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April 14, 2020 — by MCutts0

Autumn and winter is the time for warm headgear. A fluffy hat keeps your ears nice and warm – and is also a trendy fashion accessory. So that the cozy must-have does not ruin your hairstyling, we reveal 3 hairstyles that simply harmonize perfectly with hats!

Casual looks with a hat – hairstyles with headgear

Which hairstyle goes with which headgear? You should avoid complicated looks in winter if you want to wear a hat. Because nobody wants to fight with flying hair or fringed braids after taking off their headgear.

These are the coolest hairstyles for a casual look in the hat season:

Sporty Beanie-Girl – Braided herringbone braid with beanie hat

With long hair you have a clear advantage when it comes to hats, because a nice braid is always possible without any problems. In addition, the hair does not get in the way if you wear a thick scarf.

An absolute eye-catcher among the hat hairstyles is the "Sporty Beanie-Girl" – a side braid in a herringbone style for the beanie hat with a knitted pattern from the Columbia brand. This hat hairstyle is particularly suitable in the undone look with a few strands that fall out. So it shouldn’t look accurate, but rather casual and a little messy. Since the look is generally rather wild, the hairstyle also lasts when the headgear is removed. In our blog article on herringbone braid I show you how you can easily braid the braid.

Tip: A few drops of hair oil in the tips give the wild hairstyle a noble and well-groomed look.

Classic La Parisienne – Open hair with beret

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be an elaborate hairstyle. The classic beret like here from the Lövenich brand, which is also very popular among the stars, is ideal for every type and every hair length. From a smooth bob to flowing curls – whether short, medium or long hair – to the beret-like hat with the characteristic little stub, every cut can be worn cool.

This puristic wool or felt hat is a master of understatement, which is why the "Classic La Parisienne" hat hairstyle does not need any additional fancy: the ideal contrast to the simple headgear is the sheer amount of hair. Just wear your hair open! All styling accessories remain in the drawer and the hair gets full freedom and development.

Tip: If you want a bit of a change from your everyday hairstyle, you can straighten, curl or wave as needed. If you don’t want to stay away from styling products, a little texturizing spray in the lengths can perfect the typical Parisian undone look.

Trendy Baker-Boy – pigtail braids with balloon cap

Baker boy hats made of tweed, cord or velvet are currently in full swing! The headgear with umbrella from the 20s, which is also known in Germany as a balloon hat (here from the Mayser brand), is very popular again today. In the blog we also show you a few outfit suggestions to match the Baker Boy Hat.

The matching pigtail braids are child’s play! The "Trendy Baker-Boy" is a hat hairstyle made of two cute, braided braids – the coarser and less constructed, the better! The uncomplicated styling is done in no time at all and goes very well with modern Retro-Look the Baker boy hat and in combination sets a trendy accent.

Tip: If you want a little more pomp in your hairstyle, you can also try bubble ponytails instead of a classic braid. They ensure a great effect with minimal effort. Simply tie hair ties every few centimeters at any height around the braids and pull apart the hair in between so that small bubbles are created.

Tips for hair care from hat hairstyles

So that your hair is not strained too much in winter by cold, wind and heating air, you need an extra portion of care. To counter brittle and lackluster hair, you should give the hair a lot of moisture and apply a rich hair treatment 1 to 2 times a week. In order not to extract more moisture from the hair, it is best to use the hair dryer at a lower level or let your hair air dry even better. If you then add a hair oil in length, this not only prevents flying hair after taking off the hat, it also provides an extra boost in care.

With these tips, nothing stands in the way of well-groomed hair and cool hat hairstyles! Have fun re-styling.

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