30 hairstyles for medium length hairstyles: medium length, tiered, with bangs

October 15, 2018 — by MCutts0

With a short hairstyle, you don’t have to worry a lot in the morning how to style your hair: brush, a little gel, a little hairspray and you can leave the house with a chic hairstyle. Long hair is more time-consuming because there are so many options! But even for medium-length hair there are countless beautiful hairstyle ideas that you can easily style in front of the bathroom mirror at home! We have 30 hairstyles for medium length hair put together for you: whether light waves with or without bangs, sweet hair buns for every day or daring colors – our contribution 30 hairstyles for medium length hairstyles: medium length, tiered, with bangs will give you a lot of inspiration.

Hairstyles for medium length hair bangs and fringe cuts

A well-cut bangs flatters every face, it just has to be the right length for the face! A straight cut bangs up to the eyebrows go best with an oval face. Cut frayed for the ends of the hair and define the strands with hair gel.


Tiered cut – hairstyles: medium length, tiered, with bangs

Are you looking for a haircut that doesn’t need a lot of attention in the morning and makes your hair look full? A step cut brings volume to the hair! A light side parting does not make the hairstyle look too strict.

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Hairstyles for medium length hair – long side bangs

A long side bangs frames the face nicely and is particularly recommended for an elongated face. The narrow face and high forehead are concealed by the side fringes and emphasize the eyes and mouth. The side pony should run straight up to the corner of your eye and not shorter, as it would emphasize the elongated face shape.


Ombré effect in bold tones – hairstyles for medium-length hair

A pretty gradient spices up your hair! The very brave choose a strong color, like bright yellow, combined with a more natural shade of red, or go for green and blue, like the hair of a mermaid. Cut the tips straight and style the hair into light waves.


Hairstyles: medium length, tiered, with bangs – cheeky fringe cut

A fringe cut looks cheeky, fresh and happy! Plus a side pony that frames the face nicely. Have you already decided on a new hair color or should it still be your natural color? Whether brown, blonde or black-haired – a pony always flatters the face!


Layered cut, dark tips and highlights – hairstyles for medium length hair

The ones we collected Hairstyles for medium length hair you will surely like this step cut with side parting. A few lighter highlights spice up the hairstyle and make the natural hair color look fresher. The very brave dye the tips of the hair in a darker shade!


Bangs and fringe cut

A straight bangs is the right choice for one Oval face! The forehead fringes should go up to the eyebrows, then they best flatter an oval face. Cut the hair frayed. This hairstyle looks youthful and fresh.

No hairstyle is as romantic as a braid adorned with a floral wreath and especially for a wedding, floral wreath, small flowers and arrangements in the hair are perfect. Our wonderful styling ideas for a braid with flowers will enchant you.


Smooth bangs and steps

This straight cut, smooth bangs flatters an oval face shape! The pony is very fashionable right up to the eyes. Cut the hair in stages and wear it straight. This hairstyle is particularly recommended for naturally straight hair! curly Never straighten hair too hot as this can quickly go wrong.

Fringe cut with a purple tint

How about a tint? On dark Plum tones work particularly well on hair. A well-cut fringe cut with side bangs looks youthful and doesn’t need much maintenance. Ideal for all women who have naturally straight hair and want more body!



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