30 different ponytail hairstyles, styles on life

April 21, 2017 — by MCutts0

21. The Wrap In:

Around Ponytail hairstyle Get started by sectioning your hair in a two. If she an additional pair of hands will help you, this look would be more neat and prominent. Once the hair starts separating and rolling your hair from both sides. Converge them in the neck where you tie the bangs. You can then also use the wrap around hairstyle.

22. The diagonal look:

By using soft French braids here is a nice bangs hairstyle that your child can choose for on their school days. All of the hair was made in French braids, but before this one side lock was kept separate. Once all the hair is done start to collect the hair and make a bangs out of it. The additional hair can now be used diagonally.

23. The Roped Braid Pony:

Start by simply tying your hair in a regular bangs. Let Lose the front locks if necessary and then start twisting your pony into a rope braid watch. Separate the hair into two and then start twisting them both individually. Once all of it is done she will twist together and secure it with a tie.

24. The loophole pony:

For this you need to tie a low bangs, which is preferably not too tight and not too loose. Get that look start with the low bangs and then insert your fingers from the bottom and create a passage or hole just above the hair tie. Take the end of your bangs and then loop through the hole. Contrary to the picture here you don`t need it bun, but make sure you fan out of the loop.

25. Fishtail Braid Pony:

To do a fishtail braid, start sorting out your hair in two parts. Now take one strand from the outside and mix it in with the inside of the other half. Now use the other part and repeat the process. however, start from your crown or halfway and finish the braid on your neck. Bangs the rest of the hair.


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