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March 18, 2017 — by MCutts0

The prom is an important date on your calendar during high school. It is therefore crucial that you find the right hairstyle that suits you. Make your hair look elegant and stylish with an updo. If you’re looking for prom hairstyles online there are thousands, so we’ve come up with the 31 best updos for your prom. When you mature your hair, you will show off your beautiful dress and feel confident.

Everyone knows prom is party time, so you need to make sure your hair looks fabulous. Check out our glamorous hairstyles and see which ones stand out for you. If you have a professional hairdresser you will be so thankful that you have already chosen your style, so look! If you do your own hair at night, some of our suggestions may need some practice, remember, practice makes perfect!

1. Elegant low bun updo

If you want an elegant and refined style, go with this low bun.

This works with any hair type and show off your amazing dress. Try not to grasp your hair too tightly while tying it back. It’s easy to do and looks impressive.

2. Messy updo for long hair

Everyone is talking about messy updos, the messier the better.

If you have longer hair, try this messy updo for a messy but controlled style. The best thing about this style is that if hair falls out at night, it will add to the look!

3. Nice updo with a side braid

Opt for the sweet look with this beautiful side braid.

The harder decision to make with this hairstyle is which side to braid. Choose Your best side and you have the other side messy, hanging. It will look fabulous in photos; Don’t forget to turn to your braid side and do a pose!

4. Curly elegant updo

Curls look great for any event, especially your prom!

If you are used to having straight hair, go for curls. You will feel the difference and therefore feel special. This curly style will draw attention and complements throughout the evening.

5. Milkmaid braid updo

If you want a pretty and girly style, go for the Milkmaid Braid updo.

If you have a fringe, this style will help you show it and draw attention to your eyes. It is so easy to get to. Braid your hair, pick it up and pin it.

6. Classy and elegant look

We have listed a couple of elegant styles here and this is one of them.

Everything you need is chic and stylish and with this hair updo you will have it! Twists and braids are critical to this look. Go with the flow and do a few twists here and there. Remember there is no specific design to follow, make you unique.

7. Messy bun with a braid

We all love messy hair right now.

With this hair updo you have the girly braid mixed with a messy bun upto. You can wear this style casually or attractively, making it perfect for a prom!

8. Side-swept bun

Having a side bun looks graceful.

It’s the perfect hairstyle for you to feel royal and special. With a side sweep bun with braids you are on a winner! It will look great with any style of clothing you choose.

9. Messy, braided updo with flowers

We love this boho style. It gives your hair a summery touch.

The inclusion of flowers in your hair shows your playful and hippie side. It goes with both light and dark hair, so don’t think you need blonde hair to do it. You can always change the colors of the flowers to suit you. Pastel colors always seem to be trendy no matter what hair color you have. Add a few colorful girly flowers to your messy one braided Updo that will show your character and your fashionista side.

10. Side braid in bun

This is a slightly clean side braid, not as messy as the others.

It all depends on what you prefer for your prom night, some people like unsightly hairstyles and some prefer a clean, sleek style. This is the best of both worlds. The bun is messy and the braid is tight and controlled. This is a side braid with a bun and from the front, it shows the braid hair band. It looks amazing.


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