30 Long hairstyles and hairstyles for women to look beautiful – new hairstyle trends

December 26, 2017 — by MCutts0

Long hair is a blessing for women. But with this blessing you need care and attention. Women with long hair often get tired because they have a busy schedule.

You have no idea how beautiful you can look with long hairstyles, just go for one of these haircuts and flaunt your ultimate style. Here is a list of thirty simple styles for women with long hair. Happy styling.

Bow twisted long hair

Bow twisted long hair is currently a trend hairstyle that is popular with the younger generation. They twist and curl their hair (or use a bow in a loop) to give their long hair a cheeky look.

Braided hair with ponytails

Wearing your hair in a simple ponytail can cause serious damage to your hair in the long run. Braided hair with a ponytail can help you protect the hair roots and also refresh your style quotient with the usual ponytail.

Braided long wavy hair

Long hair is more prone to split ends than short hair. To protect your hair from heat and pollution and make it look impressive, you should try the braided long wavy hairstyle. Add a touch of glamor to your styling by wearing this coolest haircut.

Braided updo for long hair

Updos and braids are the great combination to wear. Braided updo for long hair is the classic look for any woman in her early twenties or thirties. It has a sobering look, which is why it is often worn by bridesmaid on her best friend’s wedding day.

Bun Updo

With a bun updo, your long hair can finally feel manageable. For the quick stress free style for a normal day, bun updo is the right one, because keeping your hair open for long can make your mood as well as your hair moody.

Creative braids for long hair

Hairstylists have come up with a variety of braiding styles. If you want your hair to have a stunning new look for a date or party, try some of the creative braids for long hair. Show your creativity by doing this fabulous haircut and looking different.

Dark to light ombre long hair

Ombre is something that makes your hairstyle look different and striking. Darker around the roots and a contrasting lighter shade, can be golden or light blue, the ends fit best for people looking for the styling of their long hair in ombre.

Double braided long blonde hair

Long hair, when wrapped in a single braid, gives only a matte look. To make this regular look a little trendy, try double braiding your hair. This gives your hair volume and gives it a better shape.

Double side braids for long hair

To take a break for your long long braided hair, try a funky look by going to the old school with double-sided braids. Again, this is a nice example of braids. Make yourself look as beautiful as ever with this dazzling hairstyle.

Dual braid topknot for long hair

If you have beautiful, long, voluminous hair and want to style it in the most fascinating way, try a double braid with a top knot. The hairstyle inspired by the characters of Disney Princess will surely bring out the real Rapunzel in you.

Long balayage wavy hair

Wavy long hair can often not attract the attention it deserves because it is the simplicity of curly hair and lack the elegance of straight hair. To make your hair more appealing, try wavy hair balayage.

Long blonde hair with braided flower

Wearing your long blonde hair can be too mainstream. If you want to keep up with the trends but don’t want to get rid of the blonde, try wearing your long blonde with braided flower.

Long blonde wavy hairstyle

Long blonde can be steamed to give her a wavy look that makes her more interesting than the usual straight long blonde. The waviness hides the tangy texture of the hair and gives it a smoother view.

Long hair with messy bun

Long hair can be a nightmare on a hot, sunny afternoon. If you don’t want to compromise on your looks and still feel comfortable, pull your hair up and curl it up into a messy bun.

Long layered hair with bangs

Long hair is the most popular haircut of all ages. This Hairstyle for Women of all generations could be spiced up with bangs on the sides.

Long layered hair

The simplest carefree yet stunning look you get when you add layers to your long hair. Long layered hair is the lightest look you can wear for all occasions, and the joy of having long layered hair is that it reflects your natural beauty in your hair.

Long slim hairstyle

Long hair cannot be kept open long because it becomes frizzy and difficult to care for. To have a lint-free day by keeping your hair open, you should keep it smooth for as long.

Messy long wavy hairstyle

If you have hair that is long and straight and completely curly in between, and you have no idea to style it to get the most out of it, then you should definitely try a messy long wavy hairstyle.

Messy updo for long hair

Long hair has its own charismatic properties, but it can often be difficult to manage, especially on a windy day. To be able to pull your hair off daily, hold it by giving it a messy updo.

Medium Parted Ombre Long Hair

Ombre long hair is something that girls of this generation swap to get a new look. Hairstylists recommend that ombre hair is best done when parted in the middle because it then highlights the difference in color tones perfectly.

Ombre long curly hairstyle

Curly hair was always considered a rebel to count on strong women. To hug your curls, give her the look she deserves and dye it in ombre style by giving a light and dark mixed texture.

Ombre wavy hair with flower bun

Ombre hair is a standard statement of bold and beautiful, but due to its popularity, it cannot make you stand out from the crowd. To get the most out of your ombre wavy hair, tie it into a flower bun.

Platinum blonde braided long hair

Platinum blonde long hair gives your cheekbones more visibility when braided. Braided platinum blonde keeps your hair sizzling and trendy when you need to take it off on a long, hard day.

Platinum blonde ponytail

Tying long hair into a ponytail was the first hack that the woman around the world learned at a young age. It’s the hairstyle we often return to when we run out of time. To keep up with your busy schedule, dye your hair in platinum blonde and even look absolutely fantastic with a simple ponytail.

Prom hairstyle for long hair

The big night needs a great look. Prom Night is the one night we have to look the best and to get the most out of your facial features, style your hair in the prom hairstyle for long hair.

Romantic braided hairstyle for long hair

Braiding your long hair often tire and take time. To keep up with your morning schedule and afternoon lunch, try the romantic braided hairstyle that’s easy to wear and perfect for long hair.

Romantic braids

Braids get the best out of long hair, but wearing them too often can give them a rough look. To maintain the softness of your hair, keep it loose by styling it in romantic braids.

Side braided ombre hair

Ombre hair can lose its shine if it is kept open regularly. To maintain the color nuances, try braiding your ombre hair. Wear this gorgeous and elegant Hairstyle for a wonderful look.

Side ponytail for long hair

Ponytails can be difficult to dig, although it makes your hair look boring. To cut out a niche, try to wrap your hair into a ponytail with your elastic over the right or left shoulder.

Updo for long hair

Updos for long hair are perfect for those women who just want to tie a knot and already have a ring on their fingers. To look the best on your big day, give your beautiful long hair a stunning look with this haircut.


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