30 best hairstyles for wavy hair with pictures, styles on life

Love the wavy haircuts, we don`t? It’s between the saucy curls and straight Jane look, but who doesn’t want to be wild yet innocent at the same time, maybe once in a while. So can have fun with frizzy and wavy hair and make the crown look glorious, also to earn praise from the men-folk around and the envy of women.

Best haircuts for wavy hair with pictures:

Here are our top 30 wavy hairstyles along with pictures for you to try out and rock the day. Take a look and get to work on them.

1. Different wave curls for women:

Keep the hair falling straight on the sides and back, and use your curling iron for an additional effect at different lengths. Take a couple of nice clips and pens to secure the sides, and blow dry the hair for a small volume at minimum temperature. The innocent long flowing wavy hairstyles would resemble the waterfalls in slow motion.

2. Long curly hairstyle for wavy hair:

You could even comb all of the hair on one side and have a large butterfly clip placed on the other side. The hair that falls on one side could be left as is, go for the messy look and that saves you from a bad day. This is one of the very simple hairstyles for wavy hair with long length hair that is perfect for girls.

3rd side parted wavy hairstyle:

The waves can be further controlled if you tie it in a high-end ponytail. From the noose of the ponytail knot, make ten different sections and curl them. You can blow it dry or leave it for 10 minutes to take its own shape. Remember wavy hair has a life of its own and it will bring a style you can call whatever you like. In the end, the curls would fall out of the noose, and you too would make a brand new style statement.

4. Simple Back Waves:

Make a high ponytail and culminate all hair into a bun. Now the loose ends that can be played with will remain. Use small clips of different colors to accessorize the bun, and place a small fresh flower in the middle. The loose ends can now be combed to fall flat over the back of the head. You can wear this kind of wavy hairstyles for all kinds of functions with any kind of dressing styles.

5.Wavy Buffon hairstyle:

Take your hair in three separate parts, the front, the middle and the back. The front can be ironed out for flatness while you take the hair in the middle and style it with mousse to give it volume, a la Buffon created. Now the back is what you should roll up and it is under the Buffon pen. It gives the head a large volume and the waves in the middle resemble a mini nest that can be equipped accordingly.

6. Simple curls with wavy hairstyle:

This is the easiest hairstyle for wavy hair. For the quick wavy look, comb the hair with a medium portion. On both sides, winders use different lengths and blow dry for one minute. Remove the curlers and brushes once, and then let them fall freely. Waves guaranteed on both sides, chic and too trendy.

7. Wavy hairstyle for medium hair:

Fed out the long hair in front, chop it off and make fringe or bangs if you please. Let the sides stay as they are, and the back ones long. Crimp the hair with styling gel on the sides and behind, and let it fall freely. Quickly and easily search for a Sunday morning in church or one of those evening events. This is one of the most popular hairstyles for medium hair that looks fantastic.

8.High hairstyle with wavy hair:

This is one of the different hairstyles for wavy hair that are perfect for middle-aged women with medium length hair.Gather all of your hair to the right or left and let the waves fall. The beginning that the root should be to the middle of the hair should be bruised, while the rest should be messy and neglected. The perfect look for a night at the bar with the girls.

9.Wavy hairstyle with bangs:

Fringe and fall with the hair in bangs over the forehead, leaving loose on the sides and back. This makes a casual look over a cup of hot brew. Accessorize the middle section with an arch or a couple of pens of various colors and shapes.

10.Wavy hairstyle for short hair:

Play Jedi for the evening. Gather your hair on both sides and make two braids. You can circle the plats on either side and use mini planes or jets as clips. Makes a futuristic look alive in a matter of minutes. To keep hair in place, water with a little gel works wonders. This is one of the very simple and easy haircuts for wavy hair with very short hair that is more tempting.


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