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30 hottest straight bob haircuts for women

The bob is a stylish and classic hairstyle that can be worn by anyone.

Whether you are a stylish full-length diva or the girl next door, these straight bob haircuts will catch your eye. There are a variety of variations in a straight bob that can make you look special every day and can get you ready for any occasion. Check out Straight Bob’s extraordinary styles and choose what you want.

Ash Brown Straight Bob

Rose Byrne wore this noble bob with every strand in the right position. Surprise your outfit with an ash brown straight bob. The dualistic effect of ash brown will give you a futuristic look. All you have to do is see that the layers of your hair stay straight. This style will surely give you an amazing look.

Asymmetrical bob

Asymmetrical short haircuts, pretty cool and cute for a stylish and stunning woman. With an asymmetrical bob, you can achieve an enchanting attraction. Customize your bob with multiple layers, curls, and colors to maintain the asymmetry. The effect of this asymmetrical bob cut is really very elegant and beautiful.

Blonde bob with side part

You can achieve a precise and complete look by choosing a blonde bob with a side part. Just make sure the bob is medium length and it is adorned with a stunning blonde color. This superlative hairstyle will give you a stylish diva look.

Blonde straight bob

Let the strands of your hair fall free with a blonde straight bob. Make sure to choose a nice shade of blonde that can complement your complexion. The lighter blonde color makes the beautiful face lighter. The gorgeous straight bob is pretty trendy.

Blunt Bob

Update your simple look by choosing a blunt bob. You can create layers that fall gently over other lengths of your hair, giving you a feathered look. This blunt bob style fits any face shape. So, ladies just choose this gorgeous do and improve your beauty.

Middle Parted Long Bob

Get a thoroughly symmetrical look for yourself with a mid-split long bob. You have to provide exactly one middle part on the top to accompany your long bob. You can even put some hair behind an ear to look stylish. Ladies no longer wait, decide />

Middle split middle ash brown long bob

Complement the symmetry of your face with a center split medium ash brown long bob. Be sure to mark layers of your hair with beautiful shades of ash brown to get a stunning look. It has swing and movement like no other straightforward style out here.

Christina Aguilera Sleek Straight Bob

This is a great short straight bob hair style for mature women. You can appear as cool as Christina Aguilera by getting the look of her smooth straight bob. Make sure there are no extras or extras. Cover the hair with a light blonde shade to the look to end.

Christina Hendricks straight red bob

Appears as dazzling as Christina Hendrick with her iconic look a straight red bob. You need to make sure that the layers of your hair are smooth and have textured ends. Use rich red paint for the dramatic appeal. This beautiful hairstyle will surely make you look like a diva.

Dark side parted chocolate brown bob

Embrace an exotic beauty with a low-cut chocolate brown bob. Make sure that almost all of your hair is fully combed to one side and colored with a chocolate brown shade. It is ideal for women who have thin hair or are a little more petite.

Graduated Straight Ombre Bob

The ombre look has been around for many years and it is here to stay long. Make your hair look voluminous and refresh yourself with a graduated straight ombre bob. Be sure to dye the layers with ombre shades for a gorgeous look. Enhance your look with this gorgeous haircut.

Gwyneth Paltrow Medium Straight Bob

Get ready to appear as gorgeous as Gwyneth Paltrow by choosing her style from a medium straight bob. This bob is slightly longer in the front than in the back. Make sure you have a deep center parting to show off the blonde curls. Get yourself to do a glamorous and looks just like them.

Honey blonde highlighted Bob

Highlights is one of the great ways to spice up your hairstyle, it will give the glow you’ve always been looking for. Treat yourself to a sweet view with a honey blonde highlighted bob. You can mix the honey blonde hue with lighter gold accents to create a visual treat.

Jaime Kings Platinum Blond Blonde Bob

Looks as cheeky as Jaime King with her Platinum Blunt Blonde Bob. She was always known for her sense of style. See that the smooth look is supported by adequate shade of platinum blonde and the roots have a copper colored finish.

Layered blonde straight bob

Adulate your face by going for a layered blonde straight bob. Make sure that you add many layers to your finer strands of hair and color them with a light, blonde shade. This style is charming and trendy haircut and it looks great with straight hair.

Long straight bob

Give your face a slimming effect with a long straight bob. Make sure you adopt a sleek style with sharp lines so your hair looks voluminous. This is really a classic style and it is perfect for oval, oblong and heart face shapes.

Lucy Hale Smooth Straight Bob

Lucy Hale’s gorgeous new hair color is definitely enough to impress us all. Get a glam look like Lucy Hale by sporting her sleek straight bob. You need to make sure that all of the hair is the same length and the strands remain straight and smooth.

Medium blonde straight bob

Julianne Hough rocked this totally amazing blonde bob. Treat yourself to a subtle and spectacular look with a medium blonde straight bob. Make sure the layers are brushed off the face to give a glamorous incentive. This hairstyle is chic and classic.

Cherry straight bob

Messy and straight it is a perfect combination if your locks are thick. See youthful and adorable with a messy straight bob. Use soft and dull layers all over your hair for a messy look. Opt for this style and see the difference in your look.

Middle Parted Smooth Straight Bob

The classic Cleopatra look. Embrace perfection with a medium straight smooth bob. The smoothness will give you a polished appeal and the split in the middle provides a perfect angle for your hair. This is still one of the hottest hairstyles to wear, so just go and see right away.

Ombre brown straight bob

Frame your face elegantly with an ombre brown straight bob. Your hair will be creatively enhanced with this classic cut and the mesmerizing ombre highlights. Ombre hair is very popular this year, if you love it, wear it.

Platinum Blonde Blunt Bob

If your hair is thick and straight, you have it to try this blunt bob cut. With a platinum blonde blunt bob you can do your thick and straight hair flaunt. Hold your hair up to your chin length and dye it with Platinum Blonde to make it look ultra-stylish.

Short blonde straight bob

Get an edgy and soft hairstyle at the same time with a short blonde straight bob. You can add volume to this look by having layers stacked in the background. Get this mesmerizing haircut and be the style diva.

Short straight bob

Ashley Greene wore this cute haircut, you can try it and make your hair look the same with grace by choosing a short straight bob. All you have to do is keep the hair in one length and spread the layers evenly for a perfect finish.

Sleek Blonde Bob

Rita Ora looks absolutely gorgeous from this blonde bob with her side-swept fringe. You should look extremely exquisite with a sleek blonde bob. Make sure you straighten your hair well and make it appear silky by covering it with a brilliant blonde shade.

Straight blunt bob with bangs

This haircut is easy to style when your hair is straight. Jessie J wears this shoulder-sleeved bob with tight bangs. Get praised by everyone by putting on a straight, blunt bob with bangs. Make sure you let your hair flow in the form of curved lines and have a smooth bangs to get a finished look.

Straight bob with bangs

Amanda Holden looks stunning in this cute straight bob. Add extra charm to your hair by choosing a straight bob with bangs. To make your hair appear fuller, you can use either lights or dim lights for the bangs.

Straight bob with blunt bangs

You can get a modern one by a straight bob with blunt bangs. You need to make sure there are nice layers that allow the blunt bangs to flow freely in the middle of the straight bob. This dotted cut bangs wonderfully on the forehead and makes the hairstyle very good.

Straight Dark Brillo Bob

Get a chic and cute hairstyle by going for a straight, dark, brunette bob. You need to use a dark brunette shade to color your hair because it gives your haircut a good dimension and depth. If you have a new, fresh one, short Want to get hair, you can try this bob cut to look the same.

Straight Up Bob

The straight ascending bob has always been a classic and cult look. If you want to get a haircut that is worth a second look, choose a straight bob. You can get a clear look with this style because this haircut will give a classic incentive.

What are you waiting for? Choose from these best straight bob hairstyles to shine like a diva and get everyone’s attention.


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