30 Short bob haircuts for glamorous women – new hairstyle style

30 short bob haircuts for glamorous women

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Date: 23 July 2018 – 1:02 pm

Short bob haircuts have been in vogue for many years. Nowadays it is no longer difficult for modern women to look fabulous with short bobs.

There are many fascinating varieties of these haircuts that you have to try. So don’t make the mistake of thinking that a short bob is just a normal haircut. Take a look at the most extraordinary short bob hairstyles.

Ash Blonde Bob

Blonde Bob is an excellent and elegant combination that can be worn very easily. Create a cheeky look with an ash blonde bob. Be sure to generate casual-looking layers all over your head and fill it with the cool shade of ash blonde. This style is very easy to get and it sure looks stylish on any face shape.

Beachy Bob

Gather very well with a beachy bob. You just have to wavy Provide layers up to the ends of the bob for a beach look. If you want to achieve the trendiest look and stand out in the crowd, this style is an ideal option to wear at any event or party.

Blonde bob

Every woman wants her haircut to be flattering and adorable, and this blonde blended bob is the perfect style to achieve it. Get an eye-catching appearance with a blonde bob. You can add curls and waves to the layers, or just keep them straight. But be sure to dye your blonde hair to get a shine for yourself.

Blunt Bob

Go confidently into a blunt bob. Leave sharp edges and a nice angle for the butt cut layers. Pay attention to a natural color so that the focus is on the haircut. Get that most and most attractive look by wearing this beautiful blunt bob haircut.

Blunt Wavy Bob

Short haircuts are fun, and when you think about it, bobs are the first style that comes to mind. Why not? Because bobs are everywhere. If you want to wear bold short haircuts with grace and attitude, then just go for this wavy bob hairstyle and charm your look.

Blunt white bob

Look icy-cool even during that summer with a dull white bob. Color your hair white and let it dull all around. It will give a modern touch to the classic style. Bob Cut is one of the most iconic haircuts ever, and this is the coolest example of it. Make yourself this style and appear as a beautiful diva.

Casual bob

Get the freedom for your hair through heavy styling or chemicals by simply choosing the casual bob. It is very easy to manage and you can get started right away. Remember to keep it simple and stylish. Get this celebrity-inspired bob cut and look as charming as she does.

Maroon bob

Enhance your charm by choosing a maroon bob. Combine your hair with the auburn color for a fantastic stimulus and go on a bob with subtle layers. This bob is a modern classic style and we want you to wear this style and embellish your look.

Chin length bob

Show your facial features to Bob with a chin length. Be sure to shape the cut so that it highlights the sharp edged features of your cheekbones and gives your hair fullness. We want you to give yourself a nice look by wearing this short, simple and stylish bob haircut.

Choppy Bob

You can get the over-trendy appeal with a choppy bob. All you have to do is make sure the layers are properly stacked and tousled for a shaggy feel. Make sure they are chopped at the ends. Get this choppy bob style and we bet you will surely appear like a star.

Choppy Layered Bob with Bangs

This is another choppy bob inspiration for you. Get ready to look super trendy by wearing a choppy layered bob with bangs. Just make sure that shaved ends are provided around the bob, and pair that with cute bangs over your forehead. Enchant your look by wearing this gorgeous hairstyle and showcasing your boldness.

Classic blunt bob

The bob cut style is now a bomb! Try this classic blunt bob for your next look and we’ll bet you will look safe as glamorous as a supermodel. This style is very easy to design and requires little maintenance. So what are you waiting for, wear it and believe it.

Curly wavy bob

Treat yourself to a party-perfect look with a curly, wavy bob. Simply add lots of tousled waves and voluminous curls to all layers so your hair can dance. This is really a very sultry and sexy short bob cut by Jessica Alba. Opt for this beautiful style and look as beautiful as yourself.

Nice bob

Short bob is sometimes cute and elegant. Get ready for the popular girl in town with a cute bob. Make sure you opt for layers that curl up towards your face, and leave bangs that are right on your forehead. Enhance your look by wearing this ultimate style and jealous of everyone.

Dual toned pixie bob

If you’re confused about choosing a single color for your hair, put the dilemma away and go for a two-tone pixie bob. Simply choose a small goblin, color the front of your head with a light color and the back with a darker shade. Nobody can look better than RiRi with this gorgeous short hairstyle. Wear this cheeky style and rock your look.

Layered black bob

If you want to keep your hair simple yet sparkling, then you have to go for a layered black bob. Make sure your hair is shorter and closer to the neck for an iconic, rounded shape. Go all around for the black hue. We believe layers add glamor to every hairstyle, so charm your short black bob with it and believe it.

Layered blonde bob

Embrace the golden glory with a layered blonde bob. Make sure the layers are properly stacked to create volumes. You can opt for light blonde highlights to appear dazzling. Bobs are the one haircut that stays fashionable year after year. Wear this ultimate blonde bob and be the fashion queen.

Layered bob

Get a super modern look with a layered bob. Fill your hair with shaggy layers and add waves to increase the style factor. You can opt for color variations within the layers to achieve a breathtaking effect. Nowadays, layers are the trend when it comes to style bobs. Wear this layer of bob and be on trend.

Ombre bob for fine hair

Seems fantastic by going for an ombre bob for fine hair. Make sure that the ombre highlights change from dark chocolate color at the hair roots to light blonde shades at the hair ends. Ombre is something that gives you the x-factor to your locks, mixes your hair with it and rocks your look.

Polished Bob

Embrace perfection with a polished bob. Make sure the ends of the bob are facing your face. You need to spread the hair color evenly across the layers to get the perfectly polished look. Get the most elegant and graceful look by wearing this beautiful polished bob.

Short bob with side swept bangs

Take advantage of soft and edgy looks by choosing a short bob with side swept bangs. Make sure that your curls have a deep side parting so that your bangs will stroke your forehead. Be the fashion icon by wearing this classy and cute short bob.

Short Messy Bob

Free yourself and look like a rock star with a short messy bob. Let there be many unruly, choppy strands, random waves around the different layers. In modern trends, the more chaotic the more beautiful. Show your glamorous diva with this messy bob style.

Short purple bob

Create your own signature style by choosing a short purple bob. You need to make sure that this purple hue is applied to pre-lightened hair without using peroxide. If you add a shade to your hair, you will always have an advantage. Style your short hair with this purple bob and see the difference in your looks.

Side swept blonde bob

Win a glamorous appeal with a side-swept blonde bob. Fill your bob with lots of textured layers and then wipe all of your hair to one side. Opt for a light blonde color to complete the look. Wear a fresh, new short blonde bob haircut and add glamor to your look.

Side swept bob

Get a photogenic look with a side-swept bob. Make sure your hair is completely wiped to one side. Let the layers fall to the side with imperfect movements. We have said a lot about bobs, but this style will draw everyone’s attention.

Sleek bob with side swept bangs

Get a perfect finish by opting for a sleek bob with side swept bangs. Straighten your hair for smooth appeal and add a side-swept bangs that cover half of your forehead. This gorgeous short bob haircut works best on all face shapes.

Slim bob

If you want a formal appearance, go for a slim bob. Use a hairspray for a shimmering appeal. Make sure that all layers are properly aligned so that they appear straight and clean. Looks gorgeous as Keira Knightley wearing this coolest short sleek bob haircut.

Smooth bob

Get a graceful appeal with a soft bob. Simply dab your hair with a gel or balm to fix the layers in a fixed position for a softer and smoother surface. I don’t know which style works well with your short hair. Try this sleek bob and appear as a fashion diva at any party or event.

Textured bob

Impressively attractive with a structured bob. Choose an angled cut for a finished look and fill your head with unusual textures and choppy layers. Again, this is a very cute and classy bob haircut option for you to wear on every occasion.

Wavy bob

Become pictures-perfect with a wavy bob. Be sure to create layers with waves that twist away from your face so that your hair looks bouncy and beautiful. You can use a small barrel of curling iron to create the natural looking waves.

A short bob haircut is a one-stop solution for managing hair easily, quickly and trendy at the same time. Just pick your favorite and get ready to look exceptional.


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