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January 14, 2016 — by MCutts0

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The adult pixie

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WHY IT WORKS "Ginnifer is a really pretty girl, and this cut opens her face and improves her facial features", says Anh Co Tran, her stylist. "Longer hair has really hidden its beauty."
WHAT YOU SHOULD PLEASE Layered front panels long enough to hide behind your ears; Short and choppy 1 "to 1-1 / 2" Strands everywhere else.
PERFECT FOR This cut looks good for people with round or square faces, Tran says, but it’s also a question of trust. "It can work for many people, though she with are satisfied with themselves. The key is to keep the cut soft and modern, with many different lengths", he says.

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The bob

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WHY IT WORKS "The length emphasizes Christina’s jaw, while the side part opens her face", says hairstylist Garren, who has worked with Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie among others. "What really makes it special is the incredibly modern, highly blonde hue."
WHAT YOU SHOULD ASK A classic over-the-chin bob that is one length in the front and one track shorter in the back.
PERFECT FOR Because the length is adjustable, a bob works on almost any face shape, says Garren. For example, someone with a round face have a cut above the chin, while a longer face might require a shoulder-soft version – so let your stylist decide. A bob is one Challenge for kinky or curly hair that tends to puff and undercut the smoothness of the style.

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The pixie

Alec Michael – Globe Photos, Inc.

WHY IT WORKS "Carey Mulligan has bird-like features but full brows – the cut looks healthy and appealing", says Garren. "I also like the light texture and the way the bangs come forward from the crown."
WHAT YOU CAN ASK FOR A shaggy, shaved style that is cropped and layered everywhere. Make sure your stylist cuts around your ears and keeps a little length in the neck to avoid a masculine look.
PERFECT FOR These cuts are best for petite women with small facial features. "If you have curls in your hair, plan to straighten or add the product", advises Garren. "Otherwise it can look matronly."

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The shag

WHY IT WORKS "This hairstyle is just incredibly cool in this 70s-Jane-Fonda-in-Klute style. The choppy nature shows Kristen’s beautiful, feminine facial features", says Garren.
WHAT YOU SHOULD REQUEST Horseshoe-shaped bangs, shorter in the middle than the sides and shoulder-length, shaved ends. The hair around the crown should be cut abruptly and short. "You don’t want these top layers to run out. It should look like two different cuts", he says.
PERFECT FOR Naturally smooth, silky hair is ideal because it’s literally a shake-and-go style, explains Garren. Skip the cut if your face is square as it might look too boxy.

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The student

Jon Kopaloff /

WHY IT WORKS "Keri Hilson has an oval face and the cut gives her cheekbones a new dimension", says Garren. "She also has this asymmetrical thing that makes it very girlish. The highlights also add a modern touch."
WHAT YOU SHOULD ASK Layered bangs that fall directly under the eyes, long, tapered sideburns, and hair on the side that is an inch shorter than the top. A school boy harvest is characterized by a short style with a surprisingly long length.
PERFECT FOR someone with strong brows and a full or heart-shaped face. "I also love this look for someone with a nice long neck", says Garren. "It can be very elegant."


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