28 Short hairstyles for thick straight hair – hairstyles 2020 new hairstyles and hair colors

April 4, 2020 — by MCutts0

They have straight hair and it is also so thick that you are in great trouble to make it gorgeous and you also miss comfort. So here is the solution for you and this is the short haircut. Short hairstyle on your thick straight hair would be stylish, glamorous and elegant. It is true that you are naturally blessed with thick straight hair, but it also requires a lot of care and you need to spend more time on the mirror to fix a beautiful but comfortable hairstyle. Remember you have to Applying hair shampoo, regularly use hair mask and oil to take care of your thick hair to get a shiny look.

Here we are going to reveal some of the short haircuts in your guideline that you can try to look awesome! You can cut bob hairstyle or pixie on thick straight hair. You can customize your bob cut by doing layered or bangs, or both together. Layered short hairstyle with bangs is perfect for summer. Alternatively, you can do an edgy style on your hair and that will be stunning and rocking. Your pixie cut also gives you elegance and beautiful Look. Or you can opt for a choppy pixie cut that will definitely increase the texture of your hairstyle. Also try for a shaved side pixie cut to create a new look. Inverted bob style can create your professional look.

1- Short hairstyle for thick straight hair

This is an absolutely simple multi-layered traditional short hairstyle for thick straight hair. This hairstyle will help you lose the excess weight of your hair and escalate the movement on your hair. This traditional hairstyle enhances your bold personality and helps you wear a professional look!

2-Pixie cut black women

The pixie cut is the trendy hairstyle for thick straight hair. This is a layered pixie cut that saves your time and effort in maintaining your thick, straight hair. You can create different dimensions on this pixie cut by separating and adding bangs. This is a classic business woman look !!

3-Edgy hair

You want to have a rock style personality with your thick straight hair, and then this edgy hairstyle is a perfect choice. This hairstyle is ideal for any type of face. It creates a versatile personality.

4-layer haircut

This is a classic one Bob hairstyle. It is ideal for a natural and soft look.


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