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April 7, 2016 — by MCutts0

Short hair can be styled quickly and easily in 10 minutes or less. This list of short hairstyles gives you a great hair conditioner every day of the year!

If you’ve cut your hair short and don’t know how to style it, we have only the short hairstyle tutorials for you! Our list of 27 short hairstyles gives you some quick and easy ideas on how to use your hair for every chance can style in 10 minutes or less. When it comes to hair inspiration, we’ve covered you. Save some time with these simple, beautiful short hairstyles!

1. The tousled bob

Get ready for a nice day with this simple tutorial on how to turn your short bob into a hairstyle. All you need is a curling iron!

2. The crown

image via Mod Cloth Transform your short hair into a stylish crown in just five simple steps. You can find the full tutorial here .

3. Rocker Pixie

Image via beauty editor Ginnifer Goodwin loves to wear short hair (and rightly so, because it looks good!). In this picture, Ginnifer’s hairstyle is a longer fringe with many layers. To restore this look, all you need is a hair iron and some hairspray or gel.

4. Messy Top Knot

We love the messy top knot look! It is simple and gives an effortless cool atmosphere. This look is intended for women with short to shoulder-length hair. In this tutorial

5. Find out how easy it is to master this look. Pinned Back Waves

This short hairstyle is so cute and only needs 6 hairpins and a curling iron! Learn how to do it here .

6. Top knot updo with wrap

Add something extra with a formal updo by wrapping hair around your bun

This short updo with top knots is ideal for formal occasions. All you have to do is make a tight knot and wrap the knot with the last section of your hair. For the texture, cut the ends of the hair in a square shape.

7. Classic bob with blunt bangs

Name us biased, but this is one of our favorite hairstyles (I definitely have the short one Bob with blunt bangs worn for 5 years). Our short hairstyle list would not have been complete without the classic bob. You only need a hair dryer and 5 minutes to get Katie Holmes hairstyle. Pretty neat, isn’t it? This look is best for women with heart-shaped faces.

8. The fauxhawk

For the brave, hearty, short-haired girls of the world, this look is perfect for formal events (changing the status quo is fun!). This updo with braids looks rock-chic and at the same time feminine. You can find the tutorial here .

9. Layers with a scarf

Wear a scarf for a nicer spring look

Layered short hair is a favorite hairstyle among many, as layers can add another, unique dimension to a hairstyle. To change the short, multi-layered look, wear a scarf as a headband to add some color and definition to your outfit.

10. Bouffant headband

This short hairstyle looks complicated and difficult, but a look at that Tutorial and You will see that mastering it is actually a breeze. Things that are too difficult are made easy here!

11. Straighten it

If you’re wearing the popular short angled bob, it’s an easy way to dramatically define your angled look by doing it straight! This gives your hairstyle a very appreciated edge and definition.

12. The elf

This pixie highlights Charlize Theron’s subtle facial features.

Pixie cuts are ideal for women with subtle facial features and fine hair. Make sure you have some hair styling products (gel, pomade, etc.) with you, because that’s practically all you need for such a haircut.

13. Wavy layered hair

Sexy your short hair with some waves

An easy and simple way to add the finishing touch to a short, layered hairstyle is simply to add waves. To get this style, read this tutorial .

14.Kissed back

Shailene Woodley looks so pretty with her hair cut back

This clear and elegant design is perfect for women with oval faces. Keep your hair straight, parted at the side and combed back to emphasize your beautiful facial features.

15. Halle’s Pixie

What else could we call this pixie cut next to “The Halle”? Halle Berry is the figurehead of this popular hairstyle today, so we have to pay homage. To soften the look, add the height at the top and let the fringes hang on your forehead. Just do whatever Halle does.


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