4 Goodlooking short hairstyles for round faces

October 20, 2017 — by MCutts0

A round face is of course young, but can look plump at the end if too prominent. The best way to add the much needed edge and personality to the otherwise soft and childishness of a round face is to go for short hairstyles. Short bob hairstyles for round face instantly add spunk and spices to a person`s personality!

Short hairstyles for round faces aim to give a modern look that will never go out of style and look good no matter what your age. At the same time, short haircut is also easy to manage and style. So read on to see some great options in short haircuts for round faces.

1. Short bob hairstyle for round face:

The short bob cut for girl is a classic short hairstyle for a round face. The only time things go wrong when people with a round face shape try this look. What they don`t know is that there is more than one kind of short bob available selection, mostly because this special classic look is just not for them.

The angled bob is a great option for a round face. In this hairstyle, the front area has dramatic layers that sweep the chin, while the back layers are shorter. The whole hairstyle offers a structured look and the hard lines of the bob equalize the soft lines of a rounder face and make it appear slimmer.

2. Short shag hairstyle for round face:

It’s a no fuss modern hairstyle that adds a lot of glamor quotients to a round face. It can be styled easily without too much effort and looks great on both thin and thick hair. It helps to reduce the width of the face when paired with long bangs and lots of texture. This hairstyle looks best if the length is kept between the ear and chin. To add a little more sharpness to the face, this hairstyle can be flaunted with freaky ends.

3. Modified pixie hairstyle for round face:

One of the problems with short ones Haircuts for Round faces is that most short hairstyles end on the chin area, emphasizing the rounding of the bottom of the face. A modified elf with long layers that run across the forehead with the sides cut off and a stack on the back of the head draws all attention to the top of the forehead, which makes the rest of the face look slimmer in comparison. The multiple layers that are an integral part of this hairstyle draw emphasis on the eyes and cheekbones, which makes the face look slimmer.

If you have hair that is not that heavy, keep the top layers of hair longer and while the hair is still damp, style the top layer with a volume mousse to give the top layer a liftthat turn height to your hairstyle adds .

4. Close cropped hairstyle for round face:

Closed crop hairstyle combines the modern look of trimmed hair along with the feminine appeal. Even though the whole hairstyle looks asymmetrical, this cut still aims to keep the hair’s clean texture.

This style can easily be worn by women with a round face, as the whole hairstyle gives you plenty of scope to play. The longer bangs are one of the signature elements of this look and they look great on a round face as they help create an illusion of length. The longer bang also help reduce the overall width of the face making it appear slimmer. This cut thus gives a top grade to the round face.

Short hairstyles for round faces take away the youthful look of the face and add a certain star quality to it, but if not chosen correctly, it can also make you look chubby, making the cut look like a disaster. Remember that for a round face it is important to avoid adding too much volume near the cheeks and chin area and you are good to go.

Most people believe that a round face looks best with long hair, but this myth has been broken time and again by celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Ginnifer Goodwin, Michelle Williams and Renée Zellweger. So it’s time to try this on you!

Hope this article on short hairtstyles for round faces does justice to your overall impression.


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