5 things that are in Current Fashion Trends, but you can’t wear them at 50.

The trends change every season, so sometimes it’s just impossible to follow the news. It is especially difficult for mature women. Indeed, among the popular things, they have to choose what will look appropriate on them, and not on young girls.

Here are 5 fashion trends that don’t suit a 50-year-old woman, as well as their equally stylish alternatives.

1. Patchwork dress
Patchwork appeared brightly at the Dolce & Gabbana spring-summer 2021 show. Judging by the colorful outfits on Instagram, this trend was immediately embraced by fashion bloggers. Jeans, panama, shirts and of course dresses that seem to be made of different scraps of fabric can be seen from time to time in the streets and in shops.

However, this trend is not so simple and it will not beautify every lady. If young girls manage to beat such a coloring, a mature lady should be careful. After all, there is a possibility that a patchwork dress will really take you back in time and add age.

On an adult woman, a simple dress or a classic print. This outfit looks elegant, solid and feminine, contrary to the fleeting patchwork trend.

2. Extra short skirt
Another trend to hit the catwalks this season is the extremely short length. Miniskirts can be seen at the shows of Chanel, Miu Miu and many other brands.

However, a mature woman should not chase this trend. Too short a skirt is unlikely to arouse admiration and will look vulgar, even if the beauty has something to boast about. Not to mention the fact that such a length will emphasize completely unnecessary accents in the presence of the slightest flaws in the figure.

But don’t think that knee-length skirts are taboo for a mature woman. The main thing is to choose a length that looks organic, decorates the figure and emphasizes dignity. For some, it’s a mini, but someone prefers the midi length.

3. Blouse in translucent fabric
Valentino, Fendi, Saint Laurent – what do these brands have in common in the coming season? Translucent material seen at recent shows.

Of course, these things have loyal fans. Especially among outrageous women and celebrities. However, for older ladies, it is better to think carefully about the image and look at yourself from the outside before wearing a translucent blouse, which will easily emphasize the slightest flaws in the figure and look defiant.

However, if a mature woman is not indifferent to translucent materials, it is better for her to choose a blouse with inserts. For example, with transparent sleeves or stripes along the collarbone line. In this case, it makes sense to start with winning body parts, which can be safely demonstrated through the sheer fabric.

4. Doll dress
Giambattista Valli, Alexander Mcqueen, Carolina Herrera were delighted this season with unusual, fluffy dresses and thus set trends in the style of dolls. Ruffles, pastel colors, and layered skirts can look good on a cocktail party. Provided, of course, that the lady is not ashamed of the naive, romantic image of a Disney princess.

However, it must be admitted that such an infantile outfit will look ridiculous on a mature lady. The result will be the image of a woman trying with all her strength to rejuvenate.

For an evening event, it is still better to give preference to dresses that can be said to be simple and tasteful. Exquisite accessories, jewelry, a spectacular haircut and makeup can always become the highlight of the image of an adult woman.

5. An item with a cutout in an unusual place
Cutouts can rightly be considered another bold trend. But not the classic ones that many are used to, but more shocking, located in the most unexpected places.

Here, as with translucent shirts, the trend may look ambiguous on a mature woman. As a result, the spicy outfit will turn into a complete failure. More specifically, in a vulgar image that will ruin the whole experience. Not to mention, cutouts in unfortunate places can accentuate problem areas.

So, the most suitable option for a mature woman will be the one that suits her age. And for this, classic V-neck, boat or square necklines that look interesting are suitable.

Fortunately, modern fashion is such that every woman can find what she likes among the trends, not only by figure, and even by age. The main thing is to understand these nuances. To do this, read fashion media, train your attention, subscribe to stylish bloggers, and pay attention to tips from stylists who deserve your trust.