30 simple long hairstyles for women that look stunning

December 5, 2018 — by MCutts0

30 simple long hairstyles for women that look stunning

Hair is one of a woman’s finest possessions. These long rapunzel-like strands can take a look at them.

The amount of work and care that goes into caring for long hair is something that every girl will vouch for. The problem is that in modern life, which is as hectic as possible, girls rarely have time to do complicated hairstyles. Most of them have to rush to work early and there is little time for a complicated hairstyle. They are always looking for simple styles that can be done in a few minutes and still look absolutely stylish.

The hairstyles should also be something that works well for both work and the party after work. You rarely have the time to transform into a new hairstyle after work. The other factor about simple long hairstyles is that simple shouldn’t be boring. It has to be interesting and entertaining enough to receive compliments from all sides. The following hairstyles should give you an idea of ​​some of the simplest and most beautiful hairstyles you can try if you are in a hurry.

Long blond hair with twisted braids

This is the perfect hairstyle for long hair rushing to work and doesn’t have much time to engage in any subtleties. The best part about this hairstyle is that it is for both work and after-work parties. To do this style, all you have to do is twist a few hairs from both sides and then fasten with hairpins. It keeps the hair away from the face and gives you a classic look.

Wavy haircut with long, braided hair

It doesn’t get any more feminine than this hair – where all you have to do is braid a few hairs and then pull to the other side to look like a hair band. You can add a nice hair accessory on one side to emphasize the look. Be sure to curl the rest of the hair to add the finishing touch to the look. This looks best when combined with a flowing dress.

Medium exposed long blonde wavy hair

If you are blessed with long blonde hair then this hairstyle is for you. This is the easiest of them all. All you have to do is separate the hair from the middle. Then take your curler and curl your stress. This fits all types of faces and all types of dresses. You can wear this look for formal and informal occasions. The best part is that you don’t have to be a hair expert to get this look.

Long wavy hair with caramel highlights

Highlights look astonishingly long hair and more for the ladies equipped with waves in the mane. You can try making caramel highlights on your long and wavy hair. The thing about this color is that it suits every type of skin color and face shape. It’s not too bright or vibrant, which makes it safe to work with while giving you a stylish look.

Wavy long blonde hairstyle

This is the perfect hairstyle for short dresses and for every day look with verve. If you are blessed with wavy hair, then all you have to do is do one side and comb the rest of the hair well. You can curl your hair if you don’t have naturally wavy hair. This hairstyle has a casual vibe that makes it just right for dates and brunch.

Long blonde side braided wavy hair

This hairstyle looks difficult, but it’s not really that. To get this look, all you have to do is braid a few hairs from the front. Then take the braided hair and put it in the back of your hair. It looks super classy and elegant on all face shapes and is the perfect hairstyle if you have wavy hair. You can do this look with dresses, suits and more.

Beach wavy long blonde hair

The beach waves are a hairstyle that never runs out of fashion. This hairstyle is really easy to do and it only takes a few minutes to complete the look. This is the perfect hairstyle for a casual day with friends or brunch with someone special. The loads frame the face beautifully and give you a feminine and romantic look. It looks best with all types of flower and summer dresses.

Long blonde hair with natural waves

The long blonde hair with natural waves is the best style for wearing it with ease. It looks good with both clothes and jeans. You can add some highlights under the hair or create a gradient look on the hair. The waves add to the girly atmosphere of your look and is the perfect hairstyle for the modern woman. You can wear this for work as well as for others.

Side braided blonde wavy hair

Braids can soften every look to make it appear sophisticated. To do this hairstyle, all you have to do is braid part of your hair and then pull it back. Pull out the stands of the braid to make it appear thicker. This hairstyle can be done very quickly and it will wonderfully complement your look for the day. Add some waves to the hair and you’re good to go.

Long straight hair with rolled bangs

The brunettes can use it to turn their hairstyle. If you have long and straight hair, this is for you. You need to add the side bangs in front of your hair for this hairstyle. It looks super stylish and very fashionable on every girl. You can wear them with your off-the-shoulder tops and dresses and make the ultimate style statement.

Red wavy long hair

If you have long and wavy hair, you can tie it in your own way and therefore you have to make sure that you only choose the right hairstyle. This particular hairstyle is the ultimate goal for any type of woman along with the beautiful long hair who seriously wants a sleek, chic cut that offers the body and movement. The mixture of the read wavy layers is the secret ingredient

Side parted long straight hair

Look for one of the amazing and excellent hairstyles that will beautify you You the extreme charm and the beauty of your personality? Then this special hairstyle is the perfect one for you if you have long and straight brown hair. This side that shares long hair enhances the brightness and charm of your face and personality. The cut, the color and the texture of the hairstyle help you to present your beautiful look in an excellent way.

Side swept long wavy hairstyle

Layers and waves are one of the amazing properties for hairstyles. The specific hairstyle helps your personality flaunt in a beautiful way. This contemporary side swept long wavy hairstyle is one of the easiest and easiest ways for girls to style along with the long hair. At the same time, if you have beautiful mellow hair, you can look absolutely graceful by doing this specific style.

Brown Balayage Long Wavy Hair

Brown or blonde hair always helps your face look absolutely fantastic. This special cut gives your personality an amazingly slim and elegant look. The Brown Balayage Long Wavy Hair actually gives you the absolutely stunning and beautiful look. The perfectly long and feathered ends of the hair actually help you flaunt them in a beautiful way. Basically, it will be a remarkable hairstyle if you can wear it properly.

Messy long blonde hair with waves

Every single woman out there with long hair, always opt for the stunning and gorgeous hairstyle to do her best every day. Basically, the Messy Long Blonde Hair with Waves is one of the extraordinary hairstyles that easily create the complete attractive look by giving your facial features a striking look. The haircut is actually up to the shoulder and the soft and golden color of your hair gives you a sly and bold look.

Natural long blonde wavy hair

If you have crossed 40 or 50 or if you are young and you choose some great hairstyles to look younger, then choosing natural long blonde wavy hair with long hair may be ideal for you. Girls with thin and black hair can for one Decide set of hairstyles that look pretty brilliant. Long hair always requires adequate hairstyle and comfort.

Center Parted Chocolate Brown Long Hair

Do you opt for a bold and beautiful look? Then the choice of the amazing and absolutely excellent style will give you the best look. Basically, the Middle Parted Chocolate Brown Long Hair is one of the simple and simple hair that people can go for. And the exact hairstyle is also manageable. The hairstyle is nice long and gives you the smart and pretty look at the same time.

Messy medium high blonde hair

The golden blonde hair usually looks pretty stunning if you have wavy long hair. So if you really opt for the finest hairstyle, you really need to make sure that you choose that particular one. Although this particular hairstyle looks a little messy and uneven, the soft wave ends flatter the texture of the hair.

Long blonde hair with bouncy waves

Long hair always chooses the classic hairstyle that a girl can easily flaunt her style. The wavy and absolutely soft ends of the long hair actually offer you the pretty and chic look. Basically, this special hairstyle offers the very smart as well as breathtaking. The haircut is up to the shoulder and also causes it to look a little messy and uneven. To get the full volume and amazing consistency, you can just try this model.

Long blonde straight hair

The straight and absolutely blonde hair has the charm to make you look good. This special cut is for those who really don’t want to lose the single length and decide />

Straight and shiny long blonde hair

Girls with long and thin blonde hair can easily try this sleek and shiny long blonde hairstyle. Not only is this modern, but it also gives you the bold and very smart look at the same time. This cut makes the look edgy and the front bangs make for an attractive look. One of the exciting facts of this haircut is that you can easily manage this hairstyle.

Middle parted long blond straight hair

If you have the long blonde straight hair, then choosing this particular hairstyle can be ideal for you. The precise haircut in the hairstyle is up to the shoulder and these whole hair waves of the hair give your hair the soaring look. In due course, the wavy and absolutely curly look creates the sly and absolutely bold look for the girl in addition to the medium hair. The softening ends of this hair add a charm to the personality.

straight straight long hair

This hairstyle is a very beautiful and elegant one that will help you to get the beautiful and absolutely bold look. The haircut is up to the shoulder and the straight hair also gives you the smooth look. It creates a stunning and beautiful look on your personality when you have long and thick hair. The evenly sharp hair ends give the face an amazing, bold and sharp look. It is suitable for every face shape.

Medium parted long black hairstyle

This is the most permanent type of hair implant, as it sometimes has to be modified to keep it glorious. This procedure involves waxing the hair into natural hair. You will basically get a modern look. This long hair cut and shiny black color makes your look absolutely bright and dazzling at the same time. The edgy end of this particular hairstyle gives a prominent look.

Blonde balayage long wavy hair

The extreme and loose hair waves are ideal to try this basic blonde balayage long wavy hair. The specific style helps you look pretty amazing and pretty. The hair color, texture and shine of the hair also make it very good. It basically adds so much intensity and volume. The haircut is up to the shoulder and ensures an absolute, excellent look.

Side swept long hair with layers

Long together with the bangs is one of the very popular hairstyles for every fashionista. If you also have shiny black and long hair, then hold a long bangs in the front, you can stand out loudly in the crowd. Apart from everything else, it will give you a thin and sharp look. And at the same time, it makes your look bright, bold, and smart.

Long blonde hair with beachy waves

There are many hairstyles available for long and shiny hair, but this is the most famous and easy-care hairstyle. Cutting both sides of your hair in a beautiful actually offers highlights of the crown area. The sharp edge of the blonde hair also gives you a very interesting, bold and sly look. This haircut is actually excellent for any face shape. The haircut is also absolutely manageable.

Deep Parted Long Ombre Hair

Every girl with long hair chooses a beautiful but unique hairstyle. Well, then choosing this deep side parted long ombre hair along with subtle waves can easily help you stand out in the crowd as well. The subtle waves above all offer great looks and the best part is that this is very easy to manage up to shoulder length. The complete look helps you to present the beauty in front of people and also creates an excellent look.

Honey blonde long hair with curls

The long layered hairstyles are absolutely simple and easy to wear and mange. This honey blonde long hair with curls adds charm and elegance to your look. The entire waves of hair actually create a very nice and intelligent look. The golden blonde color also helps to present and flaunt your inner beauty. The hairstyle is absolutely great for any face shape.

Long ombre hair with waves and bangs

People with long hair always choose bangs. And the front bangs are very tempting. The long ombre hair with waves and bangs creates a very beautiful and breathtaking look.


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