40 best short hairstyles for long faces 2018 – hairstyle models

December 8, 2019 — by MCutts0

Hairstyles play a big role in shaping the overall look of your face. There are no poorly structured face; It just depends on how you make it work with a perfect hairstyle. So, it’s high time your summer looks with these best short hairstyles for long faces Spice it up while balancing the length of your face! cheers!

Side Parted Shaggy Bob

This is the best short hairstyle for long faces if you have a big forehead. A lot of volume is added on one side of your face through the deep side part and the shaggy hair gives you a happy look.

Chopped bob with swoopy bangs

A chopped bob makes you look younger and happier. Combine that with a Swoopy pony and you have the perfect combination. Swoopy bangs are perfect for adding fullness to your face and balancing the length of your face.

Asymmetrical choppy bob

This ‘Scarlet Johannson’ hairstyle works best if you want to heal that long forehead. It hides one side of the forehead and adds texture to the face. You can even choose between a sleek and sultry look or one curly and choose a carefree look.

Slim bob with cropped jagged bangs

These best short hairstyles for long faces must definitely be one of the boldest to pull. Inimitable and eccentric, it adds a definition to the face, with the cut jagged bangs being the perfect solution for a forehead. It can be made braver by experimenting with a bold hair color.

Short A line

A short A-line with lush volume at the ends is a sure start-up hairstyle for a long face. It balances the length of the face and adds more structure and sharpness. If it can be rocked by “Les Miserables” star Anne Hathaway, then you can surely rock it. Here’s how to deal with chubby face and double chin. Do you know how a simple hairstyle can work a miracle?

Eleven Bob

Short, tousled layers

Blunt bob with precise bangs

A blunt bob with precise bangs says "confident and professional". The bangs cut the length of the face and the bob gives the face a definition. Pair it with chic glasses to spice it up even more. Yes, I know we’re talking about the long faces and all of that, but we also kept an eye on chubby faces. Go ahead and check out some amazing hairstyle here.

Medium shag with long side bangs

Be it curly or straight, shaggy hairstyles work perfectly for any texture of the hair. It has many uneven layers and textures and defines the look for a carefree and happy look. The long side bangs are perfect for hiding that long forehead. Just like that, all the beautiful black women who want a great hairstyle will find even more hairstyles here!

Wavy chin that grazes Bob

They say a curled bob is not for everyone. We want to be different. short, lush Curls, gently curving and perfectly styled can add volume to your long face and make you look chic and sexy. Guess what; We made it easy for you to choose the perfect hair color, and you don’t have to be confused with the different shades, regardless of whether they are compatible with your skin tone or not.

Short modern wedge

Asymmetrical undercut

With an asymmetrical undercut, it’s not hard to add juiciness and spice to your hairstyle. With hair falling on one side of your face and short strands covering your forehead, this hairstyle gives a shorter face and a classy look. Just a minute and that’s all you need to get started. Simply put on some wax and VOILA!


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