. If your little girl has curly hair, you should extend it with a pretty hairpin, glitter, or rhinestones.

16. Curly pompadours

The pompadour has been one of the most sophisticated hairstyles for men and women for centuries. Nowadays it’s still as fashionable as ever, especially for Ladies with naturally curly curls.

17. Nice hairstyles for short curly hair

If you have a playful personality, you should look for short curly hairstyles that express it. This cute haircut lets your curls bounce freely anywhere. A warm hair color like blonde also helps with the final weft.

18. Curly bobs with highlights

There are many ways that you can display your short curls. One of the most effective techniques is highlighting. Nevertheless, we recommend subtle highlights for a tasteful result.

19. Short curly black hairstyles with curls

In addition, there are numerous ways you can get flawless curls. One of them is a twist-out that will leave you with these stunning curls. Use this technique for your slim pixie cut.

20.Balayage on loose curls hairstyle

Another way to define curls, especially loose ones, is balayage coloring. It offers a harmonious blend from one natural hair color to another. The result is an all-round shining tone with accents in the right places.

21. Ombre ringlets

For something more striking, you can opt for an ombre. In this situation, the transition from one color to the next is more precisely defined. This allows you to choose contrasting colors, such as B. the black and copper used in this photo.

22. Short curly hairstyles for round faces

Women with round faces know that it can be a bit difficult, the Find hairstyle to make her facial features look good. Look no further – this angled bob is ideal for curly hair. It helps shape your face and highlight your best features.

23. Short curly bob hairstyles

We talked a bit about long bobs, but what about shorter ones? This regular bob looks wonderful on larger curls, especially for women with long or oval faces. Styling is extremely low maintenance.

24.Tapered pixie haircuts

Tapering is another way you can get a super smooth curly pixie haircut. In summary, this means that there is more hair on top and the sides and back are tapered. It’s less risky than completely shaving while still stylish.

25. Half to half short curls

While shorter hair doesn’t offer as many styling options, you can still mess around with some braids and half-down hairstyles. More than that, you can combine these two ideas for a cute French braid on top.

26. Silver Short Naturally Curly Hairstyles

If you dream of giving your short curls a dazzling makeover, don’t hesitate to make a dramatic change. One way is to experiment with a fresh hair color like platinum silver.

27. Simple black short curly hairstyles

Ladies with afro-textured locks enjoy all-round natural volume. You can increase this quality even more if you cut the hair in layers.

28. Prom updos for curly bobs

Do you have a bob haircut? You will have a lot of fun styling your hair for the prom. The fact that your hair is curly will also help you, especially if you’re interested in a charming half hairstyle like this.

29 p >

Women with strong attitudes can easily show their rebellious spirit through their hairstyle. This pixie haircut features a shaved side and a longer bangs that are casually tossed aside.

30. Wedding hairstyles for curly short hair

One of the most important days in a woman’s life deserves an equally extraordinary hairstyle. Brides with shorter hair can return their curls and add a dainty accessory like this sparkly hairpin.

31. Colorful headbands on short curls

Another way to spice up your short hairstyle is with larger hair accessories. For example, you can get a metal headband with floral decorations in your favorite color. If you really want to leave an impression, go for a vivid shade like red.

32. Very short curly hairstyles

Length doesn’t matter when it comes to glamorous hairstyles. In fact, very short hairstyles are absolutely adorable. This adorable pixie haircut is just what you need to rock short curls with confidence.

33. Curly ponytail puffs

Afro-textured curls can also be fully wrapped to emphasize the dynamic look. This is a super simple hairstyle that only takes a minute to sit down, so keep that in mind when you’re on the run.

34. Short curly weave hairstyles

Weaves, extensions and wigs are wonderful options for women who have just gone through their big chop and want to gradually slide into natural hair mode. To make the transition subtle, here’s an idea of ​​a temporary hairstyle.

35. 1920s curls of fingers

There’s nothing like the glamor of the 20s fashion and beauty trends years. For example, finger curls are one of the most elegant styling options ever, just perfect for short hair.

36. Swept back curly updos

With that in mind, you can also return your short curls for formal events. These short curly hairstyles are an excellent choice for any fancy event, from balls to cocktail parties to weddings.

37. Short hairstyles for thick curly hair

A big advantage of thick, curly and short hair is that you spend almost no time grooming it. Remember to get a pixie haircut and let your curls fall in position perfectly.

38. Simple hairstyles for short curly hair

Among the simple short curly hairstyles for busy girls is this effortless idea. All you have to do is take a scarf, fold it and wrap it as a headband. You are all good to walk in just a few minutes.

39. Sweet Bohemian Curls

Free-spirited women can use a hairstyle that sublimely reflects their personality. This messy bob is so playful, cute, and lovable that it’s impossible for a boho girl not to fall in love with him.

40. Short curly bob black hairstyles

What makes this bob among other short curly hairstyles is its subtle angle. It’s a discreet and flattering choice for women with all face shapes and personalities, whether they’re girly girls or tomboys.

41. Twisted S >

Yet another type of braid that you can enjoy if you have short and curly hair is this side braid. Instead of creating a French or other intricate braid, all you have to do is twist a few strands until you get the width you want.

42. Bantu Knots & Faux Hawk Short Curly Natural Hairstyles

Bantu knots are easily among the most popular African hairstyles for women. Faux hawks are also all the rage, so why not try them both at the same time? Create your fake falcon and wrap the hair with a few small bantu knots on your sides.

43. Fancy Bra >

These exquisite curls are wonderfully complemented by two key elements in this hairstyle. Especially the loose braid to the side. Second, the delicate pearl needle that holds the braid in place. What more could you want?

44. Creative short black curly hairstyles

As you’ve now learned, pixie cuts are undoubtedly some of the hottest short curly hairstyles. What can you do to achieve your uniqueness? Experiment with a creative shaved design on the sides and back.

45. Half curly top knot

This takes the top knot to a new level for afro curls. Instead of securing all of your hair in one knot, try only half for a funky fresh look that can be adapted to both formal and casual occasions.

46. ​​Adorable double puffy buns

Whether you want to bring your inner child out or you want a cheeky and tempting hairstyle, double puffy buns should be on your short curly hairstyle short list. They are not only super fashionable at the moment, but also very flattering.

47. Retro short curly hairstyle

Another retro hairstyle for short curly hair is this radiant elf with long bangs. Take some time to make sure every single curl is smoothly outlined to make this vintage look complete.

48.Bridal hairstyles for short natural curly hair

Beautiful brides with afro hair will shine with short curly hairstyles like this at their weddings. The key is to relax your hair with the right product and add your favorite white flowers to the side.

49.Sophisticated updos for short curls

To nail this adorable hairstyle, you only need to grab two or three hairpins. Put a few curls on your back to form a chignon-like hairstyle without having to twist your hair up and down.

50. Bow headband and curls

Finally, you can also mix the idea of ​​a bow and a headband for short curly hairstyles. Take a piece of fabric or a headband in the form of a strip and wrap it around your head. Tie a bow to one side and enjoy the striking look!


Finally, there are short curly hairstyles that are tempting, innocent, and downright spectacular. Keep in mind that short hair doesn’t mean that you only have a few options for styling your curls. On the contrary – you have just opened an extraordinary world of limitless ideas for a brilliant hairstyle.


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